For Vrakthris

I have not read your posts there, but have you tried not breaking the forum CoC if that is actually what you are doing? Most of them know the forum rules pretty well and if you are actually trolling then they would be right.

A very common internet tactic is to “concern troll” others. To post controversial or opposite opinions to rile up those who care about the topic. Holding a stance that is illogical and not backed by any facts, refusing to listen to any documentation or source citation, moving goalposts, etc. Then sitting back and watching people spend minutes, or hours, of time trying to convince the “concern troll” of how something actually works.

You are not doing that are you? If so, don’t do that.

Regardless, if they break the rules, flag their post. Put them on ignore. You are free to express your honest opinion, but not free to make echo chambers where you, or others, want to feel in control of the narrative.

I don’t have a gang, thanks for thinking I have friends though!

We get 5 forum flags a day per character. Most people don’t waste them on “disagreement”. You tend to break the forum rules repeatedly, which is why you get reported. You seem to think it is just about disagreement, it is not.


i was not breaking the CoC by politely communicating my opinion - and no, if i politely communicate my opinion, that is not “concern trolling”.

So 60 x5 = 300 for WoW retail, + other expansions. Unlimited flags.

Sockpuppeting will definitely earn you a vacation.

In addition to all the effort one must go through for those characters. Level 10 minimum and about 20 minutes of forum activity before they get to flag posts, just to start.


I’ll tell you what, Nelfas. Give me a little time to go through that thread and I’ll see what I can do.

If someone is calling you rude names, please just report it. Calling someone a troll isn’t exactly going to result in action, but we are trying to teach folks to get out of the habit of doing that.

I should clarify though, the main issue with many of your replies would be someone would say something in the thread, often disagreeing or otherwise brining up a counter point and your reply was almost always some variation of: " I think X would be a good thing, what are your thoughts on a system to allow full anonymous posting".

I remember seeing it and can see it in your deleted history, throughout multiple posts in the same thread.

This is kind of what I meant when I said some people are on one side of the issue and others the opposite. There isn’t discussion so much as “No, that’s a terrible idea, we should do this”.


Exactly. One of the reasons that thread exists so that we can have SINGLE forum accounts on the back end!

  • Only 5 flags per Bnet account. No more switching alts to flag or like things.
  • One trust level per Bnet account that does not reset when you change characters (char would be maybe an avatar option?)
  • One ignore flag account wide to ignore the PERSON, not the character.

That is what that thread is about.


I’m pretty sure they are either doing that or sealioning.


it’s just that whenever i attempt to share my opinion, people call me a troll. it’s not very easy to have a proper discussion in the account wide ignore thread because of that.

i have reported them and the posts are still there

I do try to remove those when I see them. It’s not productive, but it also helps to not respond to it too. As I mentioned, it’s a lot more complicated to moderate that behavior when there is a lot of back and forth.


Pardon me if I’m missing something, but isn’t reposting a thread that’s been previously locked (in this case: twice) against the rules?


Thank You. :four_leaf_clover:

Because if you say anything about my topic in that other topic with 15k replies, it instantly gets flagged.

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yes, i think that would be very nice. i would like to be able to discuss this topic in Nelfas’ thread.

thank you very much vrakthris.

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I mean do you just say a blank statement like “this is good” and then refuse to acknowledge any comments anyone says about it

Then you take half of someones message and pretend like thats all they said

Also I’m only here cuz someone linked my thread and it notified me


I totally agree with this. If I’m ignoring someone, I’m ignoring that real life person, not simply one of his myriad of fantasy characters.


I just get tired of obvious “well does this ever happen since 2004?” In the threads.

I brought up a legitimate concern and a few others have and we cant have a discussion about it cause it just goes in a loop of

“I agree with you.”
“Why thank you i agree with you”
“What great opinions!”
“Im sorry i do not agree. Have a nice day” instead of any discussion getting done.

Along with things get clarified, with blue posts and or other comments and it’s just ignored with “show proof” someone does and it is chocked up to “well i just dont agree”.

Sorry just frustrated


Yes, it can be, but it can depend on why the thread was locked.

Most often it isn’t the subject of the thread that required it to be locked or deleted, it’s how the thread devolved. If we can catch it earlier enough, we might be able to save a thread through some pruning.

I know I’ve removed multiple posts when a thread first goes up that would otherwise ruin actual discussion such as comments that X person is just trolling, or posting certain gifs or popcorn, etc… When we’re able to remove those, and just keep the comments that discuss the subject, it tends to be far more productive. A lot of those threads get some mild engagement, then naturally goes dormant.

Unfortunately, right now there is no way for the poster to tell why a thread was locked or deleted. We do have several improvements that we’d like to see made overall, such as being able to provide a note when locking or deleted to inform the poster. These are all on a wish list, so there isn’t any telling on when/if they’ll make it towards the top.


You care if I bring this up in the account wide ignore thread? I had the suggestion that if we go to report stuff that we have a little input box so you all can get a better idea and I think your Wishlist item and the suggestion may tie in well together.


It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been quoted about potential forum updates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Understand, these are just suggestions that we, as employees that work and moderate these forums, have made. I don’t know how much work is involved for any of it, which is often one of the biggest challenges.


Can we expect a new forum Code of Conduct updated rules in the future?

Oh yeah understandable :smiley:

I think it would just be a good chatting point is all and could lead to more discussion / feedback within that thread itself you know?