Anima Rewards Increased

Since we increased Anima drops a few weeks ago, we’ve seen a lot of feedback that obtaining Anima still feels as though it becomes too difficult as you progress into the later tiers of the features of your Covenant. We don’t want players to feel as though spending 10,000 Anima on a feature upgrade is ever the wrong thing to do. The heroes of Azeroth have made a great impact in the Shadowlands, and continuously defeating the Jailer’s forces should make Anima more plentiful.

With hotfixes that have just gone live in all regions,

  • Three new Achievements have been added for upgrading all four of your Covenant Sanctum features to tiers 1, 2, and 3.
  • Anima rewards now scale upward when you earn each new Achievement for unlocking a tier on all four of the features in your Covenant Sanctum.

Now, when you upgrade all of your Covenant features (the Adventures system, transportation network, Anima conductor, and Queen’s Conservatory/Ember Court/Path of Ascension/Abominable Stitching) to tier 1, you’ll receive an Achievement and see all uncommon and rare Anima rewards increase by 1 Anima item. This means that after you hit tier 1 on all four structures, a World Quest the previously rewarded 4 Anima items worth 35 Anima each (for a total of 140 Anima) will now reward 5 items for a total of 175 Anima. When you upgrade all four Covenant features to tier 2, that same World Quest will reward a total of 210 Anima, and with the tier 3 Achievement, it will reward 7 Anima items, for a total of 245 Anima.

The new Achievements will be granted to player-characters who already have the required Sanctum feature tiers when you next log in, and you can start earning the additional Anima immediately.

As always, thank you very much for your feedback!


Can’t believe my eyes. Thank you!


What about PvP? This tells me you’d rather fix cosmetics over game mechanics that are quite literally causing people to leave. I’ve seen solemn few of my friends quit over not being able to farm transmog sets, but I’ve seen almost all of my friends quit over your slow unprofessional actions.

EDIT: They’ll go out of their way to draft ideas for achievements, create them, program them into the game, and then rework them into the current system. The entire ordeal using developmental time and resources. Mind you not the art’s team or the legal’s team resources, but the development’s and the programming’s teams and their resources.

Vocal minority cries out about anima numbers, but money is leaving their pockets and more and more people leave their product and company because of their unprofessionalism. There is no excuse

Do better Blizzard.

EDIT 2: A lot of people that pass by my post believe that it’s centered around PvP simply because of the first 3 words. That was meant to point out Blizzard’s priority with a core endgame mode to a cosmetic item.


It’s not going to make any of the hardcore complainers any happier, but I like it. It adds a goal to shoot for, and gives me a reason to actually upgrade my Covenant features.

It does kinda discourage people from changing Covenants as well, but I consider that to be a mixed blessing.


Drop in the bucket compared to how much anima is needed.

I’m still letting my sub lapse and playing around on alts till then.


That’s still peanuts.

Who the hell is running this show?


Are the achievements account wide - I.E. if unlocked on character A with fully unlocked Convenant Sanctums, will fresh lvl 60 recieve the benefits?


Can the WQs not take like 20 minutes tho.


So in order to get the ability to earn more anima, you still have to go through the same painful grind, but now you also have to exclusively focus on covenant sanctum upgrades. Sorry if you want your armor set, weapons, mounts, or otherwise!


Thank you!


It’s actually REALLY good - Those 35 anima quests that just aren’t even worth traveling to? they are now 140 anima with all rank 3s. Basically its up to a 300% increase with the lowest reward, and a 75% increase at the highest for most WQs.


This is better, but the 250 anima world quests aren’t affected?

I still feel we should have anima rewards increased with renown levels, too. There are like four ranks of the WQ upgrade through renown.


Honestly, people going deep on covenants, within the system as intended, have a conceptual resonance with their covenant and aren’t switching.


What the heck is anima


Wow! This is amazing team. Thank you so much for this.

Honestly I had given up on mine because it just didn’t feel worth the effort. Now it does.


Wait, so to earn more anima, I have to unlock all the things that cost anima? Plus what if I only maxed out the useful stuff and left the unuseful stuff behind?


A kyrian paladin needs 217500 anima to upgrade their sanctum and buy some collectables (I know I’m missing some in my calculations). 245 anima is just 0.11% of the total needed.

Still need to boost up that anima.



Remove the AoE cap, get rid of conduit energy, and unlock covenant swapping


The world quests still take too long, and upgrading the adventures beyond rank 1 is a pointless waste of anima. Does this hotfix accomplish anything?


you really gonna come in here and try and ask for more instead of letting people enjoy the good news