Can't Recover Character on Locked Realm (Update)

I’m extremely disappointed right now to say the least.

Two days ago I made a post about how I’m unable to recover my hunter on Faerlina due to the server lock. I found this thread from 2 years ago with this response form a Blizzard CS Rep:

Not being able to recover characters on locked realms is unintended and a hotfix was pushed to remedy the issue.

In my previous thread: I was told that the “Customer Service” forum is in fact not a place to reach customer service but a place for players to help other players. Forgive me, but that makes absolutely no sense. Imagine having an issue with your mobile provider and when you call their customer support, they actually connect you with another customer instead of a customer service agent!

I was told to create a post in the Classic Bug Report forum, which I did:

And of course, I submitted a ticket: #US86032318. When I submitted the ticket, I was told there would be a 24-48 hour response time, fair enough. But when I logged into a character yesterday the ticket wait time says 7 DAYS 2 HOURS and today it says 7 DAYS 8 HOURS. The ticket has been open for over 2 days now. I’m sorry but that is just ridiculous.

Wrath launches in less than a week and it seems as though I will be unable to level any characters on Faerlina before it drops. Which is extremely disappointing considering I’ve recently found out some friends will be returning to play there.

This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if I knew when the servers would be unlocked. I don’t know if it’ll be 2 weeks after launch or 6 months after launch.

Overall I’m feeling extremely frustrated and dissatisfied with this situation and would really appreciate some insight from a CS agent.

Thanks for reading.

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Not being able to recover characters on locked realms where you already had existing characters was a bug and a hotfix was pushed to remedy the issue.

Not being able to recover a character on a locked realm where you don’t currently have any characters is intended.

Yes, the Customer Support forum is a player to player forum to help players find the best place to get help with their issue. It’s not meant to be a point of contact with Blizzard and, in general, your issue won’t be resolved by posting here.

Customer service is provided by creating a ticket and reaching out to Blizzard directly.

Ticket times right now are frustrating, no arguments there. I think they are averaging around 5ish days right now, give or take.

Unless you have other characters already on Faerlina, you being unable to restore your deleted characters while the realm is locked is intended. That point is even made by the blues in the post you linked (change in realm name not withstanding)

Do you currently have any active characters on Faerlina?


Customer Support isn’t Customer Service, that is an important distinction. There are some things we as general players cannot do, but we do a lot here that both helps our fellow players and takes some of the weight off the SFAs who can then give more attention to someone who needs assistance outside of our toolkit.

A big thing against the post from two years ago is that policies can change. What might have been the case then is very likely to be different now.

I am truly sorry for the situation you’re in, truly I am. But as has been said many times over, our SFAs are not always kept in the loop of whatever the Devs are thinking. They find out things often times the same as we do when a Dev post pops up. And the Devs are the only ones who make the decisions on all of these server locks and whatnot. They just do not come here.


I’m not sure if that’s the case until I get a response form a blizzard CS rep. And I did have an active character there which I deleted to free up the name.

I was not aware that I would’ve either had to pay for a name change to make my new character or that I would’ve had to make a random alt and then delete the character to free up the name just to not be kicked off the server.

It just feels like I got got. Which isn’t a great feeling.

Also, Leilleath I appreciate the sympathy and I also appreciate that you’ve taken the time to reply in both threads. I would reply to your comment directly but I cant reply again until someone else does which is a little strange.

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I understand, it’s a really crappy situation to end up in; especially if all you wanted to do was free up a name to use on another character. It really just boils down to completely crappy timing.

Unfortunately, a lot of these systems are hardcoded and not something they can usually bypass. I hope that I’m the one misreading the thread you linked, but I don’t think I am.

Good luck (and now you can reply to Leilleath)


Imagine instead, that you are visiting the forums looking for advice that support has provided and not going to an official contact point for Support. For that is what is happening here, though it is a common point for confusion. :slight_smile:

You aren’t opening up a webchat, ticket or requesting a callback here, this is basically a helpdesk that you can seek advice on various support related matters.

Unfortunately, response times are way higher than we’d like, Kazmyx. It obviously isn’t what we want to see, but it isn’t something that is simply going to go away. Our staff is working through those tickets as quickly as they can.

As far as I could find, that should have been resolved, but there may be an issue currently. I’ll see what I can find out.


Alright, I appreciate the additional clarification on the role of this forum, Leilleath mentioned it in my other post but it really was confusing as I’ve never seen one function in the way this one does.

And I can definitely understand wait times being a lot higher considering this is probably one of the most anticipated launches in WoW’s history and with a lot of players comes a lot of problems. It just feels like my issue is being pushed to the back of the queue with the wait time increasing.

And thanks for going out of your way to find something out, it truly is greatly appreciated.

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My wife is having this same issue, she deleted her only char to salvage a name she wanted to use not aware of the lock restriction. Now she cant restore her deleted char or make a new one. Kinda dumb cause now we cant play together.


Any update on this? I kind messed up and did the same thing, delete the only char to free up the name, but now I can’t restore the char. I’m almost getting a refund on northrend upgrade as it just stupid to play in a whole new server as my guild.

There was an update in another thread, not being able to restore a character on a locked realm if you have no other active characters is intended.