Are there really 1500+ bots in BRD? Here's a breakdown, you decide

So we’re you going to bother with responding to the rest of the thread or just one specific line where you could be “right”

They’ve stated multiple times that thousands of bots are banned daily. They’ve stated multiple times that they take action against cheaters 24/7. Why would they continue to publish numbers if the people who aren’t convinced will never believe them no matter what they do?

I haven’t read it. I’ll give it a go when I have more time and if it stirs any thoughts I’ll get back to you.

Do, please, have a lovely evening.

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This confuses me, since, other than that one post, they always claim that they only ban in waves so the botters don’t know their software’s been detected.

There’s different bots, there’s all sorts of cheating tools and programs. They could be investigating one program for two weeks and another for a few days. The end result is there’s ban waves constantly going out and thousands of bots being banned daily.

Except the official line, and their announcements seem to back it up, is that they only have ban waves every few months. Once a quarter, basically.

I’m not suggesting there aren’t bots and that they aren’t banning them. I’m just having difficulty reconciling the difference.

Could you link this?

Nope, but you could Google it.

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You’re lying then, not surprising.

I doubt blizzard will do anything to actually stop the bots and at least on my server I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining about the lack of bots, the price of major mana pots has been goin to around 7g each since there seemed to have been some ban waves the other month, before the ban wave we had stacks of major mana pots going for 3g a stack.

I wish blizzard hired more people to actually just look into and ban bots instead of just leaning on the player base for reports but that would take money and blizzard really is a small, tiny indie company who couldn’t possibly afford to hire people…


I’m not your unpaid research assistant.

There is nothing wrong with reporting folks who openly abuse the EULA and admit to account sharing.

Someone wants a better game, a game on a more even playing field. They actually are the hero we deserve. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I remove someone from my uBlock script, I always end up regretting it. Oh well, lesson learned:


Some people would consider reporting people for account sharing to be an act of economic privilege.

Not me, but some people.

It’s been removed.

The only two boomers I play with are both mages and farm their own gold. There are few GenX gamers like me in guild and the rest are all millennials and kids 15 to 21 ish… there are hundreds of players in our guild but most are very young. Those that buy gold seem to be associated with no special age group, it’s very much average in terms of people who do it, mostly it’s the raid loggers who do it.

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Bliz is like the normal Asian game makers now, bots are great and make us money. They don’t even need Gm’s to ban them, i’m sure they have a form of anti cheat but just like Counter strike, they do delayed bans. If they ban someone instantly they won’t pay more money to come back. Our world is corrupt so we better get used to it. It’s all about the dollars.

Zoomers are going to have a rough life. They got played. They have no idea how to live in the real world. A gender studies degree will not take them very far. Maybe if they have enough brains and money in the bank they will buy a nice tent because that will be their home soon.

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Do tell, this future you predict sounds like an interesting place. If there is one thing I have come to realize it’s interesting times aren’t that fun to live in.