BG server split is too much

i havent seen any Qs , seem to be a horde only issue

Bump Till Blue !

YES PLEASE take cross realm out make the filthy horde transfer that have caused complete domination on servers

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Tons of ignorant comments coming from mostly salty gamers.
But no blue response

Support. This change eliminated my ability to play.

This change is going to ruin your bottom line.

Been in a queue for 2 hours now… this is wonderful.

Bump to the top now please this is crazy

Back to the top again forever

Blue post when?

Merge the NA battlegroup back together!

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15 days ago.

Just Horde, and Twinks playing at weird hours.

My queue on my 39 twink at 5:45pm was 3 minutes for WSG, and 8 minutes for AB.

Lol exactly what I was looking for. Never seen that post before. XDDDDD

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My L19 Alliance queue time on US West last night during prime time: 18 minutes

My L19 Horde queue time on US East last night during prime time: 3 minutes

So, I guess I will abandon US West for now, making it worse for the remaining players. Some players are dropping subs too, and still no communication or reversion from Blizzard.

'Cuz Hordies can’t tell time.

hello please revert

Please Revert this change! #BumpTillBlue :rage:

Dumbest thing blizz has done in a long time

what a waste

thanks for the insane queue times and facing the same freaking premades game by game since theres only 8 WSG going on

stupid devs

Bumping till i see blue.

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