Did I get into the full classic beta or not?

Your opinion.

No, they don’t.



It’s going to be available to play everyday on August 27th. Why be obsessed with Beta?

They are. Just because you can see streamers and youtubers get in doesn’t mean they aren’t. The visible people getting in to Beta are there because of marketing, to hype the game, not specifically to test it. If they weren’t there it wouldn’t open up slots for anyone else. They didn’t take the spot that a beta tester would otherwise get.

How is that different than all the Vanilla players complaining in the forums? Closed Beta means there are limited spots. With the interest in Classic both in past and current players, the pool they have to select players from is more than the number they need for the Beta. Most players who opted in for the Beta will not be selected to participate. Just because you played in Vanilla doesn’t guarantee you a spot. Just because you’ve had an active subscription since WoW went Live doesn’t guarantee you a spot. Your subscription only buys you access to the Live game. It doesn’t give you special status for Betas.


Just to confirm what Amaelalin said, the Beta and Stress Test emails invites are simply meant to inform and provide information on where to download the client, give times & dates where applicable, etc… When you are invited the account is automatically flagged, which is what gives you access.


I got the stress test invite, but I could never get on. When I finally did get on in the last few hours there were so many people questing in the starting zone, that questing itself, even in a group was very hard.

I get why we were invited and it looks like the stress needed was achieved. I am a little confused on the beta invites. Is there more invites going out, and if so, is it true that account age and time subbed is a factor?

There is another stress test coming in June. As for the actual Beta, it has been said they are winding those down right now. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

Nope, you just have to be opted in and have an active account.

They also added a second stress test for this month. It’s on the 29th from 2-4pdt.

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Ohh, didn’t know that.

They just added it late yesterday I think :wink:

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The CS department has NOTHING to do with the beta and the invite process.


If the Devs decide to choose your account, they will mark it.

All questions about Classic should be asked in the Classic forum. That is one of the purposes of it.


RNG you say? I immediately opted in after i seen the message probably no more than 3 mins after they announced classic beta opt-in…but pikaboo,maldiva and cdew (ofcourse streamers why not) opted in a day or two later…and they all have invited and majority of the people i talk to still dont have any…thats not RNG their accounts are flagged and preferred.



Because the streamers was already pre-selected, there are PLENTY of non streamers in the Beta, and THOSE are randomly selected. The CS forums is not to the place to complain about it, you’ll want to do that on the Classic forums and there are plenty of those threads there to choose from.


Yes, it is well known that the Friends and Family of Blizzard and the Influencer groups are on a separate invite list. If you get tens of thousands of followers you can be on it too. Marketing and the hype streamers generate is naturally preferred because it promotes the product. Kind of economics and advertising 101.

For the rest of the players, it is an RNG lottery based on who opted in. It had nothing to do with who opted in first and never has.

This Beta is one of the most restricted I have seen though. Even the F&F lists and Influencer lists are TINY this time.


So I logged into the Classic client, and have 3 different servers. One for alpha, one for beta pve, and one for beta pvp. Is just what everyone sees or did I actually get a beta invite? Is there any sure fire, specific way to tell if I did or didn’t get an invite?

Wait till the servers are back up and see

That sounds like beta. \o/

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Ok where to start, where to start.

For the most part, yes. I say for the most part because the dev team has certain criteria they look for. Let us say an extremely top end machine is criteria A. Let us say a machine barely making minimum specs is criteria B. The devs are going to want (made up numbers here so chill) let’s say 5% top end users and 8% bottom users. Let’s say you are a top end machine. This increases your chances as you will check off a specific criteria they are looking for. This could be any number of things Nvidia card. AMD card. Certain type of processor. They need specific things tested on the backend we don’t even know about. Kind of a mini stress test if you will

So true story. Didn’t know there was a classic opt in. Did you know a Wow opt in was enough. I didn’t opt in to classic until a day or so later, got in with the second batch of invites. Also, I have never streamed or uploaded a YouTube video.

But let’s talk about that AGAIN for a second. First let’s talk your perception. You perceive streamers as taking all the invites because you… Gasp… Watch streamers play. You have created a false positive that only streamers get in within your own mind. I assure you, there are a lot… A LOT more of us than them in the beta.

Now, let’s talk about streamers and content creators. They get their invites from marketing. Do you want to know why? They reach SO many people that are already watching them. They generate hype, for free I might add, that the marketing department could never tap into. Marketing could create the very best campaign in the history of campaigns, but if your favorite streamer or creator has some reservations, I guarantee people subconsciously factor that in.

Conversely if they say they like it, marketing literally has to do nothing to entice you. At all. Seems like a pretty good investment to me.

Well keep a stiff upper lip. You and the majority you talk to still might get an invite. But excluding an specific criteria wanted by the devs, and excluding marketing, it is indeed RNG

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Not necessarily. As far as I know, I’m not in the beta but I’m now showing those realms as offline if I try to log in.

/runs off to double check my e-mail

Edit: Nope, pretty sure it’s just what we see now from being flagged for the Stress Test.

It seems to be a visual bug. Odds are when the Beta realm comes back up those who were invited to the Stress Test only will not have access. We’ve forwarded the information up to have it looked into.


Hello i see 3 servers now too after stress test, can you please see if ive been chosen? no email yet

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Vrak just stated that it’s being looked into and that it’s likely a visual bug.