Locked out of Sulfuras

I don’t think that there is unfortunately. Sulfuras is currently locked to new character creation which I believe that the undelete feature falls under.


I cant imagine sulfuras coming off locked status in the forseeable future and certainly not before wotlk launch

I have my doubts about that too unfortunately.


I’m in a similar situation. As far as I know, not being able to recover characters on locked servers is a bug.

It was unintended and hotfixed. Some people here think that recovering a character on a locked server requires an existing character but I don’t think so. From what I gathered in that thread, I’m pretty sure that you should be able to recover the character even with the lock, considering it already exists on that server.

I understand that locked servers are a pretty polarizing topic at the moment, but recovering characters on locked servers should definitely be allowed in my opinion.

I’ve made two threads about this issue and Vrakthris (Blizzard CS Rep) said that they’d look into it. Fingers crossed we get an update before Wrath launches.

Here’s my most recent thread if you’d like to read it over:

Actually, it used to exist on that server, but since you deleted it, it no longer does. Undeleting is basically creating a character on the realm and you cannot do that since it is locked to new characters for that realm. That hotfix you mention was also for a bug 2 years ago if memory serves correct. This is a totally different issue. You would need to post your bug report over in the Classic Bug Report Forum, and your feedback in the Classic General Discussion Forum. Those forums were made for the issues with the classic realms.


Restoring a deleted character would be classified as character creation. The same applies to boosted characters.


I’d argue that it does “exist” on that server but in an inactive state. When recovered it still has all the items, gear, gold and xp that was gained on it while active on the server. The distinction that it’s a new character being created makes no sense if it gathered any of those resources.

As long as the character wasn’t purged and is available to be recovered it still “exists” on the server, it’s just inactive, in my opinion at least.

This was the argument that was made and it was proven to be the correct one as you can see at the bottom of the thread. I interpret this argument as recovering a character is not creating a new one so it should be allowed even without an existing character on the server.

Any reply other than Kalviery’s in that thread lacks any substance considering they are not Blizzard employees.

Also, many, many threads have been made on this topic and if I have to, I will make a post on the general discussion forums but as you can see from that thread 2 years ago, this issue was brought up HERE on the customer support forum and was solved HERE on the customer support forum.

If I turn out to be wrong, then so be it. But everyone replying to this issue stating that you shouldn’t be able to recover characters on locked servers without a pre-existing character is echoing the sentiment of that thread from 2 years ago, which turned out to be incorrect.

Vrakthris said they’d look into it and until we hear back, I’ll continue to push for recovering characters.

Unfortunately, it does look like the ability to restore a deleted character if you do not currently have a character on the realm is not possible on Wrath of the Lich King Classic. That is, as far as I’ve been able to find out, currently intended functionality. Sorry.


I understand that it is not currently possible, but is it intended? That was the case in the previous thread.

It was stated that it was not possible to recover characters and it turned out to be a bug and was hotfixed.

That was specifically for that version of the game, this appears to be different. That’s all I was really able to get. I don’t have reasoning or philosophy.


Alright, well I do appreciate you going out of your way to find this out. Can’t say that I’m not extremely disappointed with the outcome though.

I wish there was more clarity on why certain decisions are made, it seems as though even Blizzard employees don’t get the scoop if they aren’t devs.

Truly is unfortunate that this is the case, with almost every server being locked indefinitely, newcomers really don’t have much of a choice with choosing where to play.

Will characters start to be purged if the locks aren’t lifted in time? Some players are now left at the mercy of the devs when deciding which characters they want to play in the future. That seems like quite the severe unintended consequence of the locks.

Is this documented anywhere so that players are aware of this when making the decision to delete a character on a locked realm? This has happened to me as well and I was directed to this support article which has no mention of this caveat to the restore rule. I looked for more related articles and found this Restore World of Warcraft Character - Blizzard Support (battle.net) , which again goes through a list of limitations that does not include this situation.

I understand this appears to be different and from what I’m reading sounds like an intentional decision, but it does seem wildly unfair for players with deleted characters on a locked realm to have to wait for the realm to be unlocked in order to play the character they now would like, as that seems to be the only solution here. As I’ve shared in the articles above, if someone was trying their best to follow the rules here, they still wouldn’t be able to avoid this situation.

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It was indeed intentional however due to realm consolidation all my characters eventually ended up on sulfuras and now I am essentially unable to play the game. I must agree it is wildly unfair that players with deleted characters must wait to return to server as the limitations of the character restoration system was not well communicated to players.

This whole situation is just sad, not handling a edge and then saying that it was intentional. At best blizzard is make a few people not being able to play after unlocking the server.

So they can’t play on other serves that are available? You were never guaranteed to be able to play on any particular character or server, just that you could access the game on what was available at the time.


So you are proposing that in those cases you:

  • ignore that you permanently lost the deleted char
  • start in a available server which you won’t have any guild or friends
  • wait for months until its available to transfer and then actually pay money for that

If this was indeed intentionally, the bare minimum acceptable would be having a message when deleting a char saying that it was locked until restrictions on the server is lifted.

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At this point if I could migrate my deleted character off of sulfuras to a destination realm I
would greatly appreciate that. Is that something we could see anytime soon?

Restoring a deleted character falls in line with character creation. So long as the realm is locked to character creation, it is locked to character restoration. Nothing can be done until the realm is unlocked. Even if the intention is to immediately transfer them, it still requires the restoration before the transfer can be done.


I understand the point you are making, however I do feel that there needs to be some way to circumvent the lock given the circumstance. This character has been on three different realms trying to run from queues and the sulfuras lock came out of nowhere I thought I would be in the clear for at least awhile as I was put on this server as a result of kromcrush being consolidated. Now I feel like I’m paying the price for bad planning on blizzard’s part.

Blizzard didn’t make you delete your character though. They may have their part of the blame for the server miscommunication and some of their practices, but no one forced you to delete a character you may have wanted to continue to play.

Eventually servers will be unlocked and you can restore them then. Until that time, it is a waiting game, unfortunately. I am sorry for the spot you find yourself in, and I’m hoping that they’ll start opening realms back up as soon as humanly possible.