Did I get into the full classic beta or not?

The Blue post stated invites would slow down after today, are there any indicators on how many people will be let in? Or, will players who have been offline for extended durations/not responded to invites be forfeited? Just Curious

I must have missed the e-mail; this is the first BETA test I’ve been able to participate in and couldn’t be happier about being invited. Thank you for confirming!


Where can we go to see if our account has been flagged for further beta/stress tests once our 2ptr deleted in advance shenanigans founds a solution?

What Blue stated that? O.o

No, CS would have no information on how many participants would be invited.

There isn’t a place for that. Generally speaking, if you have access, you should be able to see the Stress test and/or Beta in the Desktop launcher.

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So It looks like I’m invited to the stress test, but not the beta? Is there an easy way to tell?

It seems if you were invited only to the Stress test, you’d only be able to see that server. The clearest indication would usually be the invite email.

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Sorry i quoted from another site. MMOChampion. " First off all, we want to thank all of you who have shown interest in testing WoW Classic. Having extra eyes on so many aspects of the game is a huge help as we prepare for the upcoming release.

At this time, we’ve finished sending out all of the invites for the first stress test. This large invite wave took a number of hours to process, so please check that thread for details about it and we’ll see many of you there when the test begins later today. Also, don’t forget that we have a couple more stress tests scheduled, so keep an eye out for updates on those in the coming weeks.

Related to this, we’ve seen a lot of questions about the general invite process and want to clarify a few things. The method in which people are invited from the opt-in pool is not on a first-come-first-served basis, but instead we look at a variety of factors such as the age of the account. That said, the amount of closed beta invites that we’re sending out is rapidly decreasing as we have met our current population needs for testing. We’ll regularly reevaluate the need for additional invites as we go through the testing process.

Thank you for your continued interest in WoW Classic and we can’t wait to see you in Azeroth on August 27!"

Ah, alright, that does make sense. Thanks for the quote.

Odds are the majority of the folks needed for the stress test were invited, but as far as I know participation varies. It is likely that we’ll need to invite more based on those participation levels.

For example, and these are made up and very small numbers, if we need 100 people to stress test we may invite 300, as we expect 1 in 3 to be interested or have the time to log in. After the first test we might expect 20% to miss out on the next one, etc… so we’d invite enough to make up for that number and then some.

That is assuming that server testing doesn’t need to ramp up further. That is just for stress testing though. Beta participation may continue to require greater and greater numbers. Unfortunately, CS has no involvement with the PTR, Stress or Beta testing, so we don’t really have any specifics we’d be able to provide.


its really annoying how they do beta invites, ive had this account almost 100% active time since BC yet ive only been invited to one single beta, cata beta right at the end of it in the last wave, youd think at some point theyd give the tip of the hat to older players


I got the stress of my life contacting support everywhere trying to get access after I got my email.
The worst part is If I havent done anything, like not deleting my 2nd ptr account, I wouldve been in the stress test tonight and tomorrow.
I still cant imagine how unlucky I am.

I have the Classic Stress Test option, and have the client. I never got past the character creation. I heard in a stream and on forums that a lot of people were having this same issue.

Was there something I missed doing on my end that prevented my character creation completing? I been trying to play since 4pm pacific, and I never got to see the game world.

No, it was a stress test. It seems like the volume of players put some stress on the servers resources, thus causing issues with access and play. That is part of testing, to learn from and adjust based on the results of throwing so many people at the systems. :slight_smile:


To be fair, it should not have prevented those of us in the same boat, from participation today. :frowning:

I would really appreciate a confirmation or better yet, the update that should have been installed today.

As of this moment, its STILL not showing up. :frowning:

I tried to get into the stress test,it hung at 80% didn’t reach the first hurdle :volcano:

I can create characters for classic stress test but not log in to the world hangs at about 90% then comes back with world server down

Pretty sure the testing is done for the time being.

I made it into the world just now on the Stress Test server. Lots of people still running around the areas.

hey! I want to know if having a ‘‘old email’’ plays a part in possibly people missing on chance for beta even though we are opt in? My email is very old with my account and I haven’t gotten no emails on it since 2018 O.o. Wondering if something in the invite system if they can’t send the invite email out that they don’t ‘‘apply’’ it to our client?

Edit: It is a @hotmail so yeah says about how old it is. Should I change to a gmail or current outlook?

Not getting e-mail won’t affect getting into the beta.

It just means you won’t see the e-mail about getting into the beta.


I agree, it’s slightly a joke. If someone has been supporting and paying for a game for 15 years then it should be a legit reason to give someone classic beta. Blizzard always screws over the people who put time, effort, and money into their games. I see timthetattman “tweet” he didn’t get beta then instantly the guy gets it, while I have played the game since I was 18. It’s sad, it’s almost disgusting and it really takes a person who is excited for the game to really not give a crap about playing it. Let legit Vanilla players test this game, not people who complain about every little thing.

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