Bots Running Rampant

Didn’t you hear? They banned GDKP’s, there’s no reason for bots or rmt anymore. Those are just like minded players….

In all seriousness, Blizz really needs to get it together. Bots/rmt need to be swiftly banned and there needs to be harsh punishments in place for gold sellers and buyers instead of these 3 day bans.


The last post about that was in the Classic forum, so maybe ask there.
Altho that Adult Swim video definitely applies to GD as well.

We’re missing the january post almost into march, so it looks like they stopped updating us on ban counts.

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I don’t remember them posting it every single month, so maybe there’s another one due soon.

It’s been every month except for the gap that’s occurring right now. Last one was posted the first week of January for December’s bans.

I love how he said they take one of three paths XD Pretty obvious where they go…

It should take a day.

Goes to show how much time I spend on the Classic forums :smile:
Welp, hope they respond to your inquest then!

The thing is the classic ban posts also are retail ban posts. They apply to the whole license and thus are two-in-one. Not sure why they’re directed to a subforum rather than something more top-level.

I dont see August '23 on that list. Thought I think there was a good reason for that? I have terrible memory, fairly sure something had happened that month.

August exists, sorry, forgot to add it to the list.

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Muehahahaha… :robot:

Nearly all the suspected bots i see are in old content.
Actually, its more irritating than them being in DF, because I dont care about DF mats at this point.

DF has them, they’re complained about weekly in Zaralek Caverns.

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probably why Im missing them.
I only go down there for the 600+ gold quests anymore lol


I think it’s time for Blizzard to give up trying to stop the gold sellers. Seriously. Try a new approach…

Start going after the BUYERS! Any gold transfer over a certain amount (no one is buying 10g at a time) gets flagged. Blizz takes a look to see where it came from… When they determine it was from a gold farmer… PERMA BAN and thanks for playing. Yes, they should take the time to make sure. And let’s be honest, they have the ability to know for sure.

Of course, there would be way too many qualifying transfers to check every one. But they don’t have to! When REAL players start reading about the bans, they’re going to think twice about buying that 100k of gold so they can get that cool mount.

Now, not ALL gold buyers will stop. But I believe enough of them will that a dent would be made in the farming business. Then the gold farmers will have two choices: quit or raise prices. And raising prices will force more buyers away. Etc. Etc

I’m sure people way smarter than me will find holes in this idea. I have no illusions of perfection. But the current strategy is flat out not working. Try something different for a while.

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Actually, you’re right,at this point most people herbing and mining don’t complain because they get extras to farm more in less time.

I’m behind anything that stops the bots.

But I think, also, a good idea would be to give players no reason to buy gold.

If people are buying gold to get that cool mount, put it on the trading post.

If people are buying gold to get battle pets, make battle pets easier to obtain. No more 2500 charms, no more 5000 charms. At least, not if it encourages gold-buying.

This is really the only way to make it stop.

One day they will be able to get them. It’s real hard to figure it out.