Layered vs nonlayered for "tourists"

It is Ok Kurwen… people don’t actually communicate in Retail. You can rest easy knowing Classic won’t be like that.

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Heh I know. I say something to crickets… makes me feel like a weirdo.

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and while it could go either way there isn’t enough proof to support going all in on either side, the safest move would be to hedge their bets if they run a limited number nonlayered servers they would it be most likely to satisfy the people who just loathe layering and the issues that come with it all while doing something that I would argue is MUCH more important to companies these days, DATA! they would not only have legitimate numbers of how much of their player base is willing to deal with long queues vs how many will play with layered tech, not only would it give them insight into how many players want either experience but would be able to have a direct comparison against the opposite type of server and see how it affects players and their gameplay, their economy and their player behavior, it would be treasure trove of information they could use to avoid these issues with future content or servers or whatever they decide.

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I’m familiar with that theory and I’m not sure it holds water.

Seems more logical that Classic WoW is being made for the same reason that every other video game has ever been made… because the developers think it will be profitable.

I’m not sure why we have to reach for any other explanation.

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I think Blizz’s research team begs to differ. Doesn’t mean they are right (as BFA shows), but doesn’t mean that your opinion is even close to theres.

To you. Do you know what data blizzard has? They have enough to make them go with layering to prevent dead realms.

Also I would say there is enough to prove it isn’t going to go either way. I’ll say it one more time. VANILLA HAD DEAD REALMS MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH. That is what they are trying to avoid.

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I think the fact that we both pointed out Candle’s fallacy with that statement only proves that this is pointless for us to stick around. Candle is not going to change there mind. Classic will release with Layered servers. I have no more reason to stick around here. Good luck Kurwen!

I agree, but I think its a mutli pronged reason. I could see them doing classic even if it isn’t profitable. It really would be a matter of time before someone tries them out in court over abandonware, without classic the defense isn’t looking so good.

That is true, however this is also speculation as I don’t recall hearing any sort of blue or even supposed blizzard employee claiming to have found a great answer, a lot of it is “still being tested” which makes sense it does require testing, but i’d rather not assume they will come to the “correct” answer(whatever it happens to be) all on their own without input from the community. if you have seen a blue post claiming they have such research I’d love a link. [

They don’t share there data for very obvious reasons due to competition getting access to it. But if you want a blue post on what they want to hear from the community?

It would seem they are seeking feedback concerning experience with layering and not options outside of it.

You said you were done… yet here you are… lol

I could not help it… Candle asked for a blue post. Am actually done now though. Gotta get some rest.

What ridiculous hyperbole. You will have your friends, your guild, people you see and choose to group with. You don’t know 95% of the people on your server anyway.

Besides, layering is only for a few weeks . . . up to start of Phase 2 at most.

Relax, community will be fine.

So they’re accepting feedback, but are they actually going to DO anything about it? or are they content with test and seeing that it’ll piss off a large portion of their player base and do it anyways.?

are you saying that because they have that one thread we can’t discuss issues that bother us? that we should move AWAY from these blizzard forums to have a discussion about this blizzard owned game?

with vanilla servers you can know 95% of your community

the pservers with the megarealms show that it’s not the same experience by having more people. now mixing people up into multiple layers it’s going to be even worse for the community.

just having a couple friends and a guild is not the whole deal, the realm community is a huge aspect of the vanilla experience, it’s the biggest aspect and reason for vanilla, everything else you can do on retail and it isn’t enough so that’s why they’re trying to go back with classic

The only thing that is for certain is that there must only be one or the other. Either have layering, or have no layering at all. Having both guarantees that players will load onto non-layered servers.

It doesn’t matter if players are willing to queue - we did that back in Vanilla, and yes, they absolutely have data on things like that. It matters because Blizzard doesn’t want a retail situation where there’s dozens of dead or almost gone realms and have to merge them.

Layering literally makes that entire exercise unnecessary.

No, it had 8 million. Lol, people like you are…we’ll use the word hilarious

8 Million subs was hit Jan 11 2007. So sure 5 days left of Vanilla… I wouldn’t even count it as that’s still patch 2.0.1.

Just admit you’re wrong next time

I mean i guess if you really want to count that. I would say no but sure you do you.

Also Im so wrong Mr. Vanilla had 12 mil subs… lol