This is my record for the past month

If you are talking about the AV imbalance, Blizzard proved that they do care. AV was changed a bunch of times, years ago.

But this is Classic. You are CHOOSING to play the “before it was fixed” version of WoW. You are CHOOSING not to play the one that Blizzard improved.

Don’t blame Blizzard for your choices. That’s silly.

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k. Doesn’t change my point, our team has same problems of lack of effort and we overcome it. There are a handful of dedicated AV players like myself who can turn tide with 5-6 people, change layout of a battle, and make a push happen if we need to.

Well, I made it to Warlord without Warsong. I started today and I’ve lost a handful of times, and we still put up a fight.

You can keep raging, spitting, and attacking the person, or, you can admit Alliance sucks at AV. You guys dominated it back in my day after the changes. I know the strats, because I countered them sometimes!

The primary problem is you all still treat it as a PvE rush. The teams that actively engage in PvP are the winners, just like when I rallied Horde to defend against the premades that put trash tier PvPers in top ranks and gear for me to tear down for massive gains over the last few weeks.

Sorry the gravy train ended, get gud.

Alliance are weaklings, what else is new.

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Yes, that’s the point. You ranked in a skill-less manner. This would not be possible with 1.5 AV, you would have had to win WSG games consistently in order to rank; thanks for proving my point for me!

AV is a joke of a BG and should not net high HPH - as it was in the 1.5 days. Your achievement, again, means nothing - you seem to be really proud of your time-dump, though, hilariously enough.

They cry a LOT too.

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Yeah Horde have definitely never been known for that. Tears are definitely not flowing from Horde in just this recent thread alone:

Let’s see how long it takes for your massive horde outrage to get changes from Blizzard this time.

Thing is Horde outrage in the past has been justified due to Alliance actually having to cheat to win. I honestly didn’t care because I just like to PvP and prefer when games are more even. The problem is the AV problem isn’t a problem in other regions. Alliance in NA are genuine crybabies who shoot themselves in the foot. They afk, avoid PvP in favor of rushing, or just giving up. Meanwhile in other regions Alliance are winning over 50% of the time in AV. I have zero sympathy but would honestly rather you cry babies just try. Today I actually lost an AV. First time all week. But you know what? It was fun as hell. We played tug of war at SH then IB, then SF, then back to IB then we got pushed back all the way to base. But it was a blast. If we lost half the games but they were all like that? I’d really enjoy AV. Stomping a team that gives up after their failed attempt at avoiding PvP is not fun.

Lmao a wall of text crying.

You have become what you sought to destroy, my child.

Except if you actually read it, you’d see zero crying. But I know Alliance has reading comprehension issues. It’s okay.

This. This right here is crying. Crybaby Gluttony, king of retail.

Ironic. Because you are the one still crying in every thread that’s about alliance losing.

My only goal has always been to get 1.5 AV into the game. I’ve been quite clear about that in every thread. But, zugbrain reading comprehension and all. See what I did there?

Yeah you can’t come up with your own stuff so you’ve been literally repeating everything I’ve said. Who is zugbrain again?

Fight fire with fire :man_shrugging:

lol typical childish Alliance. I’m done here. No point in having a conversation with a 3 year old.

Yes yes, run along my child.

Although I have gone undefeated in AV for over a month, if it makes anyone feel any better I can’t remember the last time I’ve won wsg. And I play at minimum 5 games of wsg everyday.

Most alliance in AV now are casual players, alts, and raiders for exalted gear. Alliance has very few pvp spec’d players, because most of them in the que are from pve servers. They did exactly what you wanted in P2, “lul reroll pve.” No serious pvp player who is 60 goes into AV, it’s just a stop gap to solo que when your premade isn’t running.

Blizzard should take a harder stance on afkers/botters in pvp but beyond that it’s the player base fault for refusing to play

I remember one poster suggesting that the reason why there are more afkers/lazy people on the Ally side is because queue times are non exist. Win or lose they still earn some rep/honor afking.

It isn’t the same for the horde with the super long queues. They have to wait 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours to get an AV pop. This means they will try and maximize their rep/honor gains

Don’t try and rank in AV. Its not worth it.
Once I hit exalted I was done with AV but on the request from people who are ranking I do 1 AV a week on Monday night in order to make sure I hit 15 hks and also so I don’t drop below rank 6 so I can continue to access those sweet, sweet Combat Mana Pots. Got lucky this week, lot of T2 geared people and our entire team hit IBGY and horde didn’t know what to do, kept pushing north and didn’t react to the cap in time. 1 for 1 this week.