GD is horribly dense

Probably if it was directed at an individual. While it’s a general statement any community that runs so cult-like and weird like the GD and spam reports anyone even when not trolling I believe truly needs some type of assistance.

That forum is a disaster. The amount of blizzard call out threads alone is obnoxious as it’s against tos.


I don’t think these forums are much better.

All forums aren’t great these days, but GD is particular is far worse than the few constant trolls that just regularly post here.

It’s a wild world over there lol. It makes for great reading I just need to make sure I keep myself from ever posting there.

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I read 10posts and I’m already hurt by stupidity

I just see one toaster in that thread arguing a PvE stance with the OP and missing eachother’s point.

Not the usual poopstorm that incites Olympian rage in me.

Lil disappointed

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Imagine GD is filled with LFRs, random BGrs, and p2w andies. They can’t actually understand the state of the game at all. Legit check out my post in one of Blizzard’s threads and see the replies:

Anima Rewards Increased

Like you said OP, incredibly dense

So Twitter, basically?


I get banned from forums pretty consistently and only post here

Interesting. I don’t think I’ve even been banned for posting here. However if I have even a mild mannered argument with people in GD or the Classic forum I get banned.

Mine are mostly for being mean to abom/womensrights/murk/etc

It’s worth it

Classic forums are probably a nightmare. I went to GD a couple times and the majority of posts were about the lack of lbgt characters. I can see how it would be easy to catch a ban there


There’s still people in these forums that claim Convoke is an instant win button (even as someone who hates it, I can accept that’s dumb)

GD just seems worse because it’s a combination of morons from all areas of the game.

Hm, that’s odd. You might have to freshen up on the CoC, mild mannered discussions aren’t really ban-worthy, within reason.

I’m not a fan of GD myself, not because of the posters, but because I prefer more focused and community driven discussion. GD just seems more like a congregation of too many different types of players.

I’ve found the Classic forums to be particularly insightful.

I spend a decent amount of time on GD, but there are a lot of “EWWW PVP IS COOTIES” weirdos.

People literally complaining that they had a notification that they hadn’t selected PvP talents, for example. “I don’t want to have to select them! I refuse to PvP!”

I think we should activate Warmode and stomp GD.

gd/bg/war mode are the 4chan/craigslist of the wow forums

My Favorite reply
“That screenshot is omega-cringe. Imagine thinking you deserve to be more powerful than Mythic raiders in World PvP simply because you allowed other players to beat you in Skirmish matches.”

Makes pulverizing mythic raiders in the maw that much more satisfying now on either of my toons.

EDIT: Reply was post 5 in the link above not sure why it didn’t quote correctly.

Amatox does a good job of rilling gd up :joy:
I hate gd but it helps with the insomia


Sat a couple 2 week bans from GD

I could use a 3rd forum mute this month. All 3 have been honorable. I will now commit forum seppuku.


I have, don’t make fun of ret paladins or warriors. They spam report your post. Once of my most recent mutes had like 40 likes on the post, but was still so heavily spam reported i got a 12 hour mute.

Thanks, but I have the Code of Conduct printed out in a 3-ring binder on my night stand. I read it before bed to relax while I drift off to its soothing structure and legalities. My favorite part is Chapter 8, sub-section 5, addendum c.