[CS Lounge] I will roll, roll through the gates of Torghast

Crows have been outside my room a few mornings recently. I told my mom I hadn’t ordered a wakeup caw.


Ya know, I have the game but was not too impressed with the controls. So j moved on to other games. Currently Uncharted 4 and waiting for Last of Us 2 later this month.

But that game was a big want and part of the PS4 purchase decision so j dk plan on beating it at some point.

It actually took me a moment to realize that was him.

I’m not sure if you actually get more reports but if you did, switching by itself wouldn’t be against policy unless you were using multiple characters to report the same posts.



Got to watch some live sports this weekend - Australian Rules Football is back on. I got hooked watching it while I was working overnights, and have stuck with it. It’s a lot more active than pretty much any US sport, and just “fun” to watch. Even though it was the first weekend of games since March (and they really hadn’t been able to practice until very recently), most of the games looked pretty impressive. US sports channels are picking up most of the games this season, since there really isn’t anything else going on right now.

And best of all - the team I support won!

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Hey Vrakthris, I just want to let you know that there’s a large vocal group on the Classic forums perpetuating the lie that reporting botters doesn’t do anything and that Blizzard doesn’t ban bots. I’ve been reporting these posts as trolls, as I think this kind of misinformation is detrimental the fight against bots but they continue this false narrative day in and day out.

I’m not a forum saint, but I do not like cheating one bit. I was a competitive D3 player for a long time and it was extremely disheartening to see botters at the top of the leaderboard, with literal 24/7 hours logged online. I’m likely going to permanently lose my forum privileges when I inevitably say the wrong thing in frustration, so I wanted to let someone know about the campaign on the Classic forums by some people to dissuade people from reporting.

Sorry if I killed the mood in this thread but if anyone spends some time in the Classic forum, you’ll see how mob-like it’s become.


I actually get a notification when someone quotes me (huzzah new forum), so I actually have seen a number of the posts you made in those. :smiley:

I commend your efforts, though the naysayers tend to be unconvinced without direct evidence and since we tend not to provide publicly… that can be a bit challenging. I wish I could show folks the emails that I see weekly, of ban waves that happen as well as the efforts overall for prevention, detection, etc… There are also those that wouldn’t believe the evidence even if it was provided.

Sometimes you have to just accept that people will think what they think otherwise you are just stuck in circular arguments. Though again, I appreciate that you want to correct the misinformation. For the truly outrageous stuff, our mods should be able to take a look.


Thanks, your posts throughout the years on this subject have been informative, and consistent. It’s just a shame that so many people can’t see the bigger picture.

I’ve been critical of Blizzard’s communication on things but you and the rest of the CS team on these forums have been as open as I think you can be for many years. I’d have lost my mind doing your job, many times over.

P.S. If anyone is curious, the way I find old blue posts is by using google and typing this:


You can type any keyword at the end of this to find particular subjects and it’ll even bring up blue posts from 2006 once in awhile.


I wish I could see these reports, too. I’d just like to see the numbers. Mainly because I’m nosy like that.

Okay - I’d like to see character names, what they did, how often…

But I’ll have to live without seeing all that. Que sera…

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Got my worgen into cata zone once hes into legion hopefully tonite ill go back and do some LK raids for xmog.

Gota admit this looks pretty amazing

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Yeah, but it’s EA.

…and no matter what. It won’t be Xwing vs. Tie Fighter in HD.

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SHHH the EA overlords will overlords will overhear you we all know that activision is just a front for EA i heard it from a friend of a friend of a 2nd cousin 3x removed.

I’ve been leveling a worgen hunter… yes, I know I still need to finish leveling my gnome hunter, but I couldn’t resist.

Got her up to level 100 last night, so I’m enjoying Legion mogs. The reason I level up all these characters is purely for increased mog sets, right? >_>

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I want to play a Worgen now that their faces are so much better, but I can’t get past the tails or the weird torso proportions…

i tried playing a Worgen once, but i found the race to be a bit too…“ruff” for my liking.

/runs out

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That’s it, you’re sleeping in the dog house tonight.


I still target Worgen and do a /pet emote as I run by them.

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Im sure u have them howling in anger at you.


goes and sets up a climate controlled section of the pillowfort and calls it “The Dog House”

fine with me. :grin:

they do enjoy having a bone thrown to them every so often…though i often heard they enjoy a good scratch behind the ears every now and then too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah! :rofl:


Do they have tails now, or do you mean the lack thereof?

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