Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – October 2023

To provide more transparency on the actions we take against cheating and exploitation, here is an accounting of the number of actions that were taken over the last month, October 2023:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions in October 2023: 203026

All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result in permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include other actions such as those taken on accounts with character name or in-game language violations. We continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.


Strat fly hacker advertised 5 mins after reading this post… Go ban him.

He’s already been reported many times. Also Dire Maul is popping off with hunters.


That’s nearly a quarter of a million.

If this is a drop in the bucket, that bucket must be ABSURDLY large.


What is being done about the false-positives in your detection system? @Kaivax We have a guildy wrapped up in this that wouldn’t even know how to set up bots or have any reason to risk a very old account that has been banned for exploiting… its wild and the only response they get (a loyal paying customer) is a canned response about TOS. Either this person has been secretly running bots on his main account and is lying to all their friends or Blizzard’s detection tool has a margin of error and any one of our accounts could just be yeeted at their whim.


Current estimates are around 98% of all characters on era are bots.

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Yeah, we’ve been seeing some of them crying on the forums.

Keep up the good work!


Likely story. No such thing as false positives your guildmate is hacking, botting, and RMT so they got tossed.

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This is exactly what is happening to my main right now.

Not true, there are documented cases where streamers who stream basically 100% of their gametime get banned for botting, and when trying to reach out to point to the VODS and say you can literally review all the game time, they also just get canned responses. Everything has a margin of error.


Holy crap LOL

that is ridiculous!

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They shouldn’t report numbers like this even if they are fake. It just paints a horrible picture for new players when they check forums to see if Classic Era/Wotlk-Cata is worth their time.

My guild leader got banned for a first offense and got perma’d. They don’t even allow appeals.

I have a guildy in retail who was affected, got banned while pet battling.

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They report these numbers because otherwise people complain on the forums that Blizzard doesn’t moderate their game and that they don’t communicate with the community.

Of course, people still make those complaints anyway, so if I were Kaivax I’d probably just knock off for an early lunch.


From seeing zombie armies from Strat and DMN, I can see this action is not working at all.

It’s too cheap for them to create an account.

I suggest you change the payment option to 6months or 1 year only, but you can get 2 or 3 month free time after or get refund after 3months.

This way will increase the cost to make a bot account and normal player can get some benefit too. Also blizzard will get more long term subscribers.

It’s better than trying to use those cheap a$$ looking mounts to attract ppl.

I appreaciate that these actions are being taken and thank you for the update; however, I once again ask that these suspensions and bans be extended to those participating in gold purchasing.


DM and hunters are not an exploit. They just have the tools required to solo it.

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That will eliminate a massive number of legitimate players. They need to region lock the servers.

Not true cornball. Theyve rolled back plenty of false bans.

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Seemingly non-stop, 24 hours a day? Interesting…

If I do a “/who dire maul warlock” my page maxes out at 50. The majority of them are not in a guild and will still be there if I check again 8 or more hours later.

I dare say, that’s kinda suspect!