Dual spec please

Just posted this in the CC forum. Keen to hear more feedback!

Which ignores a large part of why people want dual spec, people with specs for multiple roles.

Sad a druid doesn’t understand that.

I would be very surprised if they didn’t have it in Wrath Classic launch.

I’d like to break out my resto set, trust me, but the implications are a bit deeper than just putting a toggle on the class trainer and expecting nothing but positives to come of it. I wouldn’t say I like the restrictions of hybrids in Classic, but it makes at least a little bit of sense. Definitely gives it that not-retail feel, at the very least. :man_shrugging:

Same, and I’d be devasted all the same if they put it in at launch or at the end of WotLK. Terrible terrible terrible choice to put in at all. First priority above all else should be merging servers where appropriate, imo.

So the only distinction you make between retail and classic is dual spec? Which actually doesn’t even exist in retail anymore.

Nope! I actually never said anything like that. There’s a hell of a lot that differentiates us from them, but dual spec is definitely one of the first specks of ‘give’ that lead to the massive ‘take’ that was xrealm LFD, LFR, etc etc

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Ah so just a slippery slope argument.

Still not sure how dual spec relates to LFD and what not. People want dual spec to do current content as is.

That discussion is moot. I don’t get why you keep posting that when several people have already agreed to having dual spec that can only be changed in a major city and also had a cool down. Let’s stop discussing the implications of just putting a toggle on the class trainer and discuss what most people have already agreed to. Dual spec with a cool down and only changed in a major city.

It would be like me constantly pointing out that your pvp spec idea wouldn’t work because people will change their spec in response to the make up of the arena team they face, ignoring the fact that you’ve already said it can only be changed in a major city.

I don’t get why you keep posting that when I’ve already talked about having dual spec that can only be changed in a major city and also had a cool down. (On the CC Forum post, no less.)

And yet in spite of that you keep returning to the problems that might occur if they just added a toggle to the class trainer. All of the problems you’re bringing up about dual spec in raids wouldn’t occur if it was on a cool down and only changed in a major city.

Yes. Why wouldn’t I?

Some? Sure, but not all. Why put in a controversial Wrath change in when it’s still TBC?
Full DS in TBC should be used as an absolute last case ripcord to save an even further hemorrhaging population. Not now. :man_shrugging:

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Easy to just make changing spec in arena unusable- isn’t that the way retail works now?

You’re advocating for a controversial almost Wrath change when it’s still TBC. You haven’t been paying attention if you think your almost Wrath change won’t be controversial.

I think we’re at the absolute last case ripcord moment. In fact the moment has passed. Dual spec should have already been added to slow the transfers and help people find groups.

That is the way dual spec always worked.

They complain because they are the type of people that want to have their cake, and to eat it at the same time, when what’s being offered right now is pie.

They don’t care about how it might hurt others experience, they want it their way and will only suggest compromises to be one step closer to having their dream of free everything implemented faster.

It’s why even when you agree to a compromised version they then try to get you to agree to a “new” compromised version that is just one step closer to what they want.

Them-24 hour CD?
Others-Sure that might work
Them-Why not 1 hour?
Others-Well that’s a little to short…
Them-Then why not no CD it should have no CD!

Same issue with giving the changeable in major cities only, then it turned to rested areas only, then it turned to just not in raids, then it turned to why not in raids too?

This discussion has been going on for a long time and they won’t be happy until they have killed the game by making it a tbc flavored retail experience with dual spec, lfd, lfr, crz, exc.

The moment you agree to a compromise they push for a new compromise that’s even further in the ballpark of retail 2.0.

That’s a lie. It never happened. You lie constantly. Dual spec was first suggested as it was added in Wrath with no additional limitations. Due to your and others concerns some suggested adding the limitation to just changing specs in a major city while others to just adding a cool down. Eventually most agreed to do both, having a 30 minute cool down and specs only changed in a major city. Then we agreed to an hour cool down and only changed in a major city. Finally just today for the first time Ziryus suggested a 3 hour cool down which I thought was excessive but agreed to also. Then Basil suggested a 24 hour cool down for no reason I could find and people disagreed to that. No one raids for 24 hours straight. Why would anyone need a 24 hour cool down to stop abuse of dual spec in raids? It just shows how unreasonable and irrational you are.

You could prove you’re not a liar if you can find one person before Basil that suggested dual spec be on a 24 hour cool down. But you can’t, Because you’re a pathological liar as per the clinical definition.

As I posted elsewhere, I’d be 100% happy with LFD if and only if it were constrained to only the server, not cross-server. The concept isn’t bad. It’s the reach and anonymity that damages the concept.

LFD really isn’t needed, blizzard already has a good LFG Tool in retail. It’s mind boggling why they didn’t just give us that in classic instead of the garbage we got.

Yes. Dual spec please. Sick of wasting mountains of gold respeccing for content. Can’t grind materials and gold as a tank/healer. Can’t get a group unless Tank/Healer. Can’t get groups fast enough to make changing specs worth while. Yes, please, for the love of all that is, Dual Spec.