Great Vault not the right loot

Okay so I completed a 15 last week on my DH log in to see a 216 as my highest option instead of 226??? Whats this about??


Sorry about the problem here are some Wakening Essences, that should make it all better.


Same happening with me. Did 12 and 10 got 216 which should have been 223 and a 220 option.

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Seems like anything that should be 223 or 226 got bumped down for some reason. I just checked on my dh and my 13 i did last week shows a 216 piece also. I’d hold off on choosing anything.

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Yup, my second slot should have been a 226, was a 216? and my friends similar situation. Should have been a 226 was a 223… in fact his vault went



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Yea, my vault is all jacked up. I did a 16 for my highest key last week, my next slot (top 4) should have been a 12. My last (top 10) slot is lower, like +9 or something.

My vault shows (from left to right) a 207, 223, 223. Order is messed up and I should have gotten one 226.

what’s the deal?

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Here’s the kicker, my priest who did 4 14+s last week got 2 226 pieces like it should have. Any blue word on this?

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Same for me. Did a 15, received a 210 ilvl item in the vault

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Same problem on my main (not this toon). My vault should be two 226’s and one 210. Received one 226, one 210 and one 216!?

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mine were in a weird order but the ilvls were all correct.


Good to seee my 220 drop to a 207

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Same here. Should have had 226, 226, 213 and they filled my great vault with 200, 210, and 226. Can a blue post please clarify what is happening and will it be corrected?

Confirmed – we do indeed have a bug that we’ve not been able to immediately squash.

Fixing it is a top priority for us, and at this time, it’s advisable to not loot the Great Vault until it’s been fixed and is offering the correct items.

We’ll keep you posted here and on our Warcraftdevs Twitter feed.


Does this mean if we opened the vault but not selected the items it will be fixed?

What happens if we opened but didn’t pick anything?

you should be fine, that is why they said don’t pick anything

What if we took items, not realizing? Are we just gonna be SOL? or will the vault be reset for all?


that I don’t know you can open a ticket and see.

took an item without realizing what ilvl it was?