Forum changes - do we need a forum wipe?

I’ve already said my thoughts to that in which I got:

So you see where I’m going with this? It’s annoying to hold a discussion with these accusations.

Then put them on ignore and don’t. I put quite a few people in here on ignore and ultimately it makes it better that way.


Do you have any official source to explain why a certain post is being removed though?

I’m trying to see if it’s in this thread or another thread what have you.

Are you claiming the same people saying how this would be a good thing weren’t in other threads saying how bad btags/accountwide/etc would be?


Then you go look at the other comments of the Account Wide topic near the end, you have a Night Elf posting a video of a dude screaming No. So yeah, it’s not productive.

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You got an approx post number so I can go look?

Not sure how to tell you like that but it is about 5 or 6 posts above Vrakthris locked comment.

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Ah ok close enough.

lol there’s 18k posts in there so at least I have a rough idea of where to look XD

(I found it) lol ok in all fairness that does convey an opinion well. Sometimes you need sounds XD

To clarify, I am not saying to remove gifs but they have no place when you are trying to have an actual discussion. There is no need to soothe people when you can just simply report them if they are flying off the rails.

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They’re always love talking about me for some reason.

I don’t know why I am so popular to be spoken about…

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People do have quite the tendency to just derail anything

Pretty sure there’s at least 3 threads designated for random topics anyway

Still no reason for a wipe

You just said they wiped it for new forums. Sounds good to me.
Not for you? Nice, that’s your opinion.

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I don’t really see them buying new forums software anytime soon

We basically have no say if one happens anyway

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Imo, gifs make this forum enjoyable.
I don’t want them to make changes in that regard.


That is a lot of people suddenly typing…

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… and? That’s not an issue is it?

Forum wipe isn’t necessary though.

Like I have said, the people that you and I interact with or have experience with are still going to be the same people regardless, it wont change how people act.

I just have a different opinion on this but in all reality it depends on the context the meme or the gif is being used in, if they are off topic, ok remove the gif and meme post in question that is off topic but otherwise they are fine as is.

I would be fine with that as an option if someone wishes to not see gifs and images.

like how this is done here :point_down:



Forum wipes have only occurred when moving to new software. They’ve never been done “just because”.

And hopefully the next forum upgrade comes with BattleTags and account-wide ignores.


The only ones who are complaining about others posting gif’s are the ones who rather troll the forums and get actioned for it.