Beta Invites and Subscription Time

Blizzard doesn’t give out what builds they look for, they try to get as many different type of spacs into the ptr. There isnt a guarantee that you or anyone else will get in.


Seems like you didn’t read what I wrote or completely missed the point. I wasn’t talking about builds at all I was just looking to get some clarification on whether or not you can still get in with only a small amount of time left on your subscription.

As to being subscribed - it is binary. You either are, are you are not.

If you do not wish to stay subscribed at the moment, I certainly would not encourage that for the slim chance at being chosen to partake in the very limited beta.



All Bliz’s testing periods are significantly limited when you compare the number chosen to the pool they come from. Odds-wise, there’s millions to choose from, and the number selected to test is very small comparatively.

As to how many will be invited for each wave/overall, how many are invited currently, etc, Bliz has never overtly indicated such for any testing, so it’s highly unlikely that they would do so for this one. Occasionally they have added verbiage like “extremely limited” to the announcement for those that are very small, but that’s the most I’ve ever seen them allude to the size.

The lootbox/gambling notion I don’t quite agree with. It’s not a matter of paying money with the possibility of getting nothing. By subscribing, we get something guaranteed: access to the live game. Classic beta is simply being offered to a subset of those who have that access.

That was a good question I saw going around the GD forum the other day. However, the way the news blog is worded, it appears that invites only go to those who are subbed. (As opposed to invites going out to everyone and if invited, they can sub to get access.)


I am sure you guys forgot to invite me to the beta, think we could get this corrected soon?

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Not sure if you’re just kidding or serious, but either way…


I think you’re joshing, but no. CS can’t help with beta play problems or invites.


Just do what I did - I already know whether or not I’ll be invited to beta or not. Opt out. There - I won’t be getting it. I must be crazy, or not excited for Classic, right? Well, I am crazy, but not simply because I’ve opted out of beta. I’ve played since vanilla beta, so I am quite excited for Classic.

This way I won’t get beta and be burned out on it before it ever launches. I’ve already played through it on multiple characters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely stoked for Classic. I even considered, for a brief moment, joining a private classic server. I decided not to because of the plethora of security reasons it would’ve been a bad idea. Then when it goes live in Aug.? Man, I’ll be so excited, it’ll be like Christmas morning!

That’s just me though.


Extremely limited Beta invites. Only YouTubers and Twitch streamers get access to beta invites so it seems… I’ve been applying for beta access ever since diablo2 first came out. Haven’t got into a beta test yet… I guess one has to be a media celebrity to get in these days.


Its not just streamers its just RNG only betas and alphas ive been in are d3 hearth stone and alpha for BFA and ive been opted in since LK RNG is tough but RNG is fair. Yes blizzard wants streamers so they can showcase it to a larger crowd but its still random.


As someone who works with influencers, here’s a pro tip

Don’t compare yourself to them. They are a separate category; they’re partially marketing/advertising and it’s wise of Blizzard to invest in them as well.


You don’t, but here’s the thing. Those “media celebrities” aren’t the same as you or I. They put a LOT of time and effort into not only the game, but also their Twitch/YouTube/Mixer/etc communities. It’s not a “snap my fingers, and look at all the people who watch me play WoW for a couple hours”.

Are you willing to put in that effort? I’m not. I stream occasionally for a couple different competitive games, and I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve put into my stream, just for a small chance at affiliate if the average viewership lines up.

Blizzard is wise to use these “influencers”, because they are basically free promotion. Yes, they run the risk of the streamers hating the product, but it gets exposed to a much wider audience, without having to destabilize the beta for others.


I’m neither a YouTuber or a Twitch Streamer nor have I ever been and I have access to the beta.

Every time there is a WoW beta the whining about streamers comes up. Its old and tired and its always going to happen. Should be realized by now that this is normal.


This is factually inaccurate. I have never uploaded a video on YouTube nor have I ever turned on a stream. I don’t even know how.

Yet i had BFA beta and I have classic beta.

RNG is RNG. Unfortunately perspective can really suck. Since tons of us don’t stream you simply don’t know we are there. But we are, and we get random invites to boot.


I got WoD Beta on day one. I got BfA Beta. I’m not a media celebrity.

Most of those “media celebrities” do it as a full-time job. If they aren’t streaming they are recording and editing new videos, or working on scripts, or interacting with their fans.

They did not take spots from other players. They are invited as part of marketing. If they weren’t invited, other players wouldn’t be getting their spots.

Why do people get excited because a dozen “media celebrities” get invited to something where Blizzard is inviting hundreds, if not thousands, of others?


While I have no interest in the “WoW: Classic” beta, I have been involved in numerous betas of this game’s expansions throughout the course of years. However, I never expect to be invited to any type of testing just because of the fact that I have been playing this game since BC.


they also looked for people who have tested in other betas in the past… sucks for those who have never gotten into one is what they are saying…

As someone who has played every expansion since early 2005 i have never been invited to a beta. One can hope to be invited to the chance of a life time. i have so much experience in vanilla it isnt even funny. i have no life back then and im willing to give it up again just to relive my teenhood. :slight_smile: im here BLIZZARD!! LET ME INNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

It is a closed beta. They wipe the characters after it is over and not all content is available anyway. If you get accepted, then I hope for the best for you. If not, then such is the way of RNG. Please stop using your tenure as a method of begging for an invite.


was in the BFA beta and actively submitted worthwhile reports…

got a sub……

playing anyways……. but so is everyone else…….

guess im waiting for the stress test