Character Missing From Forums

I logged out and back in again, character is still not there.

Jassarin, Pagle, classic TBC.

Thanks for trying, I’ve shared these examples with the team that handles the forums so they can dig in further.


Still having this issue, been about 5 weeks since I transferred. Other than this thread, I posted one on the Forum Bug Report forums and opened a ticket about the issue.

My character is broken. The API for at least several hundred players is broken. Surely this can continue to be escalated because whatever has been tried thus far hasn’t helped.

I’m especially concerned since I plan on transferring two toons tomorrow morning after reset to a new server. I’ll be unable to use any 3rd party websites on them going forward until this issue is fixed. It is unique to toons that realm transferred it seems. The API is broken, as mentioned above, to where any realm transferred toons are stuck in some state of limbo on the back-end, where, for example, there is no “class” assigned to them. It’s set “playable class” = “0.”

Here is the other thread I made about this: TBC Classic Broken API/Forum Characters

Please please please Blizzard, help us out here. I know you are short staffed but this problem isn’t just about “being able to post on the forums.” It’s the fact that TBC classic players are unable to use any 3rd party tools unless their characters exist here on the forums.


There not short staffed lets get that outa way the unless its from the mouth of blizzard dont believe every reddit thread. Its one thing knowing a bug its another thing replicating and trying to fix it Blizzards aware of it but fixing it another thing altogether.

Its highly unlikely it will be fixed tommorow so u have either 1 of 2 choices either transfer and not have the info become available or wait till it become availble.

On a side note no one that fixes the issues come here the blue can check on something and confirm that its being looked into but cant give a ETA.


Just to jump off what Darth said; the API isn’t needed to play the game, nor is using 3rd party info. Seeing as it’s 3rd party, Blizzard doesn’t have a reason to fix this as it doesn’t impact game play in the least.


Have the third-party sites been in contact with the API team?

There is little Customer Support can do. Customer Support does not fix bugs. Your post in the Website Bug Report forum is the correct way to get this looked at. You are unlikely to receive a reply in that forum. QA usually only posts if they need more information.

No reply doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it. No fix doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it. It still happening can mean that multiple bugs are causing the same result. Fixing one bug only fixes the ones caused by that, not all of them.

I get that you are frustrated with the issue, but promoting baseless claims like this doesn’t help your cause. This thread actually proves that Blizzard will work on an issue and get it fixed as soon as possible. The first fix was put live two days after it was reported, plus they took additional examples of where the fix didn’t work. It can then be inferred that the reason it still happens for some players is that there is another cause of the bug that is harder to find.


Your character is not broken if you can log in and play the game. I understand there are some benefits to services offered through APIs but that’s not impacting your ability to log in and play your account.

API Bug Reports can be made on the API specific forums:

Definitely wish I had more updates to share with you here about your characters on the forums. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything new I can provide. We’ve escalated these reports along and the forum team has it to investigate / correct.


I’ve been in contact with Blizzard about this. They’re well aware and are looking into it. There is no known time frame for a fix so I recommend just hanging tight. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can.


Another update: transferred two toons a couple days ago. Within 5 minutes of transferring them the toons were immediately available and updated on this forum. The original character in question still is not available 6 weeks later.

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Were those two toons classic or retail?

Because the “bug” affects characters, not accounts. The randomness makes it harder to find and fix the bug.


Appreciate the continued update Kariin, glad it doesn’t appear to be affecting new transfers.


I just transferred on Monday this week and I still am not able to see the transferred character on the forum. I moved Sakaì from Kromcrush to Whitemane and it is still showing him on Kromcrush. Just wanted to let you know since it is still affecting new transfers.

Also not sure if it is still pulling from classic and not TBC Classic since it still shows all my characters at 60 instead of 70.

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Any new news on this?

If there were, you can be sure there would be an announcement somewhere. There hasn’t been anything stated yet. And again, Kalviery and our SFAs are not the ones who work on fixing these things, so unless it’s an announcement that has already gone out or likely will soon be released? They won’t have it.

And to again reiterate:

Your character is not broken. Things like this is an unfortunate casualty of people depending on third-party platforms and programs. Technically, they could never fix it and just let it fly.

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Hey all,

I just got word that we believe we found the issue and a fix has been implemented. Please test it out and let us know.


Works now, all my TBC characters are showing up.


Whatever your guys did seems to have fixed it! I transferred a few character starting a little over a month ago and wasn’t able to use some features of warcraftlogs due to this bug. Wasn’t able to find a fix, gave up on it for a while, and just now decided to do some more googling and found this thread. Thank you guys.


Is this still an issue? I only see two of my characters from WoW: Classic listed, but none of my other characters that have been around since the game originally released.