Can we get account wide ignore?

Good afternoon!

Daily support for account wide forum stuff.



Not until doxxing becomes so illegal through all the main countries in the world (uk canada australia etc) its not funny sorry

W… where did that come from?

I have someone on block but do I even want to know what brought on that comment.


i lost reasoning and logic on this forum long ago lol.

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They know, and the change requests for something have gone in. What that something is, and when it might happen, is unknown.

Doxing is not funny in any way. It is scary when the internet reveals real name and location information in order to direct harassment or violence at someone.

That said, I think most young folks would panic if teleported back in time 50 years. Name, phone number, and address. You could even call the operator/information and get that if you did not have a paper phone book in front of you.


Speaking of that thread, Vrak brought up this point and I thought about the whole thing of us having an input box if we go to report. If they have the means of giving a reason for shutting down a thread and we have a means of giving a reason to shut it down etc I think it would be a good thing.

This way if someone hits trolling and no reason then they can easily toss reports out or if someone is making a thread that starts off fine then goes into irl threats and other stuff, that can be noted too.

Along with account wide ignore of course and having that tie together like that I think would be good. Reason being is if someone is bypassing your ignore using another battle net account to harass a person and troll at that point it can be noted there.


DOn’t even have to go back 50 years . You could go back around 15 years and phone books were around .


They still pass them out around here weirdly enough.

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Phone books were around recently enough to be on MythBusters.


I learned a trick to ripping thick phonebooks in half. When holding the book, make it spine towards you, gripping it, also twisting back and forth, to a point the spine cracks and breaks, then tear away. Do it around drunk friends, and you never have to buy a beer again.

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I got one at the beginning of the year and I don’t even have a land line.


Those things are great for propping up tables / using the pages for paper mache


kinda like the anon op summoning vrak at least lol. so i guess this topic is the “forum functionality” topic and people should be more open to suggestions now otherwise those topics may just get nuked since it usually ends in the same talk from here anyway. just spam like i said.

If you are in the US, then we don’t live in one.

Oh I’m fine with other topics coming up in here. My gripe is just the “no you’re wrong”


“Blardy blardy non sense” or something.

I want account wide ignore and a little text box to submit why I’m reporting something. I like that idea.


Oh looky looky another puppet to ignore…


You should try The Urbz Sims in the City on the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube some time. That’s my go to sims spinoff. :slight_smile:


I think calling out people as sock puppets shouldn’t be allowed


they were told by a blue to stop doing that in another thread a long while back.
I wouldnt expect them to follow the rules of civility around here


But why?

If someone is jumping on an alt to agree with themself, its pretty much lame-o