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My wife and I have been playing WoW since the launch of TBC. We have not been very active in end game since WoD. We have played off and on through all the expansions, but never got back into the swing or found the right guild to be in.

About Us
I am in my mid 40s. I am currently a Field Desktop support tech. I used to be a Correctional Officer (so I am a bit twisted). My Wife is in her mid 60s. She is retired and a bit twisted herself.

We normally play between 5:30-6PM to 8-9PM CST Monday thru Thursday. Fridays get an early start when I am not traveling for work. Weekends we usually start around 9am and go until we get tired or have something to do. Again, unless I am traveling for work. I just can’t tolerate trying to play on the Hotel Wi-Fi. If we find the right group of people I am sure she will be more active than I.

I play Tanks. I have played around on DPS and Healing, but have not been into it in a long time. She plays Heals or DPS.

What we are looking for in a Guild

We do not care what faction or Server. We can play either. We can transfer or level new toons.

We prefer to play with people of the older crowd. Neither of us has much patience for kids or immature people.

We are looking for a guild that actually communicates and pays attention to guild chat. I mean, we still say Grats to achievements and usually greet people we know when they sign on. We are open to using Discord for Voice chat and can be social there as well; but nothing turns us off more than when we are in a guild that does not even pay attention to guild chat.

We are Social/Casual/PVE players. We may play around in PvP, but only if people don’t expect us to be any good. However; we are not hardcore. We prefer Normal and Heroics… neither of us have ever done Mythics. If we ever got in a cohesive enough group and we feel we are up to par, we would not be against it; as long as it remains for fun.

We are looking for a place that the guild leadership actually spends time with the guild. So many guilds we have been in, the Leaders and Officers only show up for raids. The guilds seem more like a different way to pug than trade chat; which is not what we want.

We are also looking for a guild that appreciates loyalty. We prefer to have all our played toons in the same guild.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.
bnet - Drajinn#1198
Discord - Drajinn#8444


Hi. I think you might be a good fit for our AOTC guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Raid Times: Friday and Saturday: 5pm-7:30pm PST

Founded in February 2005, Moonwell Dancers is an eclectic blend of inclusive, casual, friendly guild players on the Uldum server cluster. (Connected realms include: Akama, Antonidas, Dragonmaw, Eldre’Thalas, Korialstrasz, & Mug’thol)

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called “raiding” guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it.

Who should consider joining Moonwell Dancers?

People who like to do AOTC and high m+
Retired mythic raiders looking for fun and not CE
Casual players, achievement seekers, or altoholics looking for a social guild
Although we are not going to make people jump through hoops, we absolutely expect you to put a little extra time into your character to help the raid. We have a weekly m+ night to help you get weekly keys done, and there are plenty of guildies online to form groups with throughout the week. Ideally, we want someone who will put in the effort to gear through m+ and be willing to work together as a team. Players should be mindful of performance and have a desire to improve.

If you’re not interested in end game content, AOTC or high m+ keys, we want you to join us too! We have casual players and achievement seekers that like to explore what Azeroth has to offer. If you decide to try end game content, all guildies are welcomed and encouraged to attend m+ night and Friday’s raid.

Personality/vibing with us is as important a factor as skill/experience, so if you’re interested, please reach out for further information:

Recruiting Officer: Epsilòn (Bnet: Epsilonp#1422 Discord: EpsilonParadox#5640)

Co-Recruiting Officer: Xyndra (Bnet: Banzai#11228 Discord: Xyn#3805)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Drajursi!

If someone is looking for friendly social community, the beating heart of a MMO, Found a Green Quest (US Horde Zul’jin & cross realm/cross faction community) is the place. While we have Keystone masters and amazing players, we have many more in the community either returning to WoW, in classic or just finding their way through the World of Warcraft in a casual friendly environment. We have mythic Mondays for a respectful and fun environment. We raid weekly in Wednesdays and Thursdays (7:30pm-10pm EST) and are interested in building up people not tearing them down. We have plans for guild sponsored PVP, regular t-mog runs to old content, Guild trivia and game nights, Pet battle tournaments, almost any activity you can think of in the game. If you’re a high key pushers but are getting turned off by negativity, or are a casual looking for a fun and friendly community or are a new or returning player intimidated by everything you see ingame and in Wowhead, we have Plenty of people ready to help you out. Give Found a Green Quest shot and you wont regret it.

Let Kiuayoukai or Van know if you’re interested!

Discord Kiuayoukai#2395
Battle.net Kiua#1912
Discord- Vandro#5790
Battlenet- TheHammer#1904

Hi Drajursi!

If you haven’t found a home yet please check us out! Our guild is “Full Murloc” a Horde based guild on Zul’jin. We will become cross faction as soon as 10.1 comes out. :slight_smile:

Our guild has been around for 4 years. We offer a home for players looking for unique events such as Hide & Seek, Movie Nights, Mog Contests, Game Nights and more! We will also occasionally have trivia or riddles in the Guild Message of the Day to answer for small prizes! We try our best to offer varied activities so everyone can find ways to participate in our community as they feel comfortable. We have a pretty varied player base from casual players to mythic players. But our goal has always been to create a fun, friendly and safe environment to allow everyone to enjoy this game together with friends!

We tend to have the majority of our players online from about 8pm Eastern to about Midnight Eastern. However, there are players on at all times of the day and weekends too. Our guild does chat in guild chat. We have some who like to hang out in Discord Voice, but the majority like to talk in guild chat.

My husband and I have played this game together for years and are both leaders in Full Murloc and have been for the past 3.5 years. I don’t raid currently, so you will not see me raid log :wink: Our officer core consists of 5 players who have all been members of the guild for a while. We all love playing this game, so you’ll see us online whenever we’re available.

We also have an active Mythic + community and our raid team just recently ended this tier at 4/8 mythic bosses killed. We also have an Alt Raid Night (on Thursdays) for alts or casual players who do not want to commit to full-time raiding. These Alt Raids are Normal and Heroic difficulty only. Friday/Saturday is for those who are seeking full-time Mythic Raiding, which I don’t believe you and your wife are interested in at this time. However, I still wanted to let you know! :slight_smile:

Come and join our pond the water is perfect!

Please have a look at our Discord and see if we’ll be a good fit for you!


I wish you and your wife the best of luck on finding the perfect guild! :slight_smile:

We sound like exactly what you are looking for! We are an older crowd, several husband/wife teams, and many of us have played together since vanilla, here’s our recruitment post and good luck!

[Elune] Fidelitas is recruiting more for mythic+ and raiding. We are a casual, adult family and friends group that has played many games together (including this one) for quite a long time, and we’re looking for a few more like minded to join for group content. Please reply to post, in game Greylight, bnet me at Grey#13440, or dm -Grey- #7430 in discord. Good hunting!

Hey, come check us out, we are built around the same principals. Older crowd playing at our own pace. Would love to chat, I sent you a discord request, if we sound like a good fit let me know!

Hello Drajursi,

Are you looking for a community to call home, filled with people who will become lifelong friends?? Do you have real-life responsibilities that take up most of your time, and use WoW to de-stress?

If you answered yes then community of guilds is for you. We:

  • Welcome and accept members from all walks of life and experience levels

  • Believe in promoting a space where you can be yourself, without fear of toxicity, discrimination, or overt vulgarity

  • Maintain a fun, non-discriminatory, inclusive environment

  • Have a large active community of over 20 guilds across alliance and horde that push keys, raid, pvp, achievements, and much more.

Our raid team [OG After Dark], one of 7 raid teams within our community, is currently recruiting raiders that want to push into mythic content–either immediately, or eventually.

The team has two immutable rules:

  1. Treat each other like humans, and communicate as adults. We are all people, with the same goals, and we deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion.

  2. Maintain a growth (learning) mindset. A consistent commitment to improvement is worth infinitely more than raw skill.

Besides these two most-important concepts, there are a number of lesser requirements:

  • You must be a tagged member of to join us in raid content. Don’t want to transfer? We have over 20 connected guilds on most large WoW servers.

  • You must have discord and a working mic to raid.

  • Put the guild’s progress above personal loot.

  • Use the tools at your disposal. DeadlyBossMods addon, Weak Auras, Angry assignments, anything else to give you the 1% edge.

  • Run M+ to fill the weekly vault. We will help with this.

End of the day:

Our main goal is to let you play what you want to play. We expect punctuality and commitment to the raid group and respect towards the other raid members. Our bare minimum requirement is to know your class, know the fights, and be willing to learn and improve–for your own benefit, and the benefit of the team. All of these things really should go without saying–you take pride in your skill and abilities. Stick with us, and you will eventually unlock the doors on mythic raiding, and be counted among the best players in the game.

Raid time

Tuesday 6pm PST - 9pm PST

Saturday 6pm PST- 9pm PST

Please fill out our raid team application form below

Contact information

Bnet - Valz#1832

Bnet - AUD1OSL4V3#1614

Mythic Plus

Dungeons are a key part of the game, and are integral in building a gearset to push top content. From learning a new dungeon at the start of an expansion to pushing keys with a group of friends, there is always lots of fun to be had and we could always use another member to help. Keys are a great way to have some fun while making new friends. There is a wide range of keys being pushed, from +2 to +20, and I’m sure in our community you will find members that fit your playstyle.

Cross-Faction Gaming

At the time of this writing, we have guilds on 19 American servers and one OCE server that raid and run dungeons together. We also have a cross-faction community Discord that serves as a hub to connect all of these servers, and let you interface and run content with folks from wherever we are. And we have GIFs.

Tuesday/Saturday raiding does not work for you?

No worries! We offer a variety of other raiding options that fit the raider of all skill levels. We even have basic training for those who are looking to step into raiding for the first time.

Hey! I shot you a request on Bnet, our guild Falkor may be a good fit for you and your wife. Looking forward to chatting more :slight_smile:

Good morning,

I sent you a bnet request if you are interested. Guild spam below!

Good morning!

Its Bloodlust Not Hero, H Thrall, is recruiting dps and a tank for our Fri/Sat night, 8-11 pm EST raid team. The guild has been around for about 8 years, with some of us having raided together since Wrath. We are a 21+ adult guild with an often bawdy sense of humor. We are very LGBTQ friendly.

To round out our group we are currently looking for dps , and are especially interested in a mage or two.

We are 10/10H SoD and achieve AoTC for every tier. We may fool around with some mythic bosses but mythic progression is not our main goal. We have families and work schedules and raid to relax and have fun. On off nights we run m+ and prefer to do that with guild groups. Nearly all of our raiders have KSM. We are also willing to help gear up guildies who may either be changing their main, or are simply behind and want to gear up for raiding.

If this sounds like a group that would mesh with your preferences, add me, Tails#1421 and we can chat

Hi Drajursi, we are Tom Sellecks Mustache an adult Normal/Heroic Raiding guild on Thrall (EST). We raid Tuesday and Thursday 7-9 EST. 6-8 CST.
TSM is a strictly Adult guild with members ages from 35-60, with quite a few of us the 55+ side, definitely an older crowd. We don’t do drama, and understand that life must come before the game, so we don’t penalize members for having life priorities.
We have quite a few married couples in the guild, so your wife won’t be the only woman in the guild.
Take a look at our guild information and if you are interested hit me up. We can also arrange for you to watch/listen in Discord tomorrow during the raid so you can get a feel for the environment of the guild.
Good luck in your search.

**Tom Sellecks Mustache a Normal/Heroic 7/8H Raiding Guild on Thrall (Since 2015) is looking for a more to join us for 10.1 and beyond. With the changes to guilds coming, we would like to welcome our Alliance allies to the Dark Side. **

At Tom Sellecks Mustache we value the player above all, so we recruit the person behind the mask not the toon. We look for people that want to be part of a family, people that enjoy logging on to be part of a community, and people that remember that this is “a Game”, and it’s supposed to be fun.

TSM is made up of mature adults and we have no time for drama or elitist players, we play the game for what it is “A Game”. We laugh and carry on in Discord while we raid, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously, so we just run back and try again when we die. With a little effort and some encouragement, we get the job done and are able to sit back and laugh about our mistakes but celebrate and enjoy our success.


As a mustachioed person in this guild, I would like to add the following. Mature means that we cut up and have a good time, all the while being respectful, not hurtful. We taunt, cajole, exhort, and tease each other, but never losing an undertone of kindness and a regard for our fellow mustachers.
PS. If you are on the heal team, none of this may apply. :wink:

Currently Seeking:


DPS/Tank Off-spec to fill in and run Mythic +


Heals/DPS off spec to fill in as needed

Would love to have a Rogue

Raid Schedule:

Tues./Thur. 7:00pm - 9pm EST

TSM is a Normal/Heroic raiding guild, Mythic raiding isn’t our goal.

What we are looking for from You:
We are an Adult guild, most of us have careers/families etc., and understand that sometimes Real Life happens. That being said our time is valuable and we are looking for players that can consistently make it to the raids. We aren’t looking to be server firsts, but we don’t want to be last either.

If you are looking for a positive raiding experience without all the Min-Max Elitist, then we may be the right guild for you. Come talk to us you will not be disappointed.

Contact: Battlenet - Zuul#1119 for more information.

Thanks everyone for the info. We found a guild we are going to try to fit with.