Put oceanic servers into the US west battlegroup for BG's

Or at least just in the under 60 brackets. Sub-60 battlegrounds on OCE are completely dead. There are only 4 servers in the battlegroup and not enough people are queuing for lowbie games. I made the mistake of making a 39 twink there and had to xfer to US west just to get a BG to pop.

In both the 20’s and 30’s brackets on oceanic the queue time just says “unavailable” no matter what time you queue, day or night. I’ve never had one pop despite trying daily. Any time I search “/who warsong gulch” or “/who arathi basin” there are only 60’s games, with the rare 19’s game occasionally.

I know people will come in and say twinks suck or whatever but this affects every player under 60. I’ve been playing oceanic on and off for 15 years and it has never been this bad. Some people (myself included) play entirely for battlegrounds and PvP and this is now basically cut off until they hit 60.

Looks like you found the solution already.

Paying Blizz $25 to access half the game isn’t a solution for everyone

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I feel for my OCE brethren. It isn’t fair. Plus, you guys are lumped in on retail so I don’t see why it’s any different here.

Then it looks like it’s time for you to go recruit some twinks.

Nope. Originally the bgs included all battlegroups, then a few weeks ago they randomly decided to change it for no reason.

This is a blizzard created issue and should be resolved by them.

Oceanic Classic servers have always been in their own battlegroup.

In BC they weren’t. Also why are you using “always have been” as an argument when the BGS were all grouped at start of classic then Blizz decided to randomly split West and East coast servers?

So Blizz making one random dumb change is ok to you but others aren’t because “its always been that way”?

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No. BG setup is fine as is.

Clearly its not or people wouldn’t be posting about it. If OCE isn’t getting pops after Blizz dumb changes then it should be grouped in with West Coast servers same as it was in TBC.

There are four Oceanic realms in Classic. They have been together in their own battlegroup since phase 2.5 when battlegrounds were released. They never competed against North American realms and the recent breakup of the NA realms into two battlegroups had absolutely no effect on them.

Tell you what buddy, you make a character there and queue for bgs sub 60 and tell me how it goes.

Obviously its not working which is why in TBC Oceanic servers were grouped in with others.

This isn’t TBC.

No reason? Pffffft… HOW were we supposed to agree whether or not a Battleground Holiday is active???

Ah so you admit you are wrong and that its not working? You also admit that the “but it was this way in vanilla” argument doesn’t work since Blizz has already changed numerous things from how it was in vanilla.

And yea you are right its not TBC, TBC was better. Enjoy trolling, I won’t be reading your response I already dismantled your argument completely.

I’m just going to go ahead and put you on ignore.

We don’t want your lag.

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why are you arguing with a level 10 poster named supertroll?

Because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt regardless of what their character name is. But yea he proved he has nothing relevant to say.