Battleground Holidays and Realm Adjustments – March 10

With the WoW Classic 1.13.4 patch, Battleground Holidays will begin. Each of these lasts for about 4 days, during which players will earn additional Honor and Reputation in a specific Battleground. Battleground holidays start at 12:01 a.m. realm time:

  • Warsong Gulch: March 13, April 10, May 8, June 5, etc.
  • Arathi Basin: March 20, April 17, May 15, June 12, etc.
  • Alterac Valley: April 3, May 1, May 29, June 26, etc.

In order to have players from different realms in agreement on whether or not a Battleground Holiday is active, with maintenance tomorrow, we will divide all realms in the Americas into two battlegroups by timezone: Eastern Time and Pacific Time.

This will primarily affect the Latin American Spanish realm Loatheb and the Brazilian Portuguese realm Sul’thraze, which will both be placed in the Eastern timezone. Players on adjusted realms will see the in-game clock “Realm time” change over to the timezone of the battlegroup.

This change will have no impact on the Oceanic realms, as they already have their own battlegroup.

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Does this mean players from the east coast will only play against other players from the east coast, as battlegroups used to work?


BG1 is the best.


Until they say so otherwise, I think it’s probably ok to assume this is going to be the case. Otherwise why use the term battlegroup. Will be curious to see how this affects queue times if at all if this is indeed the case.

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Thanks, Kaivax!


I know, but this is why I’m asking the question. I’m interested in getting an explicit confirmation.


Thanks Kaivax! :heart_eyes:

Going to be very interesting if the battlegroups are separate queues. Just based on gut feeling and nothing factual, I think the Horde average queue time in the EDT zone will be higher than in the PDT zone.


Nice now how about fixing the AFK abuse and auto kicking ghosters while the rest of the team attempts to win?


This is great news! More familiar faces in BGs, as well as longer queues for horde. Love it!


Be still my heart


i don’t think they’re splitting the playerbase in half, i understand it like this

  • EST gets WSG holiday.

  • PST gets AV holiday.
    but you still play in the same BGs
    So if anything it should lower queue times unless they overlap which in that case it could be pretty bad.

I think it’s the opposite of this. It looks like he’s saying that everyone will get the same BG Holiday, but East NA players and West NA players will be in separate pools.


They had dates specifically listed for the holidays so it’s definitely cutting the pool. This just fixes the problem of East coasts holiday starting and ending before pacific holiday.

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That’s how I’m reading it, which is kind of a bummer because it means there’s crossrealm players I won’t see anymore, and queue times for some levelling brackets will probably increase.


When is AV going to be fixed?


If this is the case it will definitely impact our bracket and we’ve been fortunate to have quick qs on both sides.

I also will miss some of the familiar faces of friends and foe

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Don’t you know Blizzard is going to cater to the horde and lower their queues.

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My favorite part of this post.



Will this affect all level brackets? This seems like it will be really bad for lower-level BG’s. Communities have been cropping up in all level brackets, and this is going to split them in half and really hurt the queue times.