Sub only stress test = biased feedback

Partially. I do not look at nost as our saviors. But that could just be me.

Like I said, lets get them all back in.

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Aye. It baffles me.

I see a lot of people who don’t understand the point of the stress test.

They will, but that doesn’t mean they’ll pay for a chance at the beta.

That’s the point we’re trying to make. The stress test, if used to gauge what the launch will be like, is not going to be accurate, because there’s a large pool of players not subscribed just to stress test.


OMG…I can’t believe the number of posters in the feedback thread complaining they can’t do their quests. It’s supposed to be a simulation of launch day with the crowds…not a solo instance.


You know it’s a test right ? That it isn’t the full game ? That having more people participating in said stress test can only offer more data and more stable servers on release ?


I understand that. But they are getting good data from what I am seeing just browsing Twitch and Youtube.

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Sure customers pay for a product. I have every intention of paying for the released game. It’s not that right now though, is it? It’s testing. Seeing what works and how the potential market for the product being tested reacts. People not willing to pay still make up a portion of the potential customer base, and their ability to provide feedback is being made less. If Blizzard wants to cater more to the people already paying them and alienate more the people not paying them, that’s their prerogative, but it seems kinda short sighted to me

The people paying now aren’t customers of WoW:Clasic. they are customers of BfA. They have a vested interest in the success of that, sure. This stress test is just a fun bonus thing they got for free with their BfA sub. Also since they play BfA, presumably what they like is BfA, so their feedback is going to be largely “It should be more like BfA.” But the whole reason WoW:Classic is being made is because of the people who miss when WoW was different. This Includes issues regarding what constitutes a reasonable number of players in one sever at launch.

Sounds like they are looking at player feedback to me…


Like me Ohshiftson. I’m not wasting a token for a 3 day stress test.
I’ll pay and sub when it goes live and layering is gone.

I am NOT a member of the whale club nor do I have a current sub.


It’s not the only reason, but it IS a reason. That includes people who aren’t streamers or private server regulars.

I’ll gladly start paying again when Blizzard offers me a product that I consider worth $15 USD per month.

Battle for Azeroth is not that product, and neither is 2 days of testing Classic WoW.


I do indeed know that Gisen. And expecting a free pass when those who are paying to test is unreasonable.

I also think you are all under estimating the numbers playing due to layering. But thats my hunch.

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That is fine and I support you Sabetha.

I havnt played in months but still have an active sub for one reason and one reason only. Classic.

Yet I am not playing the stress test because I am working on my other projects and wanting to save it.

Its the entitlement mentality that just chaps my hide.

You are underestimating the amount of players that would probably be on at this moment i’d dare say myself. It’s a test, a product that isn’t currently release, that i cannot SPECIALLY pay for.

So why should i buy BFA and a sub for BFA when i think BFA is a whole loads of garbage with everything i’ve seen and that 7-days ‘‘Free trials’’ they’ve made not that long ago. My interest lie in classic, why would i waste my money for BFA ?


Well to each his own.

This is the first beta that Blizzard ever charged for.


That’s what i find ironic too lmao.

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Not at all. And while I feel for you and wish I could help, its still not an entitlement.

This is not beta… Its a stress test that they did not need to let anyone in at all.

FOMO is a strong thing. We will all get our chance soon enough.

well lol…how do you do a stress test if you let no one in ?


There are people in my friend. . There are.

The thing with stress test it’s normally killing the server is pretty much what you want. Last time i’ve participated in a stress test for a game, they just well done exactly that, leave everyone to login on the server and watch it burn.(And obviously made it better lol)

Im not feeling entitled or anything, i just feel like their data won’t reflect the reality and that they will have a surprise on release day.


The feedback will be data, not some sort of questionnaire.


I get it. I do.

I also think they are getting plenty of data or they would open it up more.

Ultimately its up to blizzard man. I am sorry.

Well, they had to let some people in to like test the stress it puts on the system. And if you want to really stress the system to test the effect of that stress why not let anyone and everyone add to it? Is it because you think you can get another few thousand to give you $15 if you put it behind a paywall? I think maybe that’s the reason.