Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts -- July 2023

To provide more transparency on the actions we take against cheating and exploitation, here is a breakdown on the number of actions that were taken over the last month, July 2023:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions in July 2023: 116921

All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result in permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include other actions such as those taken on accounts with character name or in-game language violations. We continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.

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Nice one! :+1:

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Thanks for the update Kaivax :kissing_heart:

let’s hope this is true information xD


What a joke.


I’d love to know what they think they’re accomplishing with these posts. :clown_face:

So… where’s the breakdown? Like, how many of those bans were even related to WoW Classic? How many were bots?

This tells us literally nothing of relevance. We’ve told you this every time you’ve posted this crap, but nothing changes.


With as many posts as you’ve had, I’d assume you’ve read about the concerns many players have about bots. :clown_face: :clown_face:


As long as people continue to claim that blizzard is doing nothing to combat bots, they will continue to post these updates.

Though there is much to be said about the efficiency and effect of these bans/banwaves, it does show that they are not “doing nothing”.


Is this supposed to be directed at me? Do you think this actually addresses anyone’s bot concerns, Cauchy?

This post doesn’t even say anything about bots. It doesn’t even say anything about Classic WoW.

As far as I know, the number is just completely made up.

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Botting is basically cheating. Accounts are accounts (posting this in the WotLK forum suggests it’s related to WotLK… they’re pretty good about keeping things in their places.)

You’re misspelling “me” and “I” here.


Yes, and yes.


They are probably restricted from going into more detail as to what the specific ban types are, and because wow accounts have access to both versions of the game you can’t really differentiate them.

Additionally, bots fall under the TOS regarding Exploitative Accounts.

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So, do you just whine about them? Or do you actually bother with reporting?

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Oh yeah, I forgot it’s my job to police Blizzard’s game, not theirs.


More of this please

Some actual details would be nice. An actual breakdown of the total number like Kaivax said would be nice.


Knowledge of this requires that you read the ToS. That’s “not Woopee’s job.”

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I’m fully aware that botting falls under the umbrella of impermissible account activity being referenced in this post. I would still like to know how many accounts were actually banned for botting, since botting, specifically, is the concern of many players in Classic WoW. The post promises a “breakdown” of account actions, but does not provide one. It is the bare minimum of “transparency” and falls short of their stated goal in my opinion and in the opinions of others who have voiced that on their previous monthly posts.

And yeah, it’s still not my job to police Blizzard’s game. :clown_face:

Additional breakdowns are unnecessary because they would provide nothing new in terms of information. Everyone knows these bans are mostly for botting.

I would actually like to know more about what steps are being taken to improve the speed at which bots are banned and if they have been able to manually monitor botting hotspots.


Absolutely appalling. Simply logging into the game, seeing the same botters online for over a year; tells the real story.

All of the posts on this forum with some even having videos showing everything, how the entire gold selling economy works in real time. Disgusting.

No acceptable excuse.

“Breakdown” with no breakdown. Classic.