Dual spec please

That’s not passive income :slight_smile:

You are actively working for it.

Which you refuse to provide any reason is actually a problem.

I really don’t want that, from the standpoint of the health of the game. From my own selfish druid hybrid standpoint, yes, I would love to have a boomie and a resto spec, but having two specs would change the dynamic of the rest of the expansion in a way that I think would sound good at first, but really wouldn’t be the second you’re raiding and have to swap between two very similar specs for different boss fights.


And, honestly, with how rampant RMT is, the last thing TBC needs is another goldsink for people to swipe-to-get.

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Yeah we shaman are just jampacked with CCs and survival abilities right now aren’t we?

And hex is on a longish cool down when you do get it, enjoy :slight_smile:

What 45 secs? To a battle-hardened shaman that fought in vanilla/TBC(and classic reboots)
it may just as well be 4.5 secs.

All you’d need to do is make it so you can only change specs in a major city as you suggested or put it on a cool down.

That’s an improvement but what about those who choose a dps spec who would like to tank or heal in dungeons? Dual spec would get us more tanks and healers and make it easier to find groups.

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Resist, pull happens, cry…

Although that was more Cata than wrath…

Well…by all means…

You are only helping to Usher in Lich King even faster.

I fit that descriptor! Resident crit chicken here with a dusty resto set collecting dust in the bank. I’d like to go resto more often, yes, but dual spec is a WotLK feature- a huge one! From Blizzard’s perspective, I think WotLK would have less ‘pull’ for people to sub/resub if dual spec is already added right now.
It would muddy up spec identity and punish hybrid hybrids. The only thing I can think of would be to put it on a substantial CD, like, 24 hours or more, and at that point, why bother?


But it’s ok to give that WotLK feature to those who want to respec to pvp. Adding that now in your opinion isn’t going to cause Wrath to

I think it would get more people playing BC. If it was easier to find groups and do dungeons less people would unsub out of the frustration of looking for a tank or healer for 3 hours.

Why 24 hours when the issue some have is respeccing in raids for each boss? If it just had to be done in a major city it would be almost the same as respeccing is now. Just without the cost. A short cool down of an hour or even 3 would mean that almost no one would respec in a raid.

Cross-realm LFD is also a (admittedly very late into) Wrath feature. That would solve the dungeon availability issue. Would that be a better idea?

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should :wink:


Dual spec was never an advertised point of Wrath, it was just a ZOMG this finally happened and why did it take so long.

Hmm… did blizzard drag out a green poster because blue was too expensive?

3 hours is reasonable as that is the average raid night and would prevent the only real issue with dual spec which would be people switching specs too often in raids.

I see several problems with the game that would be much improved by the addition of dual spec and the lfd. I support adding both but since it’s hard to get changes I’m just asking for dual spec, for us all, not just a select few who want a pvp spec.

Yeah, they finally let me, the unpaid intern, out of the basement. Stoked to be here. :roll_eyes:

Hmm… what is the blizzard basement like?

I keep tripping over this weird translucent spiky crab and they keep asking me if I have a phone. Kinda weird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well just shapeshift twice if you’re in trouble.