Blizz you gotta separate out XP-Off Twinking


Trying to balance 120 levels is impossible, I get completely get that. But between the stat squish, the removal of templates and the various expansions of random epic and legendary gear etc, trying to level via BGs has become all-but impossible and about as much fun as hammering nails through your forehead.

Every. Single. Match there are multiple twinks who have 2-4x the HP and do 2-4x the damage, recklessly dominating with instant-casts/melee spam and GY-Camping. There are no objectives played (get ready for 15 minutes of WSG no matter what), and there is no ability to effectively play or challenge them really in any way.

Pieces of it you are trying to address (nerfing Elemental Force for example), but in reality until you force xp in BGs, this will just get worse and create an increasingly toxic environment for the majority of BGers pre-120.

Or, accept that we’re just not supposed to be using BGs to level, remove EXP from them completely and leave PVP as the side-gig it seems to have become. That would suck since only leveling via quests/instances can get incredibly boring, but it would at least solve what has become the most unfair and painful part of WoW.

And to be clear, I’m not just talking about the 110 bracket (absolute cancer, just don’t ever play this) or the 111-119 bracket (can be terrible, but with 3x azurite you can contribute), but everything from 19 up. As you level some classes will be OP early, some will be OP late and some will be disc priests and remain fairly OP right up to 120 (and that’s fine). Removing templates is fine; there should be some reward for effort put into your char. But creating a situation where people can either endlessly gear (via azurite/neck) or twink themselves into a 2-400% power disparity just makes for terrible gameplay.

I totally expect this to fall on deaf ears and be ran over by actual twinks trying to defend it as anything other than bullying, but wanted you to know.

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Killing players is bullying?


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First time posting and it’s about twinks.

This is my surprised face.


I’ve posted a bunch on a few chars, figured it made sense to post on the char affected? Why would post history matter?

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A man doesn’t get much more straw than the clever “oh, so PvP is mean now??” retort. What’s more funny is that these little buzz phrases always seem to score a couple of likes from the usual suspects.

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You were eventually going to be asked to post on the character you’re leveling anyway so they could critique your gear for some reason. It’s fine.


Out of the entire post, that’s all you got from it? No ability to understand why I would use the word “bully” ? Well let’s take a look!

Why would someone twink…

  1. They don’t have exp, so it’s not to level
  2. There is no rating system or reward system so it’s not for badges/rank/glory
  3. There is zero balance so it’s not for the challenge

So what’s left? What drives someone to say “I’m going to stay in this bracket, look up every item and trick to make this character as OP as possible, and then use said character to delete common players over and over and over again”? The answer is because it is “fun” (which I understand!), but it is fun at other people’s expense (which is bullying).

Think about it; it’s a model where your entertainment is based on dominating others in an unfair way. There is no skill, no reward, no challenge or respect, it’s solely to gain joy at misery. What would you call that?

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This has been discussed several times on here in the past few months. The consensus of people here are in favor of separation as it gave everyone exactly what they wanted. The aforementioned got to BG without levelers ruining their games by doing non value-added things like taking objectives instead of focusing on the fights in the GY and middle. Levelers could do a BG here and there to break the monotony of questing and not have to worry about some guy with glowing weapons with a name like “Expartgamer” in a guild with a name like “Dun wurry we r pro” playing whack-a-mole in the GY, bragging about his amazing skills and spamming emotes like /spit or /flex.

There are a couple legit posters who do not want it.

Bring Twink Queues Back

lmfaooooooo and you said mc is fine lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo

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Imagine joining a bg to pvp and class balance is a different issue than twinks.

I’m leveling a character and doing bgs on her. What I’ve found is that low level bgs is where some players come to get xp by doing absolutely nothing and most groups are too apathetic to care. They got tired of actually playing their character by questing or doing dungeons so they came to bgs to idle and get free xp. I’d much rather see them go over twinks.


There is a mechanic to stop that - voting people out. It’s not perfect and people will game the system absolutely, but it’s at least there. I’ve played maybe 100 BGs in the past few weeks leveling this guy almost exclusively and I can tell you, the AFKers are not even remotely as much of an issue as a guy with 25+ HKs who is invincible. There are AFKers everywhere - in BGs, leveling, in instances and in the world - but this is a specific discussion about twinks.

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Do you also feel bullied when you’re beaten by a max level player with better gear?

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Having the best gear that you can access is a reasonable expectation at end-game where there is no more leveling left to do.


In this scenario am I max level as well or is this just running across a 120 in STV and getting roflstomped? Is this WPVP or BGs?

I’ll try to answer:

  • If I am leveling and run into a max-level who one-hits me, that’s to be expected and part of the deal with having WM on. There are no brackets in WPVP so there is no assumption that I will only run into people of comparable level/gear.

  • If we’re both 120 and I lose to a better-geared player, that’s just on me. I said before I am totally for removing the templates and a natural side effect is that there will be geared and ungeared players in PVP. But the disparity at 120 between a fresh char and a geared one is scaled back and normalized. You won’t top the leader boards but you can absolutely be effective. There is no scaling curve pre-120.

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Twinks which exist in low level pvp. You’re asking Blizzard to segregate PvPers so players can level in bgs. I’m pointing out one of the many flaws with that suggestion. Battlegrounds exist so we can pvp. Gaining experience or conquest or honor is simply bonus.


All I am going to say is I think only mean spirited people xp-off twink. People who are looking to grind less sinister players into the dust and make them regret playing the game.

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Does wailing caverns only exist so people can enjoy PvE with the experience gained just being a nice bonus? Quests?

They’re all intended to be enjoyable, and they’re also intended to be enjoyable means of acquiring experience and leveling up. If battlegrounds award experience, then they’re intended as a leveling method.

Don’t forget that pre-cap PvP’ers are already segregated by level. This is because it would be absurd to pit a level 29 player against a level 14 one. To me, it’s equally absurd to pit a BiS player against someone in average gear in a format that’s chiefly a leveling vehicle.


i guess to you it’s also absurd for a glad to queue for a random bg and roflstomp you and your friends?

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No. If you’re talking about a roflstomp due to gear, I’ve already said:

If you’re talking about skill, then of course we expect the least skilled player to lose. The entire premise of this debate is that we want encounters to be more contingent upon skill and less upon gear. The gladiator should ruin us. That’s a symptom of good game design.


due to “gear” that the twinks also acquired? you’ve proven my point