Cant start M+ groups in queue

im trying to start my M+ key just like i did everyday since legion but today it wouldnt queue when i click list group. it does nothing its not any addons because i disabled them all key is a 18 grimrail depot…

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Wrong it can be a faulty UI disabling wont do squat a proper reset is folowing these steps or renaming the folder.

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it works fine on all toons but the one im playing and ive reset my ui

A corrupted toon can affect all or just one toon thats why I Suggested a proper reset which i see u did now.

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yah i did the reset and still nothing i have spent hours trying to fix it deleted all my wtf cache interface still nothing . its to do with they authenacation system they put in that did nothing

I have the same issue on multiple characters as the OP, I can’t list any key other than tazavesh keys, this did not fix it

Can’t list my +2 Workshop. Glad I came back on a token and didn’t give them actual money.

If you’re unable to list a group with no custom text, then it should still allow you to do so (assuming you don’t have an authenticator).

If it’s not letting you, then you’ll want to post in the Bug Report forums as that should still be working.

For anyone who needs details on how the system works:


Just did a +2 and swapped it and got Iron Docks. Can’t post that either. No Authenticator, no custom text, can’t list the group.

EDIT - I also reset everything as suggested. Made no difference.

It looks like an issue we are aware of. I don’t have a time frame on a resolution, but it is being looked into.


Is there any word on this? Until it’s fixed I literally have a useless key that I can’t run because I can’t post it in the group finder.

Vrak will update this thread if and when he receives word.


It’s been 3 fricken days now and I still cannot post a key on my main because of this bug. As a DPS I don’t have the ilvl to reliably get invited to other low keys without sitting in the queue for hours. I am essentially locked out of M+ until this is fixed.

I don’t have anything definitive, but this is a high priority and there have been some things in testing. If all goes well, we should hopefully see a resolution implemented soon after.

There are a lot of checks that need to happen so I can’t give an ETA, but I’ll provide an update if I hear anything new.


Perhaps a work around? I dunno, honestly.

List the key. Get the group. Add everyone as friends on bnet and invite them separately run the key, and remove them from bnet.

A lot of extra steps but it is something. Unless i completely misunderstand the nature of this bug that is.

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I don’t have the Authenticator. So all I can do is post a basic run with the drop down text - m#, dungeon, timer/completion/loot.

Only I can’t do that. I open the PF, go to Start Group, click a selection from the dropdown, click List. Nothing. Happens. It spins for a second and does nothing. I’ve tried on 4 different keys now (3 rerolls, and 1 upgrade to +5 when a group I was already in decided to run my +2 key after the one I signed up for. I had to ask the leader to post my key to fill in the last DPS spot because I couldn’t.

I literally cannot list a key. At all.

Simple fix, remove the 2 step verification for posting groups. Seem to be what causes this glitch.

Since we have no idea what caused the glitch, and the 2 step verification has been in much longer than when the glitch started with the last patch, that is not what is causing it. Also, the 2 step verification was put in place to combat those advertising illegal sales and carries for RMT. Also, it only requires 2 step verification to post a group with specific text and a group can still be listed with the generic information only without that verification.


Glitch started when 2 step got added, first time it happened was when Tazavesh went to M+, people faced the same glitch and couldn’t list keys for it(but could other dungeons)

Currently those having the glitch, are those not using 2 step verification

And have you seen LFG? The 2 step did nothing to stop spam, it’s as bad as ever.

So yeah it is 100% related to the 2 step.

Then, either report it on the Bug report forums or General Discussion. The devs and QA don’t come to the CS forums for reports.

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