[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

That’s… what I said, though.

Not everyone is rich lol

I responded to you, but also to Oni who thinks they are a valuable item.

If they aren’t, then they don’t really need to farm them. Farming emblems to buy Frozen Orbs to sell isn’t going to be anywhere near as profitable as doing a lot of other things, even early when they’re actually somewhat wanted - there’s going to be so many people running dungeons we’ll likely see a pretty low price on Frozen Orbs overall.

The only reason Primal Nethers had a high price tag is that they were BoP and required crafters to actually run the dungeons, and they couldn’t be obtained any other way at the time.

We also need far fewer than we did Primal Nethers.

I’m not talking about selling or making profit, i’m talking about personal use.

This is true, there are plenty of different ways they could spin a solution. But LFD answers 90% of peoples problems and is already a trialled and tested solution to solving those specific problems.

I think it would be better to default to using LFD and then find ways to improve the social dynamics for players. For instance, going back to the proposal I listed

This provides population support for players as content is no longer frequently run, while maintaining the social dynamics for those at the fore-front of current content.

Other things they could add are Loot/rep/exp bonuses for non-LFD groups AND/OR guild groups. Crafting resources or consumes are also nice incentives for raiders who don’t need anything to help others with dungeon group content (especially since most raiders are double crafting professions and have no way of generating resources outside of alts).

As a side note, I think blizzard could have avoided a LOT of heat in this topic if they simply had come out and said “Hey, we think this is a problem and we would like to address it. What does the community think” instead of “We are doing this… no detailed explanation or reasoning”. Of course, as people have pointed out, the community often doesn’t know what is good for it. But at least they can say and see that their voice was actively involved in the decision making behind changes.


I was mistaken in thinking you could trade them immediately.

But it’s still a ton of badges to buy all the heirlooms, they’re still valuable.

Well, no, since they’re raid patterns that need to drop. I don’t think there are many that come from trainers, if any.

Ok. Wonderful. In one year, after 2 patches if you have hundreds of badges. You skipped ahead a whole year where those low badges got you nothing.

You’re saying the extra badges should not be on launch because in one year after frozen orbs will have value (doubtful) and you can make high level gear?

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If you care about alts, sure. But this too is also short lived.

Its ok for them to have an end you know?

and if you don’t care about alts, oof, p1 is going to be REALLY boring.

Whatever credibility you had with your pretty yellow letters has been lost with this statement. SoM is all the proof needed that those ‘professionals’ have no better idea than the players.


I dunno. If your means of getting ahead when 3.2 comes around is hoard 100’s of frozen orbs I think you’d be the kind of player would would reeeeeealllly benefit from any extra rewards.

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So here it is.

You cap out at 93 Frost Emblems a week but it takes around 1100 for each tier piece.


pretty sure their numbers are off, they say gloves are 695 but videos from that time show them at 60

I don’t know why it shows 1.1k for a piece but that isn’t even remotely close to the actual number. I would assume it’s because the number on that page uses the justice points values from cataclysm.
The real values were 60 and 95 per pieces respectively:

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Glad to have posters like you in yellow.

Great post.

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Hope you like megaservers because not having xrealm is how you get even mega-er mega servers.

they’ll listen 2-3 phases into wrath when boost sales die down cause no one new is coming in and everyone still in already bought their 1 boost per account

Btw, sincere congratulations for being chosen for the community council. (The mustard colored text is kinda unsettling) nice to have a laizon that is a bridge for players to bring points of discussion to the devs. Regardless of how well it works my gratitude is given for the effort to improve the game. I dont want to be drawn into the negativity but I do desire a forum in which I can gain insight, guidance, and mentorship when I need help and clarity, It has been quite the opposite experince except for a few good threads. I would love to know more about how the community council functions and its views on the social contract and how we as players can benifit from a meta reboot. I would also love to find out about what devs think about bolstering guild tools and integrations such as offered by addons and disc. I do not want to talk about lfd anymoe, or RMT boogeymen running toon slave rings and farming players with boosts and mafia raid gdkps inflating the pixel value of imaginary items. I want multi faceted viewpoints and wild ideas not two buttocks clapping together over what essentially is just hot air that smells like @$$, pardon my ascii, I would like to also say that the classic experience has been uplifting and enlightening for me vs the doom and gloom forum troggs. The game is fine at the current level of anonymity imo and forum need more transparency and policing.