Two simple changes to fix and revitalize TBC Classic

i wish we had dual spec more than any other QoL change. especially for classic like druid and pally that can play all the roles.

And you will have it in wotlkc, and maybe tbcc season of mastery.

But it doesn’t belong in tbcc. There’s clear evidence it goes against the emdesign goal inte tions of tbc.

yet at the same time they said

Patrick Dawson: “No changes” being our guiding principle for WoW Classic made it very easy to make decisions on it. We just went to the reference client and went to that. But one thing we learned as we went through the release of the content in Classic is that [no changes] may not always be in the best interest of the players. Putting back in things like spell batching made the game feel a little less crisp. It was authentic, but it’s not what modern players want. The community today is so different from what the community was back in 2007 that it had us take a different philosophy with Burning Crusade, where we actually started to allow ourselves to make some changes that were in the best interests of the players that will continue to develop alongside the community.

What you think is a “faithful recreation” isn’t what blizzard thinks is a faithful recreation.

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Dual spec just won’t change the tank shortage. Why? Because at this point there’s no reason to do anything but raid. Everyone has hundreds of badges, dozens of nethers, thousands of gold, and the gear sucks in heroics.

There aren’t enough new players and alts to keep that content worth doing. Removing the attunements make them even less worthwhile.

Really, well on the topic of dual spec, they seem to agree with no dual spec over having dual spec, Co sidering we are a few weeks away from phase 3, and there’s still no dual spec.

Facts currently show no dual spec in tbcc. Facts currently show they have shown no intention of adding dual spec to tbcc. Facts show these things, but even then, you don’t want the facts to get in the way if your agenda.

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That’s what everyone told me on the multiboxing threads. That’s what some people said on the threads asking for something to change to deal with dead or dying realms. Some said blizzard will never allow free transfers because they make too much money off transfer fees. Usually blizzard never says anything until they announce the change. But I don’t care about any one’s prediction. I argue for the things I want and that I think will improve the game and don’t care at all if someone thinks it futile. That’s not an argument against dual spec. It’s an argument telling us to shut up. And since you have been proven to lie constantly and few trust you anymore your last resort is to try to get us to shut up.

Yes because blizzard never makes changes late into content, oh wait chronoboom which was a significantly bigger change than dual spec in both game impact and development as it was completely new.

Whattya mean “we” whiteman?

I for one want none of those things

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Definition of we

1 : I and the rest of a group that includes me : you and I : you and I and another or others : I and another or others not including you —used as pronoun of the first person plural

I think the definition in use in this case would be, “I and another or others not including you.” See how a dictionary can help you understand the English language?

No I understand… It was more of a “Royal We” as in… he was only speaking for himself.

I think it’s absolutely clear if you’ve read any of the discussions on the topic of dual spec and the 58 boost that he’s not just speaking for himself.

Sure. We’ll say he’s speaking for himself but there are probably people who agree with his points. Still doesn’t mean that it’s the majority OR even if it were the majority that that bears any weight at all.

TLDR: This is a meaningless thread


The definition of “we” doesn’t require it be only used for the majority. Nor does requesting a change come with a forum requirement that the change be supported by the majority. How would anyone be able to guess what the majority thought before they made the post and saw how the responses played out? Imo if blizzard cared about customer satisfaction they would look at these threads, the intensity of the response, likes, number of responses both for and against and based on that consider or not the suggestions.

A longer explanation: I disagree so I want you to stop discussing it.

I don’t care if you discuss it or not. Clearly yall have been asking for it it ad nauseum for months and it hasn’t changed anything so creating another thread to say you still want probably isn’t going to make a difference.

But hey… if it makes you feel better knock yourself out I suppose. :man_shrugging:

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Translation: “I disagree with this thread so it’s meaningless”

My disagreeing with the thread certainly doesn’t preclude it also being meaningless. Both things can be true.

Also I don’t “disagree” with the thread because the thread doesn’t really make an arguable assertion. You’re simply stating a desire, a desire that happens to be unrealistic

You’re saying “I want a pony.” I’m saying “cool. Well you’re probably not getting a pony so making a 50th thread asking for it is probably useless but… :man_shrugging:


I’ve been reading all your replies, they boil down to “you want this thing, i don’t want that thing, so i conclude your thread is pointless”. This is my first thread on the topic btw, but of course you’ll claim clearly there are previous threads so people not allowed to make one in the same vein. You are truly the arbiter of the forums.

Your own logic and reason makes so little sense I don’t know where to begin, I’ll leave it for you to figure out.

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Please don’t make me repeat myself

i want them to add a WoD style mission table to TBC

my guild master just lvld his blood elf pally to 70.

excluding levelling up to 8, he didnt do a single quest from 8-70

removing the 58 boost would not remove boosting.