Feedback - Stress Test

We’d love to hear your feedback on your experience from level 1-15 on whichever realm you chose to test. Please answer the following questions, and make sure to tell us what time it was and indicate which realm you were on.

  • Was it too crowded, even for a launch day experience?

  • Did it feel too empty or too crowded after you moved to the second zone?

Thank you!

  1. Not crowded at all. Perfectly content with playing with the few people I saw around me. Layering was working as intended.
  2. I didn’t have enough time to continue on moving to the next zone.

Can you please bring back the servers, as now I feel the layering isn’t properly working


waiting 15 min to tag one mob means way too crowded. shouldnt have to join a group for a beginner quest.


ran smooth

About right on realm 12


It was fine on the low pop servers before they got deleted. On the two that are left the start zones are at a completely unreasonable level of overcrowdedness.


I agree, although I like having a lot of people around, the mobs are respawning to slow. 15 min in and still on the first quest isn’t going to fly on launch.


RP server ran really well prior to crash. No issues finding quest items or with over crowding. No noticeable bugs.


Server 2 was a bit crowded. Had trouble finding mobs since only one could tag them unless in a group. I forgot about that …


RP realm was fine. Until it was taken down. Populated but not too crowded.
Could you bring that server back up again, please?
Or does standing around in the newbie garden with no mobs to kill count as stressing the server?


Realm 2 was not too crowded but there were plenty of players. Had to group to get mobs which is normal for classic wow. Only bug i had is NPC’s had no nameplates even though I had them turned on. Overall the animations and character play was smooth. Great job.


Was fine until the server got thanos’d
cant really say because the server I was on got thanos’d and I wasn’t able to move on. the 2 servers left are overwhelmingly crowded.


Realm 12 wasn’t bad, it wasn’t too crowded but just enough for the world to feel alive. There were plenty of people in the spawn area for Human. We were all having good little chats in General.


Realm 13, NElf starting area

a. Crowded? A bit less than I suspect will occur on launch day, but enough there to make it feel a wee bit crowded. I make it a tad over a dozen in the NElf starting area, competing for the nightsabers, thistle boars, grells, and grelkin. A lot of running around looking for targets due to the number of folks vieing for those animals at the same time. But FUN!!! F-U-N, I say, FUN!!!

b. Not too empty, not too crowded, and never got to move to the second zone. 23 minutes of play time and only lvl 2 due to competition for quest mobs. About what I expect to happen (maybe to a larger degree) on actual launch day once we get in.

A bit of lag, but I suspect that’s my ISP as the thunderstorms passed overhead about the same time. Graphics didn’t glitch, sound was good, overall no problems encountered that weren’t expected, and even those were rare and minimal.


Was on realm 14, it was working great really good respawn speed. Then on realm 3 and I managed to get 1 kill in 10 minutes, just a big dead wasteland filled with players waiting for respawns.


I logged in, finished one quest and servers went down. Nothing since. Not much of a stress test as I couldn’t get to the second zone nor could I determine much of anything at all since the servers aren’t online. =P

As for mob density, the wolves I was killing seemed juuuuust about right. Almost not enough, but enough I was able to run to the more unusual places they spawn and complete my quest.

Why’d the servers go down? Would like to do a second quest, or a third. Maybe see if the troggs are enough or the boars. (Don’t get me started about the Ice Claw Bears)

When it first went live it wasn’t crowded at all. Then when y’all forced us to 2 servers it became impossible to quest at all.

I understand you are trying to stress the servers. Please let us know when we can spread back out to the other servers.


Played on the RP realm that got taken down, then tried realm 3

Both were pretty much the same

  • Not crowded, AT ALL

Everything feels smooth, but competing with too many people at the same time might be kinda odd.

I fear layering might cause serious economy problems with all this logging off and switching layers to take advantage on mines and such things.

What happen if certain server never stabilize, too many people on that server? Is layering for ever because it is needed to stabilize population?? I don’t know this is worrying for classic.

It felt so cool when logged my normal realm I didn’t even notice layering at all.

  1. Not really, but crowded enough to make killing any quest mobs take 3x longer.
  2. It felt perfectly right while the original 10 realms were up, but after those were condensed to 2, it felt crowded.