Literally 3/4 players want LFD

CRBGs are totally vanilla. Like 100%, yeah okay Zir. Please continue to tell me that apples and oranges are basically the same fruit. Thats worked so well for you in the past.

The only people in denial around here are the anti-RDF people who think that somehow RDF is going to be harmful to the game.

Kinda like saying there are two Dev teams?

Did they remove cross-realm bgs and not tell me?

I agree. The devs are being hypocritical here I believe.

The players are not.

Why do so many anti-LFD advocates hide behind this? Blizzard changed the way they were handling rating on arena gear during beta testing. Blizzard changed Drums based on player Feedback.

This repeated phrase of “Blizzard said its happening” feels like a line out of fear that people are making sound arguments and you can’t bear the thought of them going back on their word. Again, very akin to a snarky child hiding behind their parents.

If they are wise they will look for area’s they can compromise to retain as many people from both parties. Alternatives have been posted all over these forums. If people just took a step back and could come to an agreement on where they can compromise these discussions would be moving forward to something everyone can enjoy as opposed to just one group of players.

A good example was highlighted in a different thread.

I am not saying this is perfect by any means, but it does set up a decent framework from which people can come to an agreement.

I’m not telling you apples and oranges are basically the same fruit.

I’m telling you LFD and CRBG are both cross realm group finders.

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Do you think CRBGs are a vanilla defining experience? Did you not see the nochangers against crbgs before Classics release?

CRBG’s were a huge benefit for a lot of people in vanilla as they very much enabled running BG’s. You know just like how LFD enables running dungeons.

Neither are defining experiences they’re just huge QoL improvements with no downside that were massively popular.

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I’m pretty sure everyone has agreed to ignore the #nochanges philosophy.

Thats something they have in common. That doesnt make them the same thing.

Apples and oranges are both fruit. The commonalities end there.

I thought I was doing that but okay.

Can you explain why they’re different? I have my views as to why they are largely similar but I’m curious as to yours.

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I seriously don’t know what argument it is trying to make. He’s saying it wasn’t a Vanilla defining feature….yet it was still in Classic.

Using their arguments - regardless of intent- is a far cry from ignoring them. Particularly when you’re using that irrational attitude to back door a justification of keeping a new cross-realm group finder out of the game.

Vanilla wasnt Classic.

I can understand why you dont know what an argument is.

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For vanilla classic blizzard stance was explicitly #nochanges and that it was what they considered the golden version of vanilla.

How is it irrational? What attitude? Cmon man, step up your game here. Its not enough to just say it. Like, explain it to me.

The devs made an informed decision with the benefit of hindsight - it really cant be argued. Yet, somehow, you wanna argue about it when there’s nothing to argue about. LFD isnt a knight in shining armor here to save us all from ourselves. Im sorry?

Classic was not nochanges. Changes were made. CRBGs are an example of that.
AV is an example of that, increased drop rates, 1.12, changes to the AV map, and the other 100 changes they made to Classic during its run. They stupidly hung onto some things using that paradigm but that never stopped them from making changes.

Thank you, I see the differences and they do make sense. what do you think of running a dungeon finder off of the same battlegroup concept as PVP?

For the record I would like RDF, and while bummed it likely wont be implemented, I’m not gonna be a baby about it when making my comments.