Feedback - Stress Test

trying to login to one of the stress test servers 3/15 I think. just get disconnected.

Weird saying I need an active game time. but mine is active and can login to the BETA servers.

Have 2 accounts. Do I have to sub my second account to test the servers?

Booyah, noticed they added the accounts part. switched to sub account and working fine. making char now.

ID10T error it seems.

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Server 14 was not very populated at all so starting zone was a breeze. Grouped with a few people and busted out quests in no time without issue and got up to level 3 before the server was shut down.

I’m sad and want to continue playing Gnomepunter the noble Tauren Druid on server 14.


Not crowded but cant pick up any quests. Log in was smooth. Alos cant loot


Spin more realms up… way to overpopulated and respawn rate is in the tank…


Was fine before it was reduced to two servers. Too many people, too slow spawn rate…even in a party, standing around doing nothing and waiting for something to spawn is boring.


Complete opposite. I saw no more than 10 people while leveling. If anything, I’d say my experience was underpopulated.

I felt like I was playing on a dead realm.

Even when forcibly moved to Realm 15 with the high population, I’ve not seen very many people. Maybe because I made a Night Elf?


Realm 15 way, way too crowded.


Server 1 at 2 pm PSTwas crowded. Struggled finishing first quest due to the amount of people prior to the server going down.

I believe that is exactly what they were looking for, to see if it happened and how bad it was. Stress the servers, find out what does/does not work as intended, what the impact of a boatload of players in a small area is, how the respawn rates work out for that many players at one time …

Can’t do that with 200 people spread over 10 realms; the bad stuff is more likely to show up when all 200 people are on 2 realms.


I chose realm 4, at the beginning it was great! i was one of the first to log in, people were around me but I was able to fly through my quests and get ahead, there were plenty of us around. Mobs were being killed and people were waiting for spawns around me I was just slightly ahead of that pack.

Then you guys decided to shut down my server and send me over to a new one after I had already reached 6 broken out of the bottleneck on Server 4 and send me back to level 1. This was terrible there was way to many people with un-killable mobs nothing to do and nothing to kill. Which ultimately made me log out instantly and now i’m not going to be helping the stress test because doing that pissed me off so much its not even worth playing now because there is nothing to test other than sit around and level 1 and try and compete for mob kills.

Was it too crowded, even for a launch day experience?

Yes it was way too crowded once the other servers were shut down. Can’t even get tags on random mobs let alone quest mobs. The last round with the invites to stress test wasn’t nearly as horrible, as you could actually get something done in time, and move on to new zones.


RP realm 16.

Nice size population in Deathknell. Then snapped and now cant play. Was level 3.

When will it be back up?

Maybe so… but necking it down to 2 servers and having 200 people in one starting area fighting over 20 spawns is a bit much…


Realm 15. I started after the servers were cut down to 2.

Was really crowded in Teldrassil, couldn’t tag anything and ultimately decided to come back at a later time.

I’d imagine that launch day will be even more crowded.


That’s stressing the servers. The whole idea is to find out what the servers can and cannot do, not how far the players can progress towards lvl 15.


On the good side, at around 2:30 I logged in, picked realm 2 as it was designated as PVE and “low pop,” and I was immediately able to get on, make a character, and enter the game. There seemed to be quite a few people on in the initial starting area, but I didn’t do any questing immediately. Nevertheless, that was a massive improvement as compared to the previous two stress tests where I never made it past character creation during the two designated stress hours.

On the bad side, I had to logout out to take care of some things before having a chance to really play, and when I tried to log back in just before 3:00, I get the error “no servers are available” and it’s back to the login screen, which is quite similar to my experiences with the two previous stress tests. :slight_smile:

/moo :cow:

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impossible to do anything on realm 15, overcrowd levels are through the roof.


Are you joking ? I made characters on two servers - both of those servers are now shut down.

I got right in on server 12 at 2 pm pdt and in the night elf area I was actually able to do the first few quests without too much problem. Got hung up on the 4th quests not enough mobs.

I told my friend that it wasn’t bad to lvl so he gets on and starts playing then all of a sudden they shut down servers and my friend refuses to even try making another.

I make two more characters on Server 3 but both night elf and human areas have way way too many people. Life isn’t long enough to waste hours trying to complete one quest.

Okay tried Server 3 2 hours later - 5 pm PDT and in the night elf area there isn’t too too many people - a fair bit of waiting for mobs but you can progress. A huge amount of lag though 855 ms and a lot of unresponsiveness.


Can’t even start the game. I click play, it then states “game is running” and it shows up in processes, but the game window is MIA.

Now after restarting the Battle . net app, it’s copying 58GB from PTR to somewhere…

Win 10 64bit
GTX 1650 Black Gaming
I7 4790 @ 3.60 GHz

BFA runs no problem

Was on server 13. My classic FB group was getting on that one. There were enough people on to make fulfilling nelf startup quests a bit challenging but doable. NFG at pvp so, if those are the only servers you plan on keeping up, the missus and I will set aside our disappointment and wait for Aug. Hope my remarks of some use.

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