Restoring a Character on a Locked Realm

I am getting a “There was a problem restoring your deleted character. Please try again later.” when trying to restore a Character on a lock Realm (Earthfury). Please advise.

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Do you mean server is full then odds are u wont be able to restore a character I could be wrong.

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Darth is correct. Character creation on locked realms includes undeleting characters.

Since you do not have any other characters on Earthfury, you cannot created/undelete a character there.

Full details available in this thread:


But Kalviery, both quotes from the thread you posted do not mention characters deleted and tried to be recovered by the self-recovery feature. This cannot be included in “solution is to prevent you from creating a character on a realm (unless you already have one there)” since it is not a creation of a NEW character, it is a recovery of an old one. Am I wrong?

I would say you are wrong, as kalviery specifically answered your question in their post.

Actually, it’s programming. Undeleting a character has always been programmed in a way that it’s akin to creating a new one. That’s just how the logic works.

If you’d like to see that changed, you’re welcome to use the in-game suggestion feature or post your suggestion in the Classic General forums too.

CS has no influence on how the system works.


Thank you for answering. That makes sense but imo it is wrong. Restoration shouldn’t be treated as new character creation by the server. The system even saves your character AND your name, something that isn’t used or needed in new character creation.

Couldn’t they compartmentalize it?

You may want to put in a suggestion via the in game help menu. It’s not that we, the posters here on the CS forums, would not like to help you. It’s that this is how development made it work, and CS can not help you make a change in how it works. Just explain how it works.


But a blue has already explained that you can not currently restore a deleted character on a locked server, so this round and round about how programming logic works is not productive. If you would like to see a change, see my reply above.


Feedback on this, like suggestions, belongs in the Classic General Discussion forum. The Devs don’t take feedback for suggestions from the Customer Support forum and the SFAs here are not liaisons with them.

All you did was confirm what Perl said. You did not prove him wrong.

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Whether undeleting counts as character creation is not specifically addressed in the thread that was linked to provide additional information, but fortunately, we have a blizzard representative right here in this very thread who specifically says it is.

I’ve removed the multiboxing argument from this thread as it has no place in the discussion regarding undeleting characters on locked realms.

Correct, while not specifically called out in the thread I linked - locked means no characters can be made active unless you have an active character on the realm. Deleted characters are not active characters, so restoring them to active status would require having another active character on the realm.

Changes to this system would require a game patch. That’s not out of the realm of possibility, but would not likely be something that can happen quickly. Edit: Just caught wind of an update they’ll be attempting to help resolve this. Fingers crossed it can be applied to the game soon.

If you’re in this situation, and would like to see if a Game Master might be able to offer an exception for this then please submit a ticket with your details.


Can confirm. The people I know were able to restore characters on locked servers. CHEERS!


Thanks for confirming! It looks like they were able to get this change applied ahead of restarts this week and it took affect when the realms came back up.


Thank you kalviery. Surprised this suggestion or situation was answered with such quick response. Thank you for your patience.