Behold Lord Kaivax, the solution to the LFD Faction War

Well it originally was released with ICC…

Sure, I proposed this 3 weeks ago.

That’s a fairly reasonable solution, the ICC 5 mans should be added after a few months as well once the initial rush is over and those need it as well.

Ah, I see. Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to argue with you, just wanted to clarify on why you said phase 2 specifically.

I highly doubt that to be honest. Classic is running on the Legion client, so there should be plenty enough modern infrastructure in the code to implement dungeon finder without too much work.

They would certainly have to dedicate some resources to retrofitting the system for Classic, but I have a very hard time believing they would have to build it from the ground up.

People who pay for dungeon carries are only willing to sit AFK to level, so long as that option exists. I don’t doubt for a second that some people would go to dungeon finder over dungeon carries, but for the majority of them, it’s playing the game that’s the problem.

If your idea of leveling is being alt-tabbed out while someone else plays the video game for you, dungeon finder isn’t suddenly going to entice you back in, because that would require their time and attention.

This issue is caused by the enormous size of the bigger servers, not by anything else. The solution to this problem is for Blizzard to start guiding the course of population distribution.

Dungeon Finder would probably mostly kill the LFG channel, but of course, you know that I think the costs of dungeon finder massively outweight the benefits.

I would kindly disagree, as we’ve no incentive to make this compromise because we’ve already been told we’re getting what we want. If that makes you unhappy then don’t play or play unhappily, whatever suits you.

My angle is leveling. I am there now.

I get some anti lfr. But but my heroics. and the ICC final 5. more than me who want lfd have said…lets not have heroics in the list. OP is staggering it. I and others have said we can maybe not see them at all.

A modified retail as it were. Crap normal, semi crap heroic in lfd. Nothing of true value here. SL’s only carrot on a stick for heroic is memories for lego’s. and calling clears. which is funny…something the cool kids do is load up normals as tiered out raiders. can’t even be bothered to heroic it. normal steamroll that calling.

the good stuff? Seek ye mythics hero champion mall walker. that stays in lfg. a very nice setup that. makes the basics more accessible. want more…put out more effort. as a scrub casual this worked for me.

we can do this here. People not liking OP’s phase 4. okay…lets look at phase 1 to 2. No crashing of the game would happen. 5 dudes picking up slave pens 5 months into wrath easier is not hurting anyone.

Hell lets be honest…most of the 80’s at that point would be ignoring pen spammers lol. I know I do right now. I am not on pens on this char. I don’t need to see requests for it.

player x after 10 ads? ignore. Nothing personal, just business. Just clean out my ignore list at 60 is what I do when there. Then I do care to see all any and all pen ads.

This idea makes too much sense, the fools over at Blizz would never do it.

Blizzard counter-offer:

  • No Dungeon Finder – Players rediscovering Wrath of the Lich King Classic won’t find the Looking for Dungeon feature originally added in Patch 3.3.5. We’ve heard from our Classic community that the importance of social bonds is a big part of what makes Classic their game of choice, and we agree.

This offer is final.

Where once upon a time I was in favor of some manner of compromise… the anti LFD people have since earned my ire, and the only acceptable solution now is full LFD, combined with banning all the anti LFD people for being terrorists.

Real talk though, all removing dungeon finder does is discourage grouping at all… I’m not going to spend 30min spamming for a slot on any of my dps toons, and I’m not going to go through the effort of tanking one dungeon more than I have to, without LFD. It’s just a waste of time for too little reward.


I’d be fine with this. Current content dungeons will be done more so with guildies anyways with the older/lower level dungeons more so for leveling alts which not all players will be able to do with guildies. Think this a good compromise.

Awww how cute, it knows how to use buzzwords to make its opinion feel more important.

I don’t even know or care who you are. You are nothing to me, not even fit to be a soul shard in my bag, begone with your peasantry.


Kaivax is a mouthpiece. He doesn’t make decisions.

And there is no faction war. There’s an overwhelming majority of players who want RDF for 100% logical reasons, and there’s a minority of contrarians who don’t want it for fictional reasons like ‘the spirit of classic’ and ‘social aspect.’

There should be no compromise. Release it like it was released in Wrath.

Lmao @ “fictional” reasons. You guys play some pretty serious mental gymnastics to come up with this garbage.

But thats not true though.
Wrath launched on November 13, 2008
3.3 patched *launched& on December 8, 2009
Cataclysm launched on December 7, 2010

Here. I even goggled the exact dates for you lmao.

Because how it works. That’s like the prime definition of QOL changes that we get every expansion.

  • Tired of flying to Arathi Basin just to PvP? Here is the Battlemaster in Shatt. Here is the PvP Queue UI in Wrath.
  • Not enough people to PvP with? Here is the Cross realm PvP and even Merc mode for those who don’t want to change faction.
  • Not a fan of forming groups yourself and tired of sniping whispers? Here is the dungeon finder. Works same way as PvP-“finder”. So what’s the issue?
  • Tired of trying to sell Enchants? - Here is a whole new profession to make it easier to sell. (Inscription)
  • Want to change spec, but have to fly to city to do so? Here is the dual spec.
  • Having issues with organizing 40 pug raids? Here are 10/25 raids.
  • Players got sick of getting dismounted from a puddle of water - so it was changed.
  • No longer need books to train First Aid and Fishing.
    and like 1,000’s more changes that came into the game because a lot of these things are highly inconvenient and based on players feedback, these things have been changed and adjusted.

Heck, you can even level via BG’s in Wrath for those who don’t like to quest.
You can even extend Raid IDs for prog.
Riding prices also went down because farming gold at level 20-30 is a pain. Call people lazy all you want…but games HAVE to adjust to players.


I am OK with this LFD in stages plan. I prefer it in the game day 1 prepatch but rolling it out over time is fine with me. I mainly want it for leveling purposes anyway.

The middle ground between no RDF and all dungeons RDF is not all dungeons RDF but staged release.

The middle ground would be only ever allowing it for leveling content and never touching the endgame stuff (so normal mode 1-80 only no heroics).

Staged release is very much the middle ground. Just like in every expansion and content release there will be a big rush to do current content then it’ll go down. Having staged releases leaves the content that doesn’t need LFD(at least on populated servers) without it for awhile then when that content actually starts to need it it gets it. And low pop servers get it eventually as well.

Thats not how the middle ground between two groups works.

Say I want to build a huge apartment building, and you dont want me to the middle ground is not that I just build it in a few months. A middle ground is a compromise between both groups.

I still don’t understand the hate towards RDF. I have been dungeon grinding as a healer and no one ever talks in those groups…so IMO its not different from how it would be with RDF.