We need to get this fixed!

May sound stupid to some but some of us enjoy the game just for Twinking aspect

Majority of games in our bracket are all 19s vs 19s who all know each other

Recently we’ve been split in half and it appears that the majority of Horde are on West and majority of Alliance are on East… Making que’s last for an hour when they used to be instant, and when you actually get into the game, you just steam roll levelers or 1 other twink. Not what we want, we want to play actual good players like how it was.

People are already talking about transferring an entire guild so they can be on a different server time

Big thing in 19s are setting up premades etc. and as I said most are on opposite time zones now.

I understand I guess why they split the bracket at 60, but if any of you people at blizz are watching this, put the Levelers BG’s back to both coasts.


Just curious, i understand your plight for the most part but…

I mean level 19 and if you all know each other…

SO what are the chances you all reroll together on a new server?

Tinks take time man
librams of constitutions cost 140g on my server and i have numerous level 19s fully geared this way

along with crusader enchants and arena grand masters

We are all deeply invested in our characters and it would be such a hassle to make new ones so we can play the way we just were a couple days ago

Blizzard said the reason for doing this was mainly end game. Why are leveler brackets taking the hit for that

Ok, I can appreciate this is a big investment of time to you but I would also like to point out it seems highly unlikely it goes back to the way it was and even though WoW does have a history of twinks i also remember Blizzard making changes over the years to discourage it like adding XP to bg’s.

I guess it is what it is at this point. Hope you can find some middle ground here you can be happy with.

Blizzard literally made it so you could turn your XP off in WOTLK and made an actual 19 Twink NPC give out the ability to turn XP off.

If you are a leveler 10-50 and you think doing PVP is a good idea for xp you are dumb or a noob.

I have a feeling they will fix it

Is this split permanent, with all 3 battlegrounds split forever? Or is the split only for the 4 days of each bonus holiday?

If it is a permanent split, increasing queue times was a side-effect that Blizzard did not think of. The announcement said that the change “will primarily affect” only the 2 non-English servers.

It’s good that players are posting threads pointing out this negative side-effect of the change.

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I think this was a good step in the right direction. You at least have more servers to pool with then oceanic. We got 1 PvP server that hits everything hard, consumables, bis gear, terrible premades and all the way to any exploit they can use.

Give it a few days and see how it settles down.

How is this a good thing for the twinking community? Our que times and games were amazing before this, now it’s bad everywhere during non peak hours. What they need to do is re combine them, then add oceanic in too because your population is so low. Just because your situation is bad don’t think making our good situation worse is a step in the right direction.

learning to win without paying for a hard advantage is a sstart

Okay you clearly missed the right direction part. The whole cross releam BG has lead to the current state of BGs. Lots if AFK, and bots.

Low level brackets I can honestly agree with that should not been split off. Be nice for oceanic to be grouped for that too. As then we see the twinks come back.

Its to soon to judge exactly the state of all the brackets. I mean oceanic been dealing with longer ques then NA, expect tell AB came out. aV ques where 30 minutes tops. As WSG was nothing but Argual premades.

Instead of instant whinnying let’s see how it goes for a week or two.

I don’t think it sounds stupid.

There was a change made to prevent a “problem” from happening that nobody cared about. That change happened to detract from enjoyable gameplay for some (i.e. it caused a problem).

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Gotta fix this, its unacceptable

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