Sorry, I Don't Understand the Anima Issue

What achievement is this, again?

One that had absolutely nothing to do with player power nor progression

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I would still like to know what it is, lol.

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After upgrading your sanctum building thingies to rank 3, you get an achievement that boosts your anima gained from that point henceforth. I don’t know the name of it though, sorry


Is it account-wide?

And eeew, all 3 to level 3? Ugh. That’s like… what, 100k anima?


There’s different achievements for all features at rank 1 respectively 2 or 3 and no, it’s not account wide.

By the time I get enough anima to update everything to rank 3, it’ll be next expac…



How could they actually come up with a decent idea and then slip on a banana peel and fail so hard?


This is Blizz giving their loyal pets a little reward for doing the work and not quitting.

People got upset or just outright bored witless with the grind and stopped are now playing the catch up game.

As said above, to little to late.

Yea I pretty much said the same thing in a thread earlier today about alt leveling :sweat_smile:

I agree and I also think it should be account wide cause it would help a great deal with sanctum progression on alts, but oh well.


gets to the point where the grind isn’t an issue

“guys I don’t get the hate”



If anything this new system is even worse than the original system becuase now you feel like you are FORCED to get the Covenant upgrades, and you have to degrade from your character’s power to do so, and you have to delay working towards cosmetics until you finally catch up your Anima-earning abilities and…

NNNNNNNNNGH, Blizz how are you so stupid about this!?

Dear God.


Wish they could give out anime for time spent on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


I have everything at rank 3 but by now I’ve done all world quests so many times that seeing the 245 anima rewards leaves me cold and I just can’t be bothered to do them.

Oh there will be a catch up mechanic added near the end of this expansion. You will have just enough time to make anima collection worthless before then.

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It is unfair that’s about it. I focused on the sanctum from the beginning just because I wanted to. I’m sure had we all known this would become important for anima acquisition pretty much everyone would’ve done the same thing. It’s a bit meh people who focused on cosmetics indirectly get punished for not having chosen the sanctum over cosmetics from the beginning.

Had it been like this since launch, I’d be happy with it.

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I wouldn’t be happy with it, even if it was in since launch, because they are basically asking players to do months of boring grind just to get the ability to grind for what they actually want, while their characters are weak as p*ss because they had to neglect upgrading their armor to do so.


THEY HAVE TO DO THIS ON EVERY SINGLE ALT, and let’s not forget the fact that not everybody had all of their alts on 60 from week 1.

Some of my crafting alts still haven’t done that boring as balls Maw Intro, for example.


I think it’d be bearable. I don’t mind a bit of a grind but the way it’s been I’m just burnt out - not from doing hard content but from threads of fate leveling and doing world quests :sweat_smile:

This anima grind and the Avowed rep grind just frustrate me. It’s honestly worse than the rep grind for the Unshackled - and I cussed a lot while doing that.

Yea no I meant it should be account wide and the achievements should’ve been in since launch. Regardless, the base anima rewards should’ve been higher from the beginning as well imo and I’d put anima into callings… And items that are worth 5 anima shouldn’t even exist.

Because WQ are ssooo fuunnnnn!

Also this

Nothing like spending anima to grind anima…