Remove battle group east/west split

Blizzard does not care, they have blatantly ignored that one thread with over 2000 replies that’s been bumped for over a month, the closest they have came to responding was when some mod just deleted like 400 replies off of it one night thinking no one would notice.

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What was the point of the split in the first place?


Some players lack the rigid IQ requirement to understand how time zones work.


But why would these players need to be catered to?

I think it’s blizzard itself whose interns eeeerrrr I mean employees, were confused.

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I think we’re all in agreement that we don’t care whether the holiday is active if we can’t get our queues to pop.


Posting here every day will not convince Blizzard of anything. Why would anyone care how many posts you make?

If you want to convince Blizzard, give some REASONS.

You say there are more negatives than positives, but what are they? Explain them. Convince Blizzard.

That was the reason given at the last minute. I’m thinking that there must have been some other unstated reason. Surely, Blizzard can’t be THAT daft.

Could they?


We’ve posted our reasons plenty of times in our mega thread. The only response was Blizzard deleting hundreds of posts.

I mean, on one hand we have this change and on the other we have… BFA…

So probably yes

Okay, sounds good to me.

No, if you want to convince Blizz- unsub.

That’s the basic problem. Either a) twinks did unsub but there simply weren’t enough of them for Blizz to notice or care, or b) twinks have complained, but not taken the action Blizz cares about.

Either way- if you don’t unsub in large numbers, you’re basically just old men yelling at the sky.

Half the thread is bumps, not hard to figure out why they’re being deleted.

It’s good. Keeps pleb eastern servers from joining my bgs. Everyone whines about crossrealm and this cuts the pool in half and people whine about que times.

Make up your minds.

Well im glad i dont have to make another post! One and done boys pack it up


Job is done. Let’s go home.

Sorry that despite a dozen servers still connected you can’t field a game in leveling BGs to stomp with your twinks because they aren’t fun for the vast majority of people leveling.

  1. It was finally hotfixed and our queue times are back to normal today, so get rekt son.

  2. Bg’s didn’t start awarding exp until late wraith, the only way to earn exp via bg’s in vanilla, and TBC is to turn in marks, and even then the exp awarded is quite low, it’s better just for rep than exp gain.

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So now finally, combining all 36 servers, low level BGs can finally have a few games?

yeah theres ten going right now, on a week night, 1 min queues.