Did I get into the full classic beta or not?

is there a chance that from the people stress test, they sended a couple beta invite after it ?

hoping and praying

Really??? Really???

Well, if they want people whose machines can barely run BfA, I’m right over here! <waves>

OK but seriously, how do they know? I vaguely remember opting in for beta a while back and having to run a little program that collected technical details about my computer, but there was nothing like that this time. Have they just added it to the bnet client or something? Or maybe that’s just not a criterion they’re using this time?

(Edit: apparently I actually did get a stress test invite - unfortunately Real Life was a stress test on me that day and I didn’t have any energy left for WoW by the time I got home. But if it wasn’t already clear, this post wasn’t actually about whether I personally got in. Cool if I can contribute, am also cool with it if that doesn’t work out.)

That is my understanding of it. The launcher collects your computer spec data as needed. We no longer have to run a program to do it. But also, Blizzard has said that Beta invites are mostly random and not generally based on system specs.

Yes, the Battle.net desktop app picks up some of the info but we don’t really need them, Lynnaru. While we may invite folk to test out specific systems, beta invites are primarily just taken from the Opt-in pool. I wouldn’t worry to much about that.

I’m not sure what more can be done but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to post in that thread again. The Battle.net Desktop app is the way all of our games will be launched in the future so we definitely want to get it working for you.

or those like myself who won’t waste their time in a stress test. If I’m gonna spend time in a wow classic beta it’ll be the full experience or nothing!

Well to be fair, I said mostly random haha

Good info though, thanks for that Kyzera

They answered the main question about how they were selecting for Classic beta in the Classic stickies:

I already know a couple of streamers that didn’t get in. You inner goblin is showing.


My account is very old :slight_smile: I’d say out of all the players on here I probably have the oldest toons around that can still be logged into.

I am a time traveler. /wave

So it seems as if I might have gotten access? Can’t really tell though, I login and I see all three servers but they all state they’re offline. No other indication than that, clarification would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

If you have the client - and you can see the servers, yes you are in the stress test.


Hey there Orlyia, I do I know if I made it into the Beta, do I just log on and look into my available servers?

I do not know if old account makes a difference in being invited to the beta. mine is almost 15 years old (inactive for a maximum of 6 months), I opted for the beta and I was not invited.

Most players who opted in were not invited. It’s a limited Closed Beta.


Thanks for the clarification Mirasol. I’m on the F&F list and normally get in beta so I can stream to my community and generate other advertising through tournaments and events I attend. I’m headed to DreamHack Dallas next weekend and sponsored 12 gamers to come with us so was really hoping to showcase WoW Classic @ BYOC area but have yet to get invited. :frowning: So I can confirm even being on the F&F list and having a small influence the beta invites are a lot more strict this time around. I’m still hoping for a new wave invite to come out that includes additional F&F and RNG opt-ins. Here I continue to wait and check launcher daily. lol


You will have gotten an email and there will be an entry for Beta-Stress Test on your launcher drop down just above the Play button

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A few million subs, maybe 5K beta testers. Not being one of the 5K should be expected.

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True fan playing 14 years and I didn’t get invited to beta classic was really disappointing. :frowning: