Battleground Holidays and Realm Adjustments – March 10

This should not apply to non-60 battlegrounds. The leveling bracket battlegrounds (19, 29, 39, 49, 59) do not have the same volume compared to 60s. Queues are long and amount of leveling players queuing up is much less.

Not to mention there is an active and growing twink community that is now going to be split into two.

Why can’t players earn their bonus honor/rep based on their own realm location without using battlegroups? You cannot award rewards based on the player’s server? Come on.


Dropping something like this with so little warning is a sure way to piss off your player base. I really hope this isn’t a permanent change, because I am 100% against it.


This going to have a huge impact on the non-60 BG community and split a lot of people that enjoy low level pvp. Really hope that’s not the case.


Can we exclude lower brackets that don’t care about holidays? This is going to significantly hurt the lower PVP brackets (queue times / community), and I know many players who are enjoying PVP without having to pay to respec twice a week. Some even resubscribed to play twinks again.

Also 24 hours notice hurts :frowning:


This would be terrible for leveling brackets. Is this permanent from here on out, or just for the holiday weekends?


sounds like a terrible change to split the bg ques


This is a terrible idea for the lower level brackets. There are already not enough matches going to support this.


BOUT FREAKING TIME! I’d prefer if it still wasn’t super massive groups so you could actually see the same people from time to time instead of always being randos i’ve never seen.


can someone breakdown the reason for battlegroups? my simple na brain cant figure it out.


Was this really needed? You couldn’t just have the holiday start on a central time as a compromise or give rewards based on player server? You had to split the shrinking playerbase up to increase queues? I feel like this was not thought entirely through.


This is going to ruin queue times all over bonus honor issues for a 3 hour window of a when it starts and ends? Can we not divide everything up and have even longer wait times to pvp?


OMG everyone is in a tizzy because the sweaties are afraid of losing their Honor per hour lol.


“In order to have players from different realms in agreement on whether or not a Battleground Holiday is active, with maintenance tomorrow, we will divide all realms in the Americas into two battlegroups by timezone: Eastern Time and Pacific Time.”

This has to be a troll from blizzard, I don’t believe they are splitting east and west coast servers up…When you think classic couldn’t get any worse.

RIP to any competitive WSG games again, and also rip twinking. :slight_smile:
Why split the community up to prevent east coasters from queing 3 hours earlier? Instead make the weekend start at 11 PM or Midnight, what is wrong with the weekend starting at 9PM for west coast servers?


This is a terrible idea.


This seems like the best solution to me. Just base it by Central time, and don’t potentially break more things by introducing battlegroups when no one asked for them.


Are you actively TRYING to lose subs? Splitting the playerbase will kill sub-60 BGs. I don’t see anyone quitting because bonus honor finishes a few hours earlier or later, but they’ll definitely leave if there aren’t any games to be had.


I see a lot of people complaining about this being a bad idea, but not saying WHY it’s a bad idea.


Has nothing to do with honor per hour. Some people just like to actually pvp and not having to wait longer and have less competition

As has been stated, (I guess you just are too lazy to go back and read it) splitting the player base will exacerbate queue times in many areas. For example many lower level brackets, players are currently enjoying playing pvp, but will now have a very hard time getting into games if they can even get them at all. Max level bgs will more likely be dominated by specific premade groups if their competition was on a different battlegroup, leaving whichever the unfavored faction is to feel the brunt of the changes.


This is going to suck for the lower level brackets which is all I play. East is far bigger than west as well, so west is going to hurt the most.