Blizzard doesn't respond to tickets anymore?

I’ve opened a ticket before the US holiday weekend to try to resolve an issue, it wasn’t resolved and the ticket is still not responded to. I opened a 2nd ticket regarding my account instead of WOW, and it got merged, so I think someone’s looking at them? Is it normal to not get a response in 6+ days? (US85720071)


Right now, the team is dealing with a huge backlog of tickets. They are working to get through them as fast as they can, but recent events have muddied things quite a bit. The merge is probably automatic based on the content of the second ticket as to not inflate the queues any more than they already are.

They will get to you, it just needs a bit of patience is all.


From our resident centaur:


Submitted a ticket trying to resolve an issue where some of my characters were transferred to Wrath of the Lich King Classic and my main is still stuck on Classic. Ticket first showed wait time 14 days, now shows 15 days. If problems are so great why doesn’t Blizzard hire more people to resolve issues. Ok a day or two to respond to a ticket is one thing but taking weeks is unexceptionable. Sucks paying for a game that you can’t get any response to a problem Blizzard caused

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If you choose to keep your classic characters on classic, or cloned them across TBC classic, your characters will remain in classic.

If you haven’t chosen to for classic characters, they were moved into WLK Classic automatically.

Many TBC classic servers were closed with them becoming WLK Classic and those characters were consolidated, many ended up on Sulfuras. There’s was a sticky post explaining that in the classic forum, now labeled WLK.


Just to answer, just hiring more staff to manage a temporary crisis wouldn’t necessarily help. Training time is longer than most people realize, and there’s more games than WOW being supported.

Then when wait times for tickets return to normal, there probably would be layoffs.

They’re always hiring help though.


Choice? I returned to WOW after a brief break to start playing again. Prior to taking a break I was playing WOW Classic. When I returned, 8 of my 10 characters had been switched to Wrath of the Lich King. Tow were left in WOW Classic. Additionally, we established a family guild. Blizzard not only transferred some of our characters but also transferred our guild. Problem, one of the characters Blizzard failed to transfer was the guild leader. So out guild that originated on Classic is now in Lich King Classic without a guild leader and no -0- option for anyone else to take over the guild. Basically our guild is locked, with absolutely no way to make any changes to the guild. As for hiring more for a temporary problem, that is just bull dung. Ticket response when submitted was 14 days, changed to 15 days now showing 16 days.

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Throwing bodies at a problem without training does not resolve that. If anything, it makes it worse because people get incorrect actions taken with accounts. There are very very few people who could walk into that job with only a short amount of training, and most of them are here on the CS forum and have spent years learning policies, fixes, tool limits, etc.

This is most certainly an issue and one you are going to need Blizzard’s help with.

Ticket wait times are not a specific time for YOUR ticket. It is the average current wait length and it can go up if the average wait has increased. It is not a countdown until your ticket is answered.


Those are estimated times based on the oldest ticket in the system, so it will fluctuate. Actual ticket times are averaging 6-8ish days.

Also, you shouldn’t have hijacked and necro’ed an old thread. It is always best to keep your own topic to a standalone thread, and never revive something older than two weeks.

Between the removal of the cloning system and the consolidation of some very low population realms (of which I don’t know if your original server was one of them to tie into this as well?), there was a lot going on over the span of a few weeks back in late July/August.

Any who were on the standalone Classic were ones you (and others) had opted to keep there. Those you didn’t make that choice for were forced into WotLKC. There was notice given on the forums and on the launcher prior to these things happening. It doesn’t solve that for you and any others who weren’t following things, but they did the best they could to reach those who were still playing.

Now, your guild leader can reach out and try and figure out the guild situation. No one else can speak for them in that, they have to handle that part entirely on their own if they did not set up ranks to offer a dethroning option. The ticket times suck, no one is arguing this.


I understand the difficulty hiring experience, trained personal, but there is no reason why customer service temps could not be hired, especially to at least make a contact with people so you don’t feel ignored. As for hijacking an old thread, you have no idea the time spent trying to find an answer. This was the closest I came up with after endless searches that closely related to my situation. As for getting the guild situation resolved, same problem, ticket submitted, 16 day estimated response time.

The main issue with this is: IT takes times to get in contact with, take time to send out the paper work to this place to know how many people they want, the time it take for they to filter people they have on file and send emails to them to come in and get ready for such. They don’t have a warehouse full of people just waiting to get a job.


Those are excuses, playing since WOW came to life, over the years they have faced many problems, but always delivered customer service. Bottom line right now Blizzard is failing to serve it customer base in a timely manner.

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[quote]As for hijacking an old thread, you have no idea the time spent trying to find an answer. This was the closest I came up with after endless searches that closely related to my situation.

And this is why it was suggested that you make your own thread. Everyone’s situation is a little unique and it helps keep everything organized for future people. If someone goolges a similar issue they may stumble upon here but it’s really two separate topics in one. This just compounds the confusion.

I wish you the best of luck in getting your guild situation sorted out soon.

Edit: Not sure why my quote keeps breaking but ohh well.


Jeys, they are breaking down because you are not highlighting the text and clicking the quote button that pops up, There is more to the first [quote] than that.

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It still takes like two-three weeks to train on Blizzard’s software. It’s not publicly available software like Salesforce; it’s created in-house by Blizzard devs specifically to interact with Blizzard games. Plus, teaching the policies, and how to handle customers according to Blizzard policy. And that’s all after the couple weeks for the interview process.

They could be in the middle of that right now, for all we know, but we’re not going to be seeing the effect for a while.


Okay, but this is not the norm. Things started spiraling out of control about the time when the big AV banwave swept through. Before that, normally ticket times were at about a day, often times less than that.

The current situation was many things all compounding at once, and they’ve just been going non-stop to try and whittle the queue down. You can even see where they’ve got our SFAs grinding out requests for both the US and EU Classic crowd clearing out mailboxes left and right to make way for the free character migrations - normally all of those would require a ticket to be done.

None of this is ideal, but this is not the norm. Eventually, it will die back down. I will say this is honestly the longest I’ve ever seen queue times spike so high for so long, even with the Retail expacs, but it would do no good to go through the hiring process, then the training process, only to fire/lay them off maybe a few weeks later.

Then, we would have to listen to the griping for another decade or longer about The Big CS Firing.


I agree! We’re paying for this why? I remember back a few years ago being able to actually speak to an actual friendly helpful person! Now I’m just paying to be ignored!

The choice was when you first logged into TBC classic. Stay in classic, move to TBC, or cloned into both.

My guess is hopefully they got to you already since someone else pulled this up 5 days later.

Access to the game.

Support for Blizzard actually covers multiple games now.

They still have a live chat from time to time, but the pandemic did curtail that availability.

Try uninstalling, then reinstall just the app launcher.


Something that was possible just about a month ago, Ashalin. Every now and then we receive a flood of tickets that takes a bit of time to get through. We’ve had a few issues that generated player contact, then you add to that two major launches with Wrath of the Lich King and Overwatch 2…

Once things settle down response times will also return to normal. Until then, our staff is working through the tickets as quickly as they can.