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Name: Keeper
Occupation: Former Conservationist, Kaldorei Assasin and Horde hunter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation: The Starborne

Unable to fill the void left by the murder of their Shan’do Cenarius, the once compassionate conservationist has waged a brutal guerilla war on any Horde that tresspass in to Northern Kalimdor.

Eradication not Conservation!


Name: Xeer
Occupation: Fishermon, aspiring witch doctor
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Affiliation: Darkspear Tribe, Horde

During a longer-than-expected fishing trip, Xeer’s boat capsized. As he struggled for air, Xeer swears he witnessed a vision of Hethiss. The Loa demanded something (he doesn’t remember), and when the Troll came-to he realized he had nearly drowned.

If he had actually received a vision is entirely up to debate - for all he knows it might have been heat stroke that caused him to hallucinate. Regardless of the “vision’s” source, it gave him determination to train and become a witch doctor.


Name: Distributor
Occupation: Comrade of the Redistribution
Alignment: Communist Revolutionary
Affiliation: Supporter of the exploited peon


Name: Luka Ansilo
Occupation: Former Lordaeron citizen, now Warrior of the Alliance
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Deadwood Sellswords

Full backstory here: [RP] Luka, Warrior from the North


Name: Seer Okwaho Skyseer
Occupation: Earthen Ring Seer, Advisor Chieftain Brightmane
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Redwood Tribes and Earthen Ring Escapades

Born of a family of hunters, Okwaho was often seen listening with his ear to the ground, as though the Earth Elementals were teaching him their laments, as well as their language. An avid learner, he sought knowledge of the Elements and found others of the Earthen Ring… who assigned him to advise the new Chieftain on her mission to unite the Kalimdor races under the Redwood Banner.

While finding some connection to the Druids of Thunder Bluff, Okwaho finds the Shamanistic knowledge of nature far superior than his nature loving tribesmen.


Name: Sissonne Cropped-Ears
Occupation: Traveler, adventurer, guardian of the forests of Kalimdor
Alignment: Chaotic Good ?
Affiliation: Independent. Formerly of Tyrande’s Sentinels. Loosely affiliated with the Cenarion Circle.

Full story here: [RP] Prologue - Sissonne Cropped-Ears


Name: Vedmo
Occupation: Peon (former)
Allignment: none of your business
Affiliation: Horde

Just another nobody peon until one day when the great orc warrior Arashicage, for reasons unknown to me, changed my life by taking notice and dubbing me Vedmo.

Named by a legend and elevated from peon status, I soon realized I had no enate gifts to help me rise above others. Dark bargains with demons became the obvious path to power, and that is the journey I’ve just begun.


Name: Yv Dunwald
Occupation: Paladin of the Silver Hand; Former Gryphon Rider
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Wildhammer Clan, The Alliance

A veteran of the Second and Third Wars, Yv Dunwald has lost much to the Horde, the Scourge, and the Legion. After losing two of her sons and her gryphon at the Battle of Hyjal, she began her life as a Paladin, seeking vengeance and looking to protect others so they need not lose their loved ones as she has.

A bit bawdier and cruder than the average Paladin, and sometimes scandalizing elder clergymen and knights with her vulgarity and alcoholism, she is nevertheless a compassionate knight with a strong sense of justice; a stalwart ally to all who would resist evil.


Name: Borc
Occupation: Ex-ranger of Urog’s army
Allignment: chaotic good
Affiliation: currently the Frost Wolf clan

Many years ago. Borc led a company of Orcs and Goblins on an assault of a human kingdom which has long been wiped from the history books of Azeroth. This kingdom was called Asragon.

The seige of Asragon went well. Where Borc and his troops went, death surely followed. The Human king was named Heath Burton, and at the time he was one of the most beloved kings of the Alliance, his men fought fiercely in his name.

At one point it seemed the orcs would be defeated, how could he return to Urog with this news? Desperately, Borc knocked an arrow and drew the bowstring back. Taking aim at the king, who was fighting a good distance away in a tower. Borc noticed there was something special about this particular arrow, it was one his wife carved for him back in his home land, there was a little heart etched into the arrowhead.

He released the arrow, and it snapped through the air with precision and hit its target. The king fell to his knees with an arrow pierced through his neck where his flesh was exposed due to a lack of armour.

After the loss of the king, Asragon fell shortly after. What remained of Borc’s forces gathered all the loot they could load onto their carts, they took hostages and then finally burnt the city to ash. During the march back to Urog’s keep, Borc had many restless nights. The screams of the women and children they murdered in Asragon haunted him.

Halfway back to the Keep, Borc fled and left his caravan in pursuit of a peaceful life somewhere in the mountain. He never returned to his ranger duties, however he always keeps his bowstrings tight and axe sharpened incase he needs to use them. He has recently taken up fishing and likes to be left alone with his pet, Fang.


Name: Fror Ironfoot
Occupation: Blacksmith
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Drunken Troll Thumpers

Fror is a middle-aged dwarf with years of blacksmithing experience under his, admittedly, larger than average belt. He is a dwarf with a big personality, big ideas, and big distaste for trolls.
Under the assumption that the Horde are secretly supplying the Frostmane Trolls with tools of war, Fror has set out on a crusade to not only eradicate them from Dun Morogh but Khaz Modan and, ultimately all of Azeroth!


Dawndew is a young looking night elf female. She has herbs sticking out of
her pouches and her clothes have a little bit of mud on them. It is clear
that she spends most of her time outdoors. In her hands there is a long
big staff which seems like it might posses magical qualities.

Being a night elf, Dawndew is quite tall at 7 feet (2.1 m). Despite her
height however, it is clear that she is not the most confident night elf.
She does not walk with much confidence, often looking around herself and
trying to not bump into other people as she walks. Her shoulders are
hanging quite low and she rarely looks people straight in their eyes.

((The amount of information here is intentionally quite small. This is
only what you would know from looking at Dawndew for a short time before
interacting with her at all. If you want to know more about Dawndew,
then please approach her in character and roleplay. I have a lot of backstories and roleplay setups, maybe you will be able to uncover them if you roleplay with Dawndew. I just don’t want to advertise them here and spoil the fun of finding out IC))


Name: Oisrí Stagrunner of Scarredmaw
Occupation: Druid-In-Training, Horde Scout
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Earthspear Clan, Clan Scarredmaw, United Tauren Tribes & Horde

Oisrí was born to one of several reclusive clans that make their home in the snow-dusted peaks and perilous crags of Kalimdor’s mountains. Though a bit of a nervous calf, he always had a penchant for making others laugh… and making sure they were safe.

So when the sky tore open and demons poured forth unto Mt. Hyjal, Oisrí was one of the many mountain-born tauren to come to its aid. The sight of sickly grey corpses and searing green monstrosities desecrating the landscape shook him- and, in time, steeled his resolve.

When the smoke had cleared and Hyjal was save from demonic infestation, the upland-dwelling clans decided they could no longer live in isolation from the rest of tauren society. To that end they swore their loyalty to Cairne Bloodhoof and the United Tauren Tribes. Oisrí, too, has pledged himself to the tauren people as well as their Horde and now explores Kalimdor in their name, all the while honing the druidic arts he’s learned from his new Cenarion companions.


Name: Natir
Occupation: Tribal Fisherman
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliation: The Enclave

I was a tiny little Gnome born to unloving Goblin parents who cast me aside for their own wealth and greed. They worked for the Steamwheedle Cartel and were in charge of the Tauren Tribal Casino Industry. They had plenty of money but dumped me on the streets of Ironforge to fend for myself. At such a young age, I was taken by the The Defias Brotherhood where they trained me how to steal and cheat my way through the few short years I was with them.

By the time I made my way to Stormwind, I could tell there was something different about me. I loved to play with fire and ice and would frequently turn children into sheep. I usually did this around packs of wolves. I wasn’t very nice but when money was involved, I didn’t care. If you didn’t have a copper to your name and someone offered you 5 silver to sheep 10 kids in front of a pack of wolves, would you say no? You’d take that money. That is until the day I met Horrigan, Champion and leader of The Enclave. He took me in and raised me to the best of his ability.

Being in The Enclave and the adopted son of Horrigan, I still felt something wasn’t right. This was about the time I came out as transgender. Yes, I was born a Gnome but identified a Tribal Human Fisherman. I may be a mage but I will always know where my roots are in the Tribal Human Fisherman community.


Name: Regulos
Occupation: City Commander
Alignment: A complete BADASS
Affiliation: Alliance and the human kingdoms

After Regulos and his company defended the city from a siege they rush to check on the well being of his superior who was badly injured.

Father Francis: I fear the wounds are fatal.

Young recruit: Commander, you can’t die.

Commander: Do not grieve. Soon I will join my loved ones…

Uh, uhhh…, Regulus, it is to you, old freind, that I shall pass the mantle of leadership, as it was passed to me.

Regulos: But… I am just a soldier; I am not worthy.

Commander: Nor was I, but one day a hero will rise from our ranks and bring peace to our people…

Until that day… 'till all have peace…


Name: Koytis
Occupation: Brain Surgeon
Alignment: Chaotic EvIL
Affiliation: The Rotting Ones

MMmmMm BrAinZ… Me Noes tipe good. Has DecaY in fingerz. BrAinz tAste good. I coMe to yure town and eat your BrAinz. MmmMmmm. Non Smokers and Drinkers a Plus. Makes Beter tastY.



Absolute top tier work here comrade, you have, in a single stroke of your pen, laid out the problems plaguing Azeroth from the twisted gnomes to the goblin cartel shills.

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Name: Father Kraethos
Occupation: Enchanter and Tailor
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation: Scarlet Crusade

Still working on my backstory but here’s a little bit of what going on currently with Father Kraethos since being resurrected as a Forsaken:

“Risen again as one of the foul monstrosities I vowed to destroy, is this divine intervention? Has the light forsaken me?”

Thoughts fill Kraethos’ head has he walks through the small town of Brill. Once a High Priest for the Scarlet Crusade and now only a hollow shell of his former self. His power wanes as he questions his very existence, “What is your plan for me?” he asks looking up at an empty sky. “Why have you forsaken your servant? I have served you faithfully!”, a light begins to spark in the distance and begins to grow brighter, blinding Kraethos’ vision and bringing him to his knees. A voice rings out in his head.

“Go forth my child!” the voice proclaims, “Your time is not done; new evils threaten the very world you have vowed to protect.” Kraethos looks up into the light, shielding his eyes behind his robe, “Serve the Horde, with their help you will find this evil blight and purge it from Azeroth!”

Kraethos is lifted off of his knees and back onto his feet by an unknown force. “A servant of the Horde and by who’s decree?” more questions fill his head now. “It looks like I have no choice. For now, I will serve the Horde until I can find the answers I seek.” He picks up his belonging and begins to trot down a road leading out of Brill. As he is leaving, he notices a flyer pinned to a nearby tree, “Seeking assistants in Silverpine Forest to help with a special project for the Banshee Queen. All able-bodied corpses report to Apothecary Renferrel.” He rips the flyer the from the tree, “Well at least I know where to start.”


Name: Beckett
Occupation: Fixer
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliation: Darkwater Cartel

Orphaned early on in his life, Beckett was brought to Stormwind, where he was eventually adopted from the Stormwind Orphanage at a young age by a Priest of the Church, to look after his even younger natural-born daughter.

Raised to eventually become a Paladin, Beckett was on a trip northward to join up with the nascent Argent Dawn, as part of a caravan led by his adoptive father, Father Osteos Beckett of the Church of the Light. Unfortunately, the map was turned the wrong way and their caravan ended up in Silverpine Forest, rather than making its way to the Plaguelands as originally intended.

The inhabitants of Pyrewood Village were all too happy to take care of the good Father’s caravan… until the night fell, and they revealed their altogether beastly nature.

Beckett and his adoptive sister were the only survivors of that massacre, but even as they made their way out of Silverpine and into Tirisfal Glades, still trying to make it to Light’s Hope and the Argent Dawn… something befell them, and Beckett’s journey and life ended in the Glades.

Now, risen into undeath, all he can do is continue forward. The Light has forsaken him, and listening to others is what got him in this situation in the first place. He’d rather forge his own path forward, for better or for worse.


Name: Imm’gar
Occupation: Grunt/Agent
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Affiliation: Horde, Shattered Hand, Redwood Tribes

Born to the Horde within the first years of their campaign of conquest, Imm’gar was forced into internment and largely grew up in the camps. He was told the stories of the rise, and demise, of the Horde. How it was betrayed from within, how they were lied to. Freed and in Kalimdor, largely defeating their captors, he was always weary of those around him. Following the warlocks to understand what corrupted his people, and to use their chaotic powers against his enemies, he joined the Shattered Hand to keep vigilant for saboteurs, traitors, and enemies within the Horde.


Name: Jynxx
Occupation: Poltergeist
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

In the village of Darrowshire, in what is now the Eastern Plaguelands, a house stood abandoned at the edge of town for years before the arrival of the scourge. The villagers were careful to avoid it, and it’s existance was rarely spoken of, and only then in hushed tones.

According to local legend, the house had once belonged to a normal family. A mother, loving husband, and their two children who, from all outward appearance was perfectly happy. Until one fateful day that is, when after months of building paranoia and suspicion, the wife discovered her “loving husband’s” affair with the local tavern girl.

Nobody exactly knows why what happened next occoured. Perhaps the woman suffered a complete mental and psychotic break, or perhaps she was consumed by heartbreak and desire for vengence. The only thing that is known for sure is that she took her two young children to the nearby river and drowned them both with her own hands, holding their small thrashing bodies under the surface until they grew still.

When the horrified husband made the grisly discovery of what his wife had done, he ran into the center of town, cradling the bodies of his still dripping wet children in his arms, and howling in the street with dispair. A posse was quickly formed and the woman brought before the magistrate, where she was sentanced to hang for her crime.

As the hangman tied the noose and put the itchy black hood over her head, the woman unnervingly continued giggling with madness at something unseen by those who had turned out to see justice done. It was only once the bottom dropped from the gallows, and the rope snapped tight that the unsettling laughter stopped.

In the weeks that followed, the husband became a vagrant, leaving the house and fields to fall to disrepair, and soon succumbed to the effects of alcholism and grief. The house stood abandoned following his death, and soon, stories of strange occourances began.

Villagers reported seeing a pale ghostly figure staring out of windows, and the few who dared enter reported feelings of dread, cold spots, disembodied voices, and objects moving on their own. The sound of the eeire laughter was heard and some were left with deep scratches from unseen hands.

Over the years, the locals learned to avoid the place, and the woman’s unspoken name was lost to time. The villagers began refferring to the sinister presence simply as “Jynxx”.