TBC Classic Broken API/Forum Characters

Hi there. I’ve been having the issue that have sparked dozens of threads from others on these forums regarding characters not being available on the WoW forums following a server transfer. Mine was a few weeks ago. I’ve tried relogging on this website multiple times every single day, with new browsers, incognito mode, everything. I’ve made a post on the customer support forums as well without any solution as of yet: Character Missing From Forums.

I’ve even talked with GM Abateold about this as well, today. He said he refreshed my account and that did not help either. He said I should post on these forums to help draw attention to the issue.

The toon in question in Straato - Grobbulus. He basically does not exist on this website. The reason this is such an issue for Classic players specifically is that 3rd party websites rely on the existence of our toons on the forums for information on them. For the last few weeks, my toon has been unable to be claimed on websites like warcraftlogs dot com, and can’t be used for any arena/PvP info on sites like “ironforge dot pro”.

This seems to be a rampant issue for any classic players who realm transferred. When looking at the Game Data APIs for arena leaderboards, for example, all of my friends who have realm transferred at any point in TBC have their “playable class” listed as “0.” In fact I found 693 people with this error in the PvP leaderboard API for just 2v2 bracket alone. There is something seriously broken on the backend for TBC Classic and it hasn’t been addressed publicly that you all are aware of the problem. This is really negatively impacting a LOT of people and despite being told this issue is being elevated, it is clear that this topic, first mentioned as early as June (4 month ago), has not been fixed yet, nor even addressed as being known about.

There have been posts on the API forums about this, too, without response. Thank you all for the time.

For reference: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/tbc-leaderboard-playableclass-0-for-some-character/18765

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I’m in the same boat as you with my mage my man. Server transferred 2 weeks ago, tried all the above. Nothing.