The new anima hotfix

Simply a question for now… I’ll move over to the bug report side if this is an issue…

I’m noticing the new anima increase hotfix is not account bound. Is it supposed to be?

It should apply to any character on your account that meets the requirements. At least, that’s how I read the post on it:

The announcement makes no mention of unlocking this on one character and it applying to all your characters (assuming that’s what you meant by ‘account bound’).


hmm… ok, so basically, the hotfix is per character. If you’re main has 3 of 3 on all four upgraded and an alt only has 1 of 1 on all four than that alt will NOT receive the main’s anima upgrades…


That’s my understanding at least.

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I interpret it as being character-bound, not account-bound.

It indicates that the achievements are granted to characters, not accounts. I would assume if the achievements were account-wide, that would have been mentioned.

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Ok, thanks. That’s what I’m seeing in game as well with my testing. So wanted to confirm this was actually the way they wanted it to work.

Seems a bit “alt unfriendly”… but if it’s not meant as a catch up mechanic, I suppose it’s not really suppose to be “friendly” lol.

Where my confusion started was that very thing Teufelgott.

When logging into an alt, I had the achievement listed on my summary page, even though my alt didn’t even unlock 2 of the features. Mind you it wasn’t “blue”.

hence wanting to clarify. :slight_smile: