Dual spec please

Hard to find 5-man groups. it will be easier to ask a guildie or a friend to respec tank or healer to help your alt get stuff done. Otherwise, it is a stalemate.


What are you trying? I read a lot of this on the forums, but in-game, it seems to be different.

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I wonder who’s forum alt this is. 2 total posts, same thread name as the other 5, exc.

Reported as spam.


Swapping between Disc and Shadow seems like an attractive venue to me.


The good news is you can already do that.

Well, the thing is Herod used to be popping like your server. Now the population is ghosted to a third of what it used to be, still about 4k people on weekends. Any 5 man dungeons are hard to find a tank and a healer, after 9 pm it becomes impossible to find them at all. People offering tanks gold and nethers but still not being able to find them for hours.

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I doubt that would really fix the problem in any meaningful way. There’s a few problems to unpack here. For one, you’ve got just so many DPS players. Tanking is thankless and there’s almost no incentive to doing normals or even heroics anymore.

Well, it would help tremendously but it would not completely fix the problem for everyone obviously. Asking guildies to respec and help is an option that I can resort to, obviously, others might not have guildies/friends. But it baffles me how you do not see it helping. Expalin please


You can freely change specs in retail and it still takes forever to get a tank, even when some of the best gear in the game is available through dungeons. In a raid logging expansion like this, and where the dungeons offer practically nothing at this point, you’ve got a problem.


right as I said I am resorting to friends to help me I am not talking about pugs.

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Well…if your guild is anything like mine, the tanks are only online on raid nights lol.

lol same mate, thing is other guildies might be able to help. But no dual spec

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I can appreciate that. Frankly, I don’t really care if they add it or not, but Blizzard probably isn’t going to do that. They’re happily letting servers die off and there are a million topics about that.

I know! I actually reserved names there back in Aug. 2019 before we could even play.

I initially rolled my main on Faerlina, but rolled a second account to play while waiting in queue. Day 1, I waited for over 7 hours in queue just to log in. So, I ended up with a max-level Warrior on Kurinnaxx that I raided Naxx with. That was a really nice, smaller community where a lot of us came up together, and knew each other.

The last time I logged in on my warrior, a /who for all Horde showed 11 people online, including my warrior.

Yeah, I’ve been specc’ing Holy for raid nights, and Prot outside of raids to spam heroics, so finding a tank hasn’t been as big of a deal for me, but for people who aren’t into playing the various roles of their classes I can see how it’d be difficult to find groups, if you don’t have friends who tank, especially.

Last night after raid, I wanted to do some heroics in my raid gear/spec so I just found a tank who wanted Nethers and we spammed some. That was pretty easy, but of course that’s Faerlina (and who knows what the population will be there in 3 months!).

The amount of cringe spamming for this non-TBC feature is abysmal.
Re-spec costs are a non-problem.


It is a problem for people that are not buying gold. Switching spec and back to your normal spec is 100g. Again on your server things could be different in terms of finding that gold. Here, it is an hour of farming and it is not like asking a guildie for a favor more like for a loan


I’m not buying gold.
I’m playing the game.

Get gud.


nice response all i needed to know. Grow up lmao


Grow up, kid.

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I don’t buy gold, I do the cooking and fishing daily every day. Yields over 100g a week.