Need advice on farming anima

My play time is probably more than average and I feel like I am getting nowhere with Anima. Or very slowly getting more but seems it should be at a much higher pace.

Right now my 4 Covenant Sanctum features are at lvl 1. I have 8k banked so I want to build to 20k so I can get them upgraded to lvl 2 Night Fae.

Any advice? I really don’t like WQ’s other than the 250 Anima ones and probably only do a few minors a day and only in Ardenweld. Is that where I am really missing the big gains?

I guess my question is:

What is the best time/reward that I can do daily or weekly?

Thanks in advance.

(PS-I really was tempted to do an “I hate this system” thread but decided to keep in educational and positive) :slight_smile:


And then as you start upgrading everything, becomes significantly easier. Not good though, just better.

Dungeons? Like running mythics? Heroics? The higher the mythic the more anima?

Yep, higher keys, more anima. I think I’ve been getting 5 or so 35 anima items from each, 10+ (covenant stuff at level 2). Or a couple thousand from a full CN normal run.

If you’re into PvP, each RBG win is 250. Or the quests connected to dungeons/PvP from Oribos add up too. Or just non rated, the daily rewards listed


So which of my 4 structures should I upgrade to level 2 first that impacts getting more anima the most?

And no. Never done a single pvp.

I believe its all of them before you get increased anima. All at 1, then 2, 3.

Just the latest change, that included.

Upgrade your anima conductor, make sure you’re doing the dailies these open up — they often reward anima along with rep and grateful offerings. Usually quick quests too.

Do all the WQs in 4 zones (20 per day) including covenant dailies (6 more for night fae), callings, and anima conductor quests. You will get close to 4000 anima per day with the new increase to anima rewards. This will take all your available time though so be warned and leave you no time for pvp and dungeon. It will still take you three months of dedicated grinding to upgrade sanctum. I only just finished it this week.

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Thank you. Though that is so discouraging. 3 months of daily grinding? This needs a rework or something.

Really, they all have benefits. Upgrade as you get them, although I would save the mission table for last, because the level 2 benefit is kinda negligible.

Anima system sucks.

I only do World Boss, world quests with 250 anima, and the weekly dungeons which reward 250.

If you’re gonna do WQs only do ones that reward appropriately and from known quests that don’t take forever. The multi stage quests that only award 35 are not worth

If night fae, also get your transport network up ASAP if after anima, Marasmius offers quick daily quests, a common reward being a small stack of 35 anima items for things like going on patrol with him and killing mobs with his abilities, gathering items from a location usually not far from a transport node or, if you are rank 2 or higher, going into the “unknown” and dealing with what you find there.


Yep I have all the features at rank 2 but lately I’ve been getting only rep from Marasmius and anima more from the Hibernal Hollow dailies.

But I agree the transport network is also a priority upgrade for NF.

Yeah, I have like 9 toons or so with various progression, but the ones with the least are the ones still just getting started, and I just got his rank one Ember Court built, this one is working on his 3rd level 3 upgrade.

What I do is the following:
Anima conductor bonuses
WQs with a focus on highest anima rewards for callings
if I can pull it off, dungeon weeklies
Marasmius dailies on druid if anima is the reward

One thing to keep in mind, it might be 35 anima per item, but once you start getting 3+ for the quest, it can add up fast. Once you get the upgrade achievements, the lowest anima reward is 2 anima items, then 3 once you get the level 2s done, and thel 4 once you have the level 3 achievement.

And imagine how much less painful it will be to be able to fly from WQ to WQ…I can see the anima piling up now

I do

Lfr denatrius (175?)
Both weekly pvp quests (250 each)
World boss (250)
Weekly quest from the npc next to the vault if its pvp/skirmishes (250?)
Renown 40 souls (500)
Daily bg/arena wins (~300 per day?)

Thats all i do, its bearable because its activities i’d be doing anyway. I’ve never gone out to do dungeons or wquests

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I make 1-3 rounds a day depending on what’s up. This week alone I’ve farmed about 15k JUST off WQs and a raid clear. I have rank 2 anima-farmy-buff thing.

Never have done PVP - Where do you get these quests?

When you take the portal to oribos, run a bit down the hallway and take a right where the pvp vendors are. Every week they have 2 quests

Are you using the missions table? There are several missions available everyday that reward anima. It’s not a lot, but it adds up. And if you have the companion app, you can keep missions going throughout the day while you are logged out of the game.