<Antiquated>[H/A] Older crowd looking for 1 DPS, starting heroic soon

Are you old? Decrepit even? Cant play like you used to? Then come check us out. Just some casual(older) people playing the game at our own pace. Still plan on doing as much content as we can.

We are working on building our roster up for 10.1 looking to fill a 2/3/9 set up. Raid nights are Thursday & Saturday starting at 8:30pm EST til 10:30pm EST. Looking for 1 more DPS and 1 flex healer. Will be aiming for AoTC. Just started normal, currently 8/9. Will hopefully be starting Heroic in a couple of weeks after getting everyone geared.

With cross faction guild coming in s2 we are looking to build up and get ready for the next tier. Horde and Alliance welcome!

Antiquated is family oriented keeping in mind that RL come first. (Adult average age is late 30s-early 40s) Most in the guild have families so we will all know when to censor ourselves in discord and there are no vulgar topics or bullying/shaming in guild chat. Players can attend when they want and play w/e open class they want.

New/old/returning players welcome.

discord: Morlanith#4704
bnet: Morlanith #1757

Located on Gurubashi

connected realms welcome as well:
Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Garrosh, and Hakkar

Bump, looking for more to finish out season1 and build a solid core for season2

Bump, Horde and Alliance welcome.

Bump, still need a few rDPS and a flex healer.

Bump, still looking for a few more

Hi there. Your guild culture and focus sounds like what I am looking for. Question. How is the server you are on? Is it high population?

The server itself is a Medium pop. We are part of a server group of 5 other servers.
I’ve never see an issue where there are too many ppl to cause a queue or too few to not be able to find a group.

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Bump, looking for 2 more DPS and a flex healer.

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Bump, still looking for a few more.

Bump, any flex healers out there!

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Bump, still looking and preparing for season 2

Bump, still need a few more.

Bump looking for 2 rDPS and a flex healer

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I’m interested in joining :slight_smile: bnet is Kitsunesama#11527. I’ve played since vanilla and took a break during DF cause of work/moving. I have a hunter and a warlock.

Got you discord request. Im usually around to chat whenever.

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