Behold Lord Kaivax, the solution to the LFD Faction War

Hear yee Lord Kaivax! A great war is being waged in these forums and I… Grand Warlock Deznocturna, have come with the hottest of hot takes, the most unbiased of proposals, the solution to the LFD faction war…/sarcasm

For weeks the forums have been subject to many great attrocities, duplicate threads, wanton trolling and worst of all… lemonfont posts. But no more.

From the twisting nether i have studied the arcane texts from a time long since past. I have checked the calculations, carried the zeroes and arrived at a solution that will only mildly annoy both parties.

The solution is simple, a phased roll out of the LFD system to support dwindling populations as content recedes into redundancy. And so… i propose:

  • Phase 1 (Naxx), LFD restricted to normal mode 1-70 dungeons (note this does not include pre-patch)
  • Phase 2 (Ulduar), 70-80 normal modes added to LFD.
  • Phase 3 (TotGC), 80 heroics added to LFD. TotC 5 man normal and heroic excluded from LFD tool.
  • Phase 4 (ICC), normal and heroic TotC 5 mans added to LFD. ICC 5 mans excluded from LFD entirely.

Go now, carry the solution before the one they call… “The Birming of Hams” and tell him to ponder it well. Only yee have the power to quell the unrest of the forums… only you can bring about the wrath dream we are all chasing.

Now before the comments unanimously suppprt this mind blowing idea of mine, let me just go grab a bowl of cringe flakes with a dusting of copium before i return to the twisting nether.


This doesn’t bother me. I approve

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Any form of LFD would be welcome, but they are using ignorant and irrelevant reasons to give us no LFD at all. Its legit because they don’t want to put forth the effort of building LFD to work with WOTLK Classic while gaslighting the ‘community’.


i was thinking of something similar

Kaivax doesn’t play WOW he plays FF14.


I could absolutely live with that!! Greay idea and a fair compromise.

How about just release it at launch.


could live with it but overly complicated imo. just add it in phase 2 as it was in wrath.

Well, I certainly do applaud you, this is probably the most reasonable pro-dungeon finder suggestion I’ve actually seen on these forums. If they rolled back their decision on dungeon finder, I would be thankful for them to at least take a restricted approach like this rather than doing it without any care.

That being said, I still don’t want it, and I think it would be much worse to implement it at launch in any capacity than to wait until the ICC phase when it originally launched. I don’t want to see dungeon finder in Wrath Classic at all.

There’s also the problem that this suggestion doesn’t change the core reason why they want to remove dungeon finder – Gating the feature’s scope behind phases doesn’t change the fact that it still removes the necessity for communication and trivializes distances in the game.

I am quite happy though, to see some actually constructive conversation happening for once. If you’re open to suggestions, I would ask that you include some phase consideration for things like teleporting to the dungeon or perhaps badges/rewards.

It was implemented in 3.3.0, which very late in terms of Wrath’s content. What do you mean phase 2? :open_mouth:

points for originality but kaivax doesn’t respond to anyone that doesn’t play competitive arena and brian would rather see the game burn than prosper.

I resubbed today and have been greatly enjoying the various duty roulettes. it is SO nice being able to just queue up as any class/role and just run a dungeon. Even better, it will put me into any dungeon I’ve previously discovered thanks to their amazing level downscaling.

What’s even better? They have actual GMs. Real, live people that are paid to moderate the game. Gil seller in the chat or party finder? Banned within minutes. Have an issue? Talk to a human being instead of getting an automated copypaste response.


I think you made mistake as i can’t see to find the best raid in Wrath of the Lich King…

Ruby Sanctum

How about leaving it out entirely because it’s not needed.


i know your point, and sure they could add it in phase 6 or whatever, but i think it would be good to add phase 2 when dungeons start dying a little bit

I strongly suspect the reason they aren’t including LFD is they don’t want to dedicate the manpower to fixing technical issues with getting the original LFD working in classic. If that’s the case, I highly doubt they’d not only change their mind but create a brand new incremental system to gradually implement.

I like the thought you put into it but alas I suspect Blizzard has like a crew of 5 people working on classic after the initial expansion launch.

I think even Blizzard forgot Ruby Sanctum was a thing haha.


Content alone? Sure yeah, late. Patch day length? Nope. It was in fact released at the exact half point. GIve or take 20 days.

In one of the interviews with Blizz devs, they have stated that THE ONLY reason why RDF came this late was simply due to the fact it wasn’t ready for Wrath launch.

There was a problem in TBC, same as we have now, with forming groups.
Not everyone wants to lead. I don’t. But whenever I sit in town for 20m waiting for a spot, I finally decide to suck it up and run my own group. I get 30+ whispers.

Everyone has their own playstyle preferences. So me not wanting to run my own groups should not be held against me the same way you can’t find tanks so aren’t you a tank…or whatever. Lock is beating in meters so why aren’t you a lock…cuz u don’t wanna be lock. Or you don’t wanna be tank. Same way I don’t want to lead groups.

Just FYI. Your original statement, while true, it is VERY VERY misleading without proper context as it sounds like RDF was in Wrath only for a few months and not for over a year.

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The 1 to 70 is needed. its the leveling section. sub 50…this gets “fun”.

Its a long walk to the monastery to find out no one is there to run it. for alliance especially. Horde comes up the easy way. Alliance plays run away from instant death mobs if spotted bu andorhal or you swim it to try the country road back way.

Not all crews have locks.

not all crews advertise in lfg. I ahve seen a channel 4 with not one mention of monastery (nor the wings of it). and like 4 crews bouncing the doors.

so you go there. and see for yourself

when I do the anderhol death run…this becomes at least 1.5 hours I have no clue how that goes. Made it once…I ain’t doing it twice.

worst case…its no xp for that time. LFd for levelers…fixes this crap. quest in the region you are in. get the lfd hit every say hour. its better than no xo at all for an hour.

Why I see op’s first line as very fair.

Nothing is getting broken in a level 36 lfd’ing monastery really. Well except booster sales.

You see when I said no one was at monastery technically there was. there is usually always at least a 70 mage or paladin there.

OP has completely ignored the contentious issues of RDF- most people don’t even care about the rollout of it, it’s about the actual details of the feature itself

Listing of players or auto-group?
Cross-realm or no?
Teleport to dungeon or no?
Which level dungeons included/excluded?

most people want a better system to find players for dungeons in the game other than /4 LFG chat spam

So… your suggested solution. Is to make RFD half the system it is meant to be instead of addressing any of the issues people actually had with the system.


I would argue finding a middle ground where both RDF and non-RDF players can find a resolution is more important to achieve first than working out the nuts and bolts of the feature.

OP has a decent frame work for that middle-ground to be achieved and presents a good place for a discussion from both parties to reconcile with each other… but that would be a mircle on these forums.

That may be so, but it doesn’t change the date that it was originally launched. They launched guild banks in Classic post-launch for parity with the original experience. I see no reason why that shouldn’t be a thing for dungeon finder if it were definitely going to be implemented.

You’ve just said it yourself, we don’t have a problem with forming groups, we have a problem with people not wanting to form them. I don’t see why the game needs to be bent around people who are unwilling to form groups, either because they’re too lazy or because they’re too nervous to do it. If you log into any non-dead realm right now, seeing people without dungeon gear is a rare thing. Relatively everyone runs dungeons.

Also, it was much easier to form groups in Wrath than in TBC because the looking for group interface was much better.

Yeah, everyone has their own playstyle preferences, which means some people never run dungeons and some people never do quests and some people never PvP, and so on… Retrofitting the game’s design philosophy to appease people who can’t or won’t see all of the content is precisely the thinking that led to raid finder.

You want to be a single drop in an endless sea of DPS? That’s fine, but finding groups is going to take much longer (even with dungeon finder). People need to stop having this mindset of wanting Blizzard to fix everything for them and endeavor for the things they want rather than waiting for it to be spoonfed to them.

Another thing is that the people who form groups themselves are naturally rewarded because they happen to be in the minority; similar, but to a lesser degree than tanking/healing – Why should we remove the incentive to put in extra effort just so that reward will be distributed among the people who can’t or won’t based on nothing but a queue?

Well, the only point I was actually making was that I don’t see why the ICC phase would be phase 2. You know, since phases are based on content.

That being said, there’s nothing misleading about what I said. The vast majority of Wrath’s content happened without dungeon finder, and even if the phases were based on time alone, dungeon finder wouldn’t be implemented in a phase 2.