Allies Unite and Boycott all BG PVP 2/18/2020 at 10:00AM

The horde on the forums have consistently denied map imbalace in AV. The horde slander allied people as stupid, bad players. The horde have created their own long queues by turtling, exploiting and making a generally unfun and unrewarding pvp sittuation for all allied PVPers, causing them to quit pvp all together.

These are facts.

All of this and the horde continue to shame and defend and claim there is no map imbalance, even though a balaced win rate would not change the rank progression on the horde side at all because you are only compared to earnings from your own faction.

How can you defend a 99% win rate as balanced?

Blizzard has failed to act properly resulting in an even worse situation with a est 99% loss rate in AV and 90% horde warlord premade groups against low ranked pugs in WSG.

There is only one way we are going to get this fixed without the horde support as they are the dominant faction in the game. We have have to earn the horde’s support.

Please join me in a 100% boycott of all PVP battle grounds starting after the server maintenace on 11/18/2020 10AM server… I will be boyvcotting all PVP on this day and with enough of your support, we can make PVP fun again for both sides. I see no other way to accomplish this other then denying the horde any oppurtunity to play PVP until they will support a balanced experiance that is fun for alliies and horde alike.

Please allies unite and support my proposal. I love pvp in classic, but with or without you I will discontuinue BG PVP on this date because it’s just not fun anymore.

Show your support by spreading the word in your local server channels as well for people who do not read the forums.




Come over to retail, we have balance and dope cookies… :cookie:


unfortunately theres no way you will be able to get enough people to boycott bg’s to do anything. although i do think it would be funny if you could pull it off but theres just no way to successfully be able to get enough people to do that.


Funny allies are exactly as entitled in Classic as they were in Vanilla.

Instead of adapting like they told Horde to do when we played premades, and we did, instead the Allies choose to cry, quit and afk until daddy Blizzard nerfs Horde to make their lives easier.

Just yikes guys. Don’t make posts like this.


im serious…support it. Im also going to ignore all horde post because they have no business in this thread.


Meanwhile just yesterday we were farming honor nodes at the starting cave. Good times, sorry not sorry you guys dug your own graves with premades.


Maybe you should try holding your breath until Horde respects you too?


This discussion is for allies only thank you.


Hey that’s what they told David when Goliath was coming.

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Horde are not the ones calling the shots. Blizzard is. It doesn’t matter if the horde think they are right or wrong, if you think something should change, go ask blizzard. It’s not up to us.
Boycott as much as you want, it’s not our fault the AV map is the way it is :man_shrugging:


Ummm 11.18.2020?
Brah, Come on now

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Please support the initiative on your local server. IF we get 100 people to spread the word in local channels it will happen. Everyone I talk to feels this way about BG PVP. I only want to enjoy the BG’s again. Spread the word!




Support it man. Allies are counting on you.


Why wait? I been boycotting it since I got my rep rewards because vanilla PvP is aids. Always has been, always will be.

While everyone else is in queue you will the be one awkward guy standing outside with a protest sign screaming.


Actually you’re probably losing a lot lately because you idiots afk lmao Chinese WoW classic Alliance players are winning more than Horde.

Also to reiterate, I’d say I feel bad for Alliance. But what difference does it make when they just don’t PvP anyway? If you add PvE and PvP populations together the Horde to Alliance ratio is closer to 50/50. Alliance just don’t PvP and it’s not the Horde’s fault. We just like to PvP more.


Hmm, yet here you are. You couldnt handle Classic, could you.

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