Dual spec please

There’s a place for both, and a reason why both exist in Retail.

FWIW, I’d be okay with some sort of cooldown with Dual Spec. I wouldnt need to switch between Feral and Resto after literally every single (1) dungeon run.

Interesting, because this is one of the (personal) reasons I don’t want any form of dual spec.

Dual spec actively devalues being a hybrid, from a practical standpoint per-pull. What happens to the value of a feral druid when a Warrior can actively swap between DPS and tanking on a per-pull basis?

The value goes down because the ability to be either without having to hearth and respec is unique only to the feral druid right now. That is completely muddled if Pallies and Warriors can do it too.

Dual spec isn’t an “almost” Wrath change. It is literally a Wrath change. It was added in Wrath, 7 months after it launched.


Actually it’s the opposite, if you are switching roles now as a hybrid dual spec allows you to do that better. Increasing your value.

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The whole idea is to be one spec and not have to change. I don’t like the other specs.

So no, while this increases the value of the character to a raid group’s utility belt, it devalues my experience further than what is gained.

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You picked one of the only two classes that can perform all 3 roles. I think your tastes there probably don’t reflect the wider cohort of druids at large


Then stick with your spec, most people never need to switch in raids anyways.

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I can perform 2 roles. I’m the only class that can do that between pulls on command without going back to the city to respec every pull.

This is no longer true with the existence of dual spec.

Pretty sure this is not a unicorn opinion, it’s more like an obvious fact.

Besides, I’m not using broad Druid class player opinion as the benchmark for what I think, so it’s irrelevant what other Druids feel, because my reasoning for liking the game as it is right now without dual spec is far beyond my class, or implications for my specific class should it be added or not. I’m thinking about the game as a whole.

Dual spec isn’t a reasonable suggestion for TBCC. Blizz seems to think so too given they’ve yet to add it amongst other changes one might consider less of a priority, depending.

You think they’re gonna add it in Sunwell patch or something? No. You’re waiting till WOTLK, get over it.

They will if they have dual spec.


No they won’t, there simply isn’t that much need for people switching roles. A handful will but the majority will not.

A handful is more than what should be allowed (0 unless you’re wasting the raids time to go pay and tinker your spec in a main city).

Pro tip people already switch roles in raids, they just don’t switch specs.

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If their spec supports it, good for them.

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People didn’t switch when dual spec was added in wrath. Why would it magically start now?

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…yes they did.

I played a hybrid in WOTLK and I distinctly remember switching based on encounter.

Correct if you volunteered to, I also knew plenty of hybrids who never switched.

Because, wait for it, there simply isn’t that much change in requirements from fight to fight so most people will be in the same spec the whole time.

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Your guild was in the minority then. Most did not.

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Who gives a crap if people switch specs in raids. It’s 20 year old content.

MUCH more important is that people would be able to actually play the game via having tanks/healers for dungeons and way more people in the pvp scene.

P.S. - No changers are mentally ill.


im 300 posts behind, any tldr? or same ol same ol?

ah yes famously in post tbc with dual spec no one brings druids to anything…

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WOTLK had a wildly different class design protocol (“Bring the player, not the class”), so homogenization was on the menu from there on out. At that point, dual spec was added and all classes’ tools had been relatively “same-ified” across the board to make sure everybody could cover everything.

So yeah, by then it didn’t matter. Because it was a completely different game.

You bet :sweat_smile:

Prove it.

I do, it’s very not-like-TBC which is what this product was marketed as.

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